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Vasmol 33 Black Hair Oil - 100ml India৳ 185
SUPER VASMOL 33 Hair Black - 100ML৳ 230
Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala - 100ml৳ 198
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Vasmol Hair Oil & Care Products Online in Bangladesh

For more than a decade, HRI has been providing haircare, hair color and personal care products to meet the needs of consumers in the Bangladeshi market. And the Vasmol brand of this hair care product is one of the most popular brands like Super Vasmol 33 kesh Kala. 

Vasmol Hair Care Product Based Brand

Vasmol Kali Mehndi, Vasmal Yogiraj Cold Ayurvedic  Oil, Vasmol Gold Herbal HAir Colour, Vasmol Black Hair Oil and Vasmal Jasmine are some of the notable names, most of which have significant market share in the respective hair care category.

The Vasmol Brand Is One of Channel of the MEL Consumer Brand

HRI (Bangladesh) was established as a joint venture of HRI under the Companies Act, 1994. HRI, a highly respected conglomerate in India and Aman Group, Bangladesh, Bangladesh has a wide range of FMCG personal care items that are marketed and distributed through MEL Consumer brand channels. 

MEL primarily operates in the hair color market segment as the brand’s hair black, oil-based hair dryer and powdered hair calorie with the brand icon “Super Vasmol 33” among consumer brands.

Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala Is Rich in Ayurvedic Properties

The hair will be black now very easily because there is Expert Solution Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala. When it comes to a proper hair color, Super Vasmol 33 hair color is the right choice for you. Because it has the properties of almond, olive and walnut oils which enrich your hair. Floral hair black is completely natural or herbal. 

It is completely safe for our hair as natural. Super Vasmol 33 kesh kala enhanced by 3 new oils. Super Vasmol 33 Hair Black Hair Dye collects the oxygen needed for the oxidation process from the atmosphere and gives a natural looking black hair.

Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala is rich in Ayurvedic properties, which not only make your hair naturally black, but also strengthens it from the roots. So use the rich Super Vasmol 33 kesh kala hair oil to avoid falling out and make the hair black. It has no harmful effects. It is free of ammonia and peroxide.

Vasmol Jasmine Coconut Oil for Thin Hair

To Bengalis, hair oil means coconut oil. Everyone can apply coconut oil, but those who have thinning hair will benefit from using coconut oil. However, try to apply virgin coconut oil because virgin coconut oil is very light and not at all sticky, so it can be absorbed properly into the hair.

Coconut oil provides adequate nutrition to the hair, but does not look oily And a perfumed non-sticky hair oil rich in the nutrients of Vasmol Jasmine Coconut is the best. It is rich in jasmine flower extract. The hair on the silky and soft with the floral jasmine perfume. 

How Many Days A Week Do You Apply Hair Oil?

Although it is very difficult to apply hair oil, how many days a week can oil be applied on the head? This question comes to the minds of many. The question is not too unreasonable, because if you have oil in your hair, you have to shampoo it and it may not be possible to shampoo it every day. 

If a lot of oil is applied on it, more dust is stuck in the hair There is no need to apply hair oil every day to avoid all these problems, just one or two days a week is enough. However, do not shampoo immediately after applying the oil, let the oil set on the hair for an hour, then use shampoo. Hair will be beautiful and soft all day long.

The Qualities and Effectiveness of Vasmol Black Hair Oil

Vasmol Hair Oil brand has come up with ways to prevent early graying hair that will not let the hair grow prematurely. This oil is a unique combination of herbal ingredients that have been known since time immemorial to prevent premature hair aging. Some of these herbal ingredients are also used as natural sunscreens. 

Vasmol Black Hair Oil is a special oil for daily use that also acts as a natural sunscreen. It contains Tulsi to prevent premature hair ripening, Jaba which prevents hair fall and softens hair. The biggest advantage of this oil is that it keeps the hair safe and healthy, so the hair is natural but black.

Vasmol Amla Sokti Hair Colour Powder Hair Dye Pack

Originally among the consumer brands, the brand is operating in the hair color market segment with the brand icon “Super Vasmol 33” as the brand’s hair color, oil based hair dryer and powder hair color. Super Vasmal's Amla Shakti Powder Hair Color to get rid of white hair and gives the 100% grey coverage hair. 

This hair color powder contains henna based hair color enriched with amla, vringraj, jasund and fenugreek powder extracts. There is free vasmol hair care shampoo Sachet with each pack present. This Vasmol hair dye powder also gives the herbal nourishments.