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TOV CH Hair Colour FLOWERRY VIOLET 30ml China৳ 230
TOV CH Hair Colour FLOWERRY VIOLET 80ml China৳ 293
TOV CH Hair Colour White 80ml China৳ 248
TOV CH Hair Colour White 30ml China৳ 185
TOV CH Hair Colour Wine Red 30ml China৳ 185
TOV CH Hair Colour Wine Red 80ml China৳ 248
Tovch Violet Hair Color - Shade 6.66-China ৳ 275
TOVCH VIOLET Hair Colour - SHADE 6.66-80ML-CHINA৳ 302
TovCh Hair color Gold Yellow 7.33 120ml-China৳ 302
TOVCH Hair Colour -SHADE 5.4 - CHISINVI BROWN-60ml-China ৳ 293
TOVCH White hair colour-60ml-China৳ 319
TOVCH GOLD Hair Colour YELLOW 7.33 -CHINA৳ 309
Tovch meium golden blomde hair colour-60ml-China ৳ 283
TOVCH WHITE Hair Colour -60ML-CHINA৳ 302
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Tovchcolor Online in Bangladesh

Tovchcolor is a hair color brand from China. They produce hair-friendly colors to color the hair.

Most of the young women now like to play with different colors of hair. The current trend is to dye the hair before any festival. Dye the whole hair or do a root touch up in a parlor both are quite costly and time-consuming. It is better to buy hair color and color your own hair at staying home. has brought some popular hair color brands from abroad, so these are original. You can easily buy your favorite hair color from our website. 

When it comes to coloring your hair, it's best not to experiment too much. Choose a shade close to the color of your hair now. First, find the color closest to the hair color, then buy one shade darker or one shade lighter.

Before Buying a Hair Color

Some Steps to Color the Hair are given below -

Test First 

Don't forget to test first. Especially before installing any new shed. Apply the color on a small part of the inner hair and see. Or cut the hair a little and apply the color on it to see if it suits. Only when the results are satisfactory, start applying to the whole hair.

Buy Two Box of Color 

It is quite a hassle when the hair color ends in the middle of sitting to dye hair. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, buy two boxes of color without risk after testing. Which will survive, can be used next time.

Ensure the Skin’s Safety

If some color sticks to the back of the ears or forehead after the hair is dyed, it can cause discomfort. So before starting to color the hair, apply petroleum jelly on the hairline, ears, behind the ears, on the neck so that the color does not stick to the skin.

Creating a Custom Color

Mixing two different hair colors to create a new shade is not possible without professional hands. So it is better not to do that experiment on your own. Instead, choose the color that you like, but be sure to test before applying.

Taking Care of the Clothes

Before dyeing the hair, melt any old clothes on the body, which will not be sad even if the color gets damaged. Spread a sack or newspaper on the floor or in the basin where you are coloring your hair.

Applying a Hair Color 

First, divide the whole hair into several parts and stick it with a clip. Then open each part and start applying color from the beginning of each bunch with a brush. The movement of the brush should be from the beginning to the tip. Apply color to the whole hair in this way. It is better to take two mirrors in front and back for the convenience of viewing! When the whole hair is colored, wear a shower cap so that the color does not roll. Shampoo for as long as you are told to.

Don't let the color get lighter

Avoid hot sun to prevent hair color from fading quickly. Covering the hair with a scarf or scarf when going out in the sun will make the color last longer.

Tovchcolor Golden Blonde Hair Color

The shade name is Golden Blonde and the color number is  7.3. The hair color makes your hair beautiful and shiny. It is a brilliant color that will suit you easily. The net weight is 60 ml and the color has no side effects.

Tovchcolor Brown Hair Color

The name of the shade is brown. It is a salon-quality hair dye. The color is permanent. It is full of pure colorants and micro minerals. The color includes intensive color booster conditioner cream-oil. The capacity is 60 ml.

Tovchcolor Golden Blonde Hair Color

The color number is 0.00 and the shade name is white. This hair color makes your hair beautiful and shiny. It is a brilliant color that will easily suit you. The color has no side effects and the net weight is 60 ml.

Tovchcolor Violet Hair Color

The shade name is violet. It is a vibrant and hi-fashioned color for men and women both for party modeling. The hair color is made in China. It is 100% effective and has no side effects.

Buy original Tovchcolor Hair Color from online. We provide a home delivery service. So order online and get your products at home easily.