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UiiSii HM12 Gaming Headset On-Ear Deep Bass Good Treble Earphone - Black৳ 378
UiiSii UX Wired Earphones with Mic৳ 428
UiiSii HM13 Wired In-Ear Headphone with Mic৳ 365
uiisii hm13 earphone with pouch bag৳ 389
UiiSii HM12 Headset In-ear Deep Bass Good Treble Earphones - with Pouch ৳ 365
UiiSii C100 In err earphone with Mic - ???????৳ 212
UiiSii HM9 6d Sound Effect with extra earbuds-Blue headphone৳ 500
UiiSii HM13 In-Ear Dynamic Headset with Microphone৳ 383
UiiSii U1 headphone Wired Earphones with Mic৳ 455
UiiSii HM13 Wired In-Ear Headphone with Mic - gold৳ 365
UiiSii In-Ear Earphone HM12৳ 749
UiiSii HM13 In-Ear Dynamic Headset with Microphone - Black ৳ 365
uiisii c100 earphone৳ 257
Uiisii C100 In-Ear Wired Earphones .৳ 299
UiiSii C100 In-Ear Earphone with Mic Black৳ 212
UiiSii HM12 Wired Half In-Ear Deep Bass Earphones with Mic৳ 550
UiiSii U6 wired in-ear bass earphone with microphone৳ 520
UiiSii HM13 In-Ear Dynamic Headset with Microphone 3.5mm plug Wired Earphone For Iphone and Android৳ 799
UiiSii HM12 Gaming Headset On-Ear Deep Bass Good Treble Earphone - With Pouch৳ 365
UiiSii C100 In Ear Wired Earphone with Remax OTG USB3.0৳ 252
uiisii HM-12 In ear Earphone ৳ 365
Uiisii HM12 In-ear Earphones With Mic৳ 383
UiiSii C100 Super Bass Stereo In Earphone - Black৳ 220
UiiSii U8 Stereo Earphones With Microphone৳ 550
UiiSii HM12 In-Ear Earphone-Black৳ 365
UiiSii CX Wired Type-c Earphone৳ 549
UiiSii HM12 in ear earphone৳ 383
UiiSii C100 In Ear Wired Earphone with Remax OTG USB3.0৳ 252
UiiSii HM12 Deep Bass Good Treble Earphones৳ 383
UiiSii Little Monster C-100 Earphone৳ 374
UiiSii U1 Bass Surround Sound Earphone In-ear Headphone - Black৳ 311
Uiisii C100 Earphone৳ 230
UiiSii HM12 In-Ear Earphone-Black with pouch৳ 365
UiiSii In-Ear Earphone C100৳ 599
UiiSii HM13 In-Ear Dynamic Earphone with Microphone৳ 500
UiiSii HM13 In-Ear Dynamic Earphone-Blue৳ 365
Uiisii TWS21 SongBirds Airbuds৳ 1599
UiiSii C100 Super Bass Stereo In EarPhone-Red৳ 248
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Original Uiisii Audio Earphone Online in BD

Uiisii Recognizes As The Leading Audio Brand

Uiisii is a leading audio brand established in 2013 and is known as the leading audio brand. Through this brand of premium headphones and earphones, Uiisii brand has introduced a whole new generation with the possibility of premium sound entertainment. Uiisii brands do not follow other trades but rather influence the audio quality or design of their products.

Uiisii Brand Born with A Vision of State-of-The-Art Acoustics

As an ear headphone brand, Uiisii Company and their team are accustomed to pushing the envelope to create the best audio product for every music lover at an affordable price. Moreover they represent a precise philosophy for fancy and innovative superior feature-driven designs with sophisticated acoustics.

Uiisii Brand Incorporated with Apple INC. Authorization

Apple Inc. As manufacturers include, Uiisii brand applies the highest level of scientific investigation to discover new ideas and products from among their headphones. Uiisii brand is also considered as an MFI manufacturer who also applies the innovative, scientific and discovering new concept of new products. They create experiences for their customers that are enlightened, unique and delightful.

The Brand of Uiisii Ear Headphones with Unique Design

UiiSii Brand has the collection of Ear Headphones with Mic earphones stereo earbuds bass 3.5mm and others feature. This UiiSii brand team designed unique C200 collection headphones inspired from birds, unique appearance makes you outstanding in the crowd, fine technology makes perfect headphones. The earphone is featured with a 10mm high quality moving coil unit which provides the excellent bass dive ability and the real design and natural sound quality.

Uiisii Wireless Stereo True Wireless Earphones & Sports Neckband Brand

The volume can be controlled with the mic to get wireless headphones from the Uiisii ear headphone brand, the volume can be easily adjusted and the microphone is built-in with audio cable with drive-by-wire stereo headphones. 

Plus you can call-hands-free on the go with the waterproof coating. If you want to get wireless headphones, true wireless and sports neckband type earphones from Uiisii ear headphone brand then browse this blue-tooth-headset category site.

Superior Audio Quality Feature Brand Uiisii

The Uiisii headphone brand's team develops its own aesthetic language, thus creating timeless designs. Their style is always moving forward with the belief that it should be a by-product of high efficiency and ergonomics. Just as the classics have to impress seasonal fashions, the Uiisii headphone brand continues to design with their long product life in mind.

Packaged Included Dual Dynamic Uiisii Earphone Brand

Ergonomics and soft design based audio earphones have the oblique angled ear fittings which naturally match your ear canals. An event-grade, stylish appearance feature is created with a simple, smooth curve and an enriched, modern shape of earphones. Moreover the Isolate Noise Feature 120°oblique Wearing Ear Wear is adopted which makes the high flexibility nipple class silicone sound better-isolated. Secure fit which does not fall off.

Uiisii Branded HM-13 in Ear Dynamic Headphone

Superior Sound Performance-based and compatible with all 3.5mm audio cable jackIn-ear earbuds with ergonomic design Uiisii brand exactly makes you feel comfortable. These dynamic earphones are so  flexible, light weight, snug and secure, and they can be easily threaded through a jacket, bag, or backpack.

Also earbuds with a microphone are convenient for hands-free calling. A 1-button in-line earphone remote gives you the power to easily answer the phone calls and end phone calls, control songs, play or pause, skip or rewind, call out Siri etc tasks. Gives the 1 month brand warranty (one-time replacement in whole warranty period). 

Shop For Uiisii HM-12 Clear Music & Gaming Earphone From Ajkerdeal Site

UICII Headphone Brand Clear Song & Gaming Earphones Waterproof, Noise Canceled, Microphone Bluetooth Version: 5.0 Portable Media Player, Mobile Phone, Computer, DJ, Pad Playing / Talking Features You can get from our ajkerdeal site. Moreover Wired sports headphones with mic will come with light weight which reduces the burden of wearing. The included soft interior earbuds provide a comfortable fit for your ears.