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Torabika Coffee Brand Online in Bangladesh |

Torabika Coffee Brand

This torabika brand is sincerely made for coffee lovers where tasty beverages with delicious sweet and flavored cream is available. And instant coffee is a fragrant blend that allows you to enjoy the taste of coffee.

Internationally Recognized Torabika Coffee Brand Under Mayora Group

Mayora is known in the international market as an Indonesian food and beverage company. The company has gained recognition as the largest coffee candy maker in the world through the Copico brand. And now it has some more brands like Astor, Beng-Beng, Beng-Beng Max, Roma Zuper Keju (Cal Cheese), Superstar.

Also has Roma Better, Roma Slai Olai, Roma Cheese Kress, Roma Coffee Joy, Roma Malkist Crackers, Roma Malkist Abon, Roma Sari Gandum Sandwich, Roma Cream Crackers, Roma Biskuit Kelapa, Roma Marie Susu, Malkist Chocolate brands.

Another Kopiko, Kis, Fres, Plonk, Tamarin, Juizy Milk, Choki-Choki, Danisa, Energen, Torabika Cappuccino, Tora Moka, Tora Susu, Kopiko Black, Kopiko Cappuccino, Kopiko Double Cups, Tora Cafe, Torabika Creamy Latte, Super Bubur,Migelas, Teh Pucuk Harum, Q Guava. 

Torabika Coffee Brand's Mission

The Torabika Coffee brand under the  Myora company’s special goal in making tasty beverages with delicious and flavorful cream for coffee lovers is to become a quality manufacturer of food and beverage products trusted by customers in domestic and international markets.

The Popularity of Coffee Competing with Tea

Although the popularity of tea skyrocketed in our country, the habit of coffee did not go that way. But sometimes many people are tasting coffee. Some people are drinking coffee instead of tea as a regular drink. As a result, the popularity of coffee in various restaurants and office-courts is increasing day by day. All in all, the coffee market is growing at a rate of 10-12 percent with tea.

The Coffee Market Is Now Occupied by Foreign Brands!

Starting on a small scale, many coffee processing companies are slowly emerging. However, the domestic coffee market is still dominated by foreign brands. According to various coffee marketing companies, coffee is the second best-selling coffee in the world after oil. Commercial coffee cultivation has started in one or two places in Bangladesh. These include the hilly region of Chittagong and Nilphamari in North Bengal.

Torabika Coffee Brand in Bangladesh

Notable among the coffee brands in Bangladesh are Nestle Bangladesh, North-End, Lavazza, McCoffee & Brew, Rose Coffee, Delight Coffee and Torabika Coffee. In fact, the amount of people moving from tea to coffee must be understood with this growth. 

However, many people have moved away from tea and are now drinking coffee regularly. Nestle Bangladesh holds about 80 percent of the entire market. Other brands occupy the remaining 20 percent.

Is Coffee Good Or Bad?

Coffee contains a chemical called caffeine. It stimulates the nerves and the brain. That is why it has been thought for so long that it is not good to drink too much. But a team of researchers in South Korea recently said that drinking a few cups of coffee a day is good for the heart. It helps to remove various obstructions in the coronary arteries.

Variety of Torabika Coffee Brand Products

Torabika-branded cappuccino is mostly achieving success and great in choice. It has variety of products line in Torabika 3 in 1,  Torabika Duo Kopi + Gula, Tora SUSU in full creamy flavor, Tora Moka in kopy, susu & cokelat, Torabika Creamy Latte with creamy milk, Torabika Cappuccino, Torabika Jahe Susu. 

The Popularity of The Indonesian Torabika Coffee Brand

Internationally since the Torabika coffee brand is under the Myora Group and Mayora’s Torabika Cappuccino is having success across the city. Mayora, an Indonesian beverage and snacks company, has had such success with its Torabika-branded cappuccino that a coffee plant is expected to be set up in European countries soon

Shop For Coffee & Tasty Beverage From

Which is better, tea or coffee? These two caffeinated beverages have become hugely popular in the world and have become almost an essential drink with breakfast. Some choice for milk tea, some lemon, some liqueur tea. 

Similarly, someone with more thick coffee with milk, someone or black coffee. For tea or coffee lovers, these are not just drinks, but good. You can browse our site and choose your favorite beverage.