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VENTURINI Mens Slip On Formal Shoe by Apex৳ 4490
VENTURINI Mens Sneaker by Apex৳ 7990
VENTURINI Mens Dress Shoe by Apex৳ 4590
VENTURINI Mens Formal Shoe by Apex৳ 4290
VENTURINI Mens Moccasin by Apex৳ 3990
VENTURINI Mens Bar Moccasin by Apex৳ 3990
VENTURINI Mens Embroidered Loafer by Apex৳ 5990
VENTURINI Mens Loafer by Apex৳ 4790
VENTURINI-Mens-Sandal by Apex৳ 3100
VENTURINI Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 3290
VENTURINI-Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 2990
VENTURINI Mens Close Sandal by Apex৳ 3490
VENTURINI Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 2690
VENTURINI Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 3290
VENTURINI Mens Close Sandal by Apex৳ 3590
VENTURINI-Mens Sandal by Apex৳ 2490
-VENTURINI-Mens-Sandal by Apex৳ 3490
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Original Venturini Footwears at Best Price in Bangladesh

Venturini is brad from Apex that is planning to bring the discerning and sophisticated consumers to the latest fashion. They are also taking the classic Italian look in leather footwear and accessories. 

Venturini has an experience of 25 years of working with some of the biggest brands and retailers in Asia, Europe, and North America. They are following the big brands such as Hush Puppies, Steve Madden, Tom Tailor, Aldo, Macy's, Karstadt, Deichmann, ABC Mart, and Primadonna, etc. One of the main aims of Venturini is to deliver fine Italian fashion at affordable prices for its consumers.

Venturini was initially sold through a distribution and sales network across the country that was accompanied by a shop launch with some of the biggest retailers. Venturini mainly produces products like footwear and accessories for men and women. Gradually, they planned to co-operate with Apex and now they are available at Apex shops, e-commerce, and online sales also. The products contain support from world-class after-care, marketing, and visual merchandise support with a clear objective of providing the best possible customer satisfaction. Venturini looks forward to building a lifelong bond with their beloved consumers.

Apex is currently one of the most sought after shoe brands in Bangladesh. Apex is now one of the most successful brands in the Bangladeshi marketplace. In addition to being successful in marketing boys' shoes in the country's local marketplace, Apex has now been able to maintain its reputation in the country's online marketplace as well. 

About Apex Footwear

Apex Footwear Limited is considered one of the leading shoemaking brands in Bangladesh. This company started its journey on January 4, 1990. From the inspiration of the leather business, Apex started the shoemaking operation. To fulfill the footwear needs of Bangladeshi consumers, Apex started its retail chain in 1997. Apex has sought to make use of their expertise in shoemaking and gathered through serving major shoe retailers across the world to provide high quality and fashionable footwear to everyone since the beginning of the company.

Empowerment, Integrity, and Courageness of Apex Footwear

The success of Apex Footwear correlates directly with the empowerment of their collective energy, intelligence, and reputation. It is with strong determination and courage that all their people feel free to contribute to this industry. They always try to maintain the highest level of integrity which is the fundamental part of running an organization.

Current Situation of Apex Footwear

Evolved into ODM, Apex Footwear Limited started its journey as an OEM factory. Apex creates amazingly beautiful products that are then engineered to perfection in Bangladesh, with a good global location advantage in Europe’s fashion hub Italy. Apex has cemented its global presence in the international footwear industry by exporting over 5m pairs of shoes every year with more than 130 buyers worldwide nowadays.

Types of Venturini Shoes available in Bangladesh - 

Venturini Men’s Sneaker 

The new way to suit up is by adding a little casual with Venturini sneakers.
Size available - 44. It is a Laser-cut sneaker with a round toe and laces closure. The sole is made of PU and the upper part is made of leather.

Venturini Men’s Bar Moccasin

Venturini Men’s Bar Moccasin is a smart choice for smarter looks. Shoe sizes available - 39. It is a special moccasin with a slip-on closure. The sole is made of TPR and the upper part is made of microfibre.

Venturini Men’s Close Sandal 

Venturini Men’s close sandal is a smart choice for smarter looks. Shoe sizes available - 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44. It is a closed sandal with an almond toe. The upper part is made of leather. The sole is made of TPR. 

Venturini Men’s Slip-on Formal Shoe

Let’s nurture the feet with Venturini’s edgy slip-on formal shoes. Shoe sizes available- 44. It is a moccasin with a slip-on closure. The sole is made of rubber and the upper part is made of leather.

Venturini Men’s Embroidered Loafer
Venturini’s embroidered loafer has a round toe and rubber sole punctuate with a sleek loafer cast in a fine velvet texture with decorative embellishment on vamp. Shoe sizes available - 43. It is a slip-on closure typed loafer with an Embroidered tiger detail. It has a slim toe. The sole is made of rubber and the upper part is made of leather.

Venturini Men’s Sandal

Venturini’s men’s sandal, style, and comfort in every step. Sandal sizes available - 39, 40, 41, 42, 43. The sandal has two straps with an almond toe. 

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