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Started in 1990, Trinity is an extensive undertaking bunch taking part in the turn of events, creation, and circulation of complete bikes and bike segments. Headquartered in Huadu District, Guangzhou, Trinity has built up a complex product offering including off-road bicycle, street bicycle, collapsing bike,E-bicycle, and key bike parts. Trinity possesses a progression of bike brands that have effectively infiltrated the worldwide market, providing predominant bikes and riding gear for customers around the world. The previous decade has seen Trinity's works walking into numerous nations and districts the world over and vital bases built up in Russia, the Philippines, India, and America. Sticking to the corporate way of thinking of Kindness, Integrity, Practicality, and Ambition, Trinity is devoted to offering the delight of riding to each person by seeking innovation advancement.

Having gotten various honors and privileged titles including "Huge Taxpayer Enterprise", "Astounding Import and Export Company", Trinity has the International Quality Management System Certificate and various licenses on casing, fork, and complete bike plan.

Brief History

In 1990, Trinity's ancestor, Sanhuan Hardware was established, producing mountain bike segments.

In 1995, Leonis was set up, who started to lead the pack in delivering very good quality off-road bicycle casing and suspension parts just as collapsing bicycle casing and hardware.

In 1999, Trinity was established, setting out on delivering and selling total bicycles in the local market.

In 2002, Trinity began investigating the abroad market. Around the same time, Trinity shaped a joint processing plant with Russian organization STEFYVELO.

In 2006, Trinx, oneself claimed brand of Trinity appeared, denoting a critical achievement of Trinity's turn of events.

In 2014, the creation office and innovation of carbon fiber outline was brought into Trinity. In the interim, One Trinity, a joint endeavor of Trinity in the Philippines was set up.

In 2015, Trinity accomplished programmed welding of iron casing and aluminum combination outline. The development of the new Trinity Group Building was additionally wrapped up.

In 2016, Trinity opened another production line with Sardar Cycle in India and embraced the E-Bike Project with TSINOVA. In October, Trinx carbon trail blazing bicycle V1000 took an interest in the crowdfunding on Jingdong Mall. It took just a single day to arrive at the objective sum 500,000 yuan.

In May 2017, Trinx drummed up some excitement on the 27th China International Bicycle and Motor Fair with its E-Bike arrangement and bike customization stage videos.


Established in 2006, Brand TRINX is expecting to form into the primary local recreation sports bicycle brand of choice, and Youth, Vigor, Bravery is its basic beliefs. The primary items under TRINX are high-grade and mid-grade trail blazing bicycles. In the interim, TRINX incorporates various types of street bicycles, city bicycles, kids bicycles, and E-bicycles.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Excellent Quality

Trinity Group has an ability pool of almost 2000 experts who spend significant time in bike advancement, creation, and showcasing. With best in class fabricating hardware and the use of Enterprise Resource Planning, Flexible Manufacturing System, and versatile web innovation, Trinity is one of the first to acknowledge shrewd production in the bike business.

Trinx has an able order of the center innovation of bike fabricate with respect to carbon fiber and aluminum edge and fork, having 13 world-class total bike sequential construction systems just as 14 composition creation lines. In addition, Trinx has effectively accomplished the mechanization of casing painting and welding. At this point, Trinx has a yearly limit of 2 million complete bikes, 1.5 million edges, and 1 million forks.

In the bike business, Trinx steps up to the plate in creating and applying aluminum outline welding mechanization innovation. As one of the main three bike manufacturing plants furnished with CNAS-certify testing focus in China, the state-level bike testing focus Trinx set up in 2016 is able to do all-adjust total bike and bike segment testing.

Ranking In China and global market

The deals of TRINX positions the best three in China national brand showcase, which has in excess of 1,000 terminal deals outlets, covering in excess of 30 regions, urban communities, and self-governing locales. Five Sales branches (North China Branch, East China Branch, Central China Branch, West China Branch, and South China Branch) reinforce the inclusion and the board of various deal territories. The bicycles of TRINX sell well in numerous nations and locales around the globe. Particularly, Trinity has set up joint endeavors and get together processing plants in Russia, India, and the Philippines.

Global Perspective, Reciprocal Cooperation

In 2006, Trinity built up its self-claimed brand TRINX who situated itself as the primary decision brand of recreation sports bike highlighting trail blazing bicycle, street bicycle, collapsing bicycle, and electric bicycle with Youth, Vigor, Bravery as its guiding principle.

The residential business system of Trinx covers more than 30 regions, urban areas, and districts with in excess of 2000 terminal stores and 5 deals branches in North, South, East, West, and Central of China, all of which keep up a solid hold of the Trinx deals channels over the nation.

Trinx consistently puts a high premium on its abroad systems. Since entering the worldwide market in 2002, Trinx has been increasing incredible energy in deals around the world, sending out its items to nations over the world. Besides, Trinx has set up vital bases in Russia, India, Philippines. Trinx has made two plans of action, for example, One Trinity (joint endeavor) and Trinx International (specialist) the two of which target building brand an incentive as per various circumstances in various nations, setting up the main situation of the objective markets, and subsequently rehearsing the model in different markets so as to understand the worldwide format of capital and dissemination. Philippines One Trinity Joint Venture Company was established in 2013. In the Philippines, Trinx accentuates brand building and advancement to extend deals. Following two years, Trinx has gotten a standout amongst other realized bike marks in the Philippines with a yearly deal of 35,000.

In Thailand, Trinx keeps in close participation with the neighborhood specialist, focused on the foundation and extension of brand and deals channels. Following four years' exertion, Trinx's yearly deals arrive at 50,000, positioning second in the Thailand bike advertise.

Industry Pioneer, Innovation Leads the Way

In 2016, Trinx propelled its E-Bike X1E with TSINOVA who built up the VeloUP! Savvy Drive System, engaging X1E with torque sensors and car CAN transport innovation so that the keen bicycle had the option to dissect the rider's aim and street conditions, yielding force appropriately to limit physical exertion.

In 2017, the Trinx E-Bike item family invited its new individuals as X1E Lite, Sella 2.0 and Wanna 2.0 to participate.

In the interim, the Trinx bike customization stage iVelos came into administration, which ends up being a creative act of mass customization creation in the bike business. By and by, Trinx spearheaded the business development with its sharp knowledge and ardent undertaking.