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Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottle৳ 454
Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottle 500ml(pink)৳ 454
Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottle 500ml(red)৳ 454
Tupperware Sipper Tumbler 400ml৳ 799
Tupperware Sandwichkeeper Peanuts 1pc৳ 699
Tupperware Sandwich keeper Peanuts 1pc(pink)৳ 699
Tupperware Sipper Tumbler 330ml৳ 499
Tupperware Sipper Tumbler 470ml৳ 699
Tupperware Sipper Tumbler 260ml৳ 454
tupperware water Dispenser 10Ltr ৳ 3599
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TUPPERWARE Home Kitchen Products in Bangladesh

Tupperware is a leading global marketer of premium products across many brands. Tupperware is mainly home and kitchen products. This brand made lives easier and allowed the user to live smarter with this brand kitchen solutions.


Tupperware’s name comes from Tupper+ware and it is based on founder Earl Tupper. Earl Tupper developed his first bell-shaped container in 1942 but in 1948 Tupperware brand introduced in public by Earl Silas Tupper. They start their business in Leominster, Massachusetts. Now their headquarters is in Orlando, United States of America. Now Tupperware CEO is Patricia. Tupperware changed many women’s lives by empowering them through the Tupperware business model. And it creates new opportunities for women in their own lives as well as the lives of their families, communities, and the world. Now Tupperware is selling its products in almost 100 countries.


The company’s main products are plastic bowls and storage containers. But in recent years it has branched out into stainless steel cookware, cutlery, chef's knives, and other kitchen gadgets. 

Tupperware Water Bottle:

The Tupperware water bottle is a safe and non-toxic plastic water bottle. Tupperware is made from virgin plastic. The Tupperware water bottle is safe for health and the environment. Ideal for home as well as outdoor use and the perfect size for refrigerator storage. The bottle can easily fit in the refrigerator door pocket. Easy to clean and purring. You can easily open this bottle and different types of colors are available like red, green, blue, purple, black, orange, yellow, yellow-green, blue, and pink. The bottle capacity is 1 liter. This product has a lifetime guarantee. 

Tupperware Tiffin Box:

Tupperware tiffin box made from virgin plastic. This tiffin box is safe for both the environment and health. This tiffin box is stylish with a unique design. This one will help keep food fresh longer with conserves its flavor because of the airtight seal. Because of this airtight seal, you can carry any type of liquid food like yogurt, curries, and dal. Perfect for store your leftovers in the refrigerator as well. You can use this box in the microwave to warm your food. Tupperware can give a lifetime warranty about its products. Easy to clean and ideal for home and outdoor use. 

Tupperware Bowl:

Tupperware bowl is a lifetime warranty product. Made with virgin plastic. Plastic is non-toxic and safe for health & the environment. Tupperware is scientifically proved. A classic round seal that is airtight and liquid-tight. Tupperware bowl can keep food fresh and conserves its flavors and its airtight seal will help you to carry any type of liquid food. This bowl is an ovenproof bowl. Having enough sufficient space that you can carry 500Ml  food. So many colors are available. Perfect for store your food in the refrigerator as well carry in the office, school, and college.  

One-touch Tupperware:

This box is named for its easy opening system. To open this box open just press down at the center and lift the lid. Box easily fit inside one another to save space. Great to carry salads and cut fruits because it’s airtight seal can keep the food fresh with conserves its flavor for longer periods of time. This box has a lifetime guarantee. You can also use this box for storing your food in the refrigerator. This box doesn’t spear toxic because it is made with high-quality virgin plastic. It is a scientific proofed product that it is safe for health and the environment. So many colors are available on our website Visit us for Tupperware one touch box.

Tupperware Plastic Pot:

Tupper plastic pot can contain 2.6ml of food. This one is a scientific proof product and made with virgin plastic. This high-quality plastic is non-toxic and safe for health. It’s polished surface inside makes it easy to clean and maintain. The seal allows air circulation in the container allowing the ingredients to stay fresh and conserves its flavor for a long time. You can easily use this pot to store any type of food, dry food, and liquid food. Tupperware products have a lifetime guarantee. 

Valentino Jar Set :

Valentino jet set is a Tupperware stylist jar set. keep fresh all types of dry food in it for a long time, such as dal, muri, biscuit and concur, etc. This jet-set can contain 800ml of food. Colour can vary. This jar set is scientifically proved and does not spread any chemical toxic. That jar set is a stylish and durable product. Its tab is easy to open. It has a polish window that will help you to check what is stored in the jar set. You can also use this jar set for serving and outdoor use. 

How To Get Real Tupperware Products:

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