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Tobi Portable Steamer in Bangladdesh

No matter how clean a garment one wears, if it is cropped, it is enough to ruin one’s image. So having an iron at home can remove this problem. There are many kinds of electric irons are available in the market. To make it easier and more beautiful to iron clothes, the current ironing machine has a system of spraying water and arrowroot.

There is also a portable design iron available in the market, which can be taken along while traveling and used as needed. They are quite small in size and have all the advantages of a normal iron.

Rules for Perfect Ironing

There are some common rules for ironing clothes. If these rules are followed, the cloth will remain good for a long time.

Some rules for ironing are given below -

  • Clothes can be ironed on the table. If there is no table available, spread a Katha on the floor and iron the cloths.
  • Sprinkle water, starch, or arrowroot in the cloth is good practice. Otherwise, the clothes are likely to burn or get stuck.
  • Do not iron the cotton cloth with a very hot iron. It will defuse the color of the cloth. Always iron on the reverse side and if the water is used while ironing before lifting, dry it in the air.
  • Iron the cushions upside down. If there is a design or monogram on the table mat, iron it from the opposite side.
  • When ironing a blouse or shirt, the sleeves and collars should be ironed first, then should iron the rest.
  • Block, handpainted, screenprint clothes should be ironed in the opposite direction. Then the color of the cloth will not be lost.
  • For those who have allergies or other problems when using body spray or perfume directly on the skin, iron the clothes by sprinkling a little perfume on the clothes. This scent will last for a long time and will also protect one from the hassle of using perfume directly on the skin.
  • Always put a smooth glossy satin or crepe cloth in the folds of another light wet cotton cloth and then iron.
  • Before ironing clothes, make sure that you are ironing which type of clothing, cotton, silk, georgette, or linen. One should determine the temperature of the iron by understanding the type of fabric. Usually, the iron is written on the type of fabric according to the temperature required. But if not, one has to be very careful.
  • When the clothes are ironed, cool them for an hour and then put them in the almirah. The clothes will be good for a long time. The cloth should be washed before ironing. After cleaning the clothes, should be ironed them properly.

Tobi Portable Steamer

Tobi portable wrinkle removing machine is the world's first professional upright and portable wrinkle removing machine. It is designed to wipe out all the wrinkles quickly. It removes wrinkles from cloth right on the hanger. Tobi portable handle steamer removes wrinkles from the clothes five times faster than iron. The Steam Nozzle makes contact with the cloth. The steam with the hose should be given in the upright position so that it can flow back into the steamer anytime.


The steamer is very lightweight and portable. It fits easily on travel bags and suitcases. The handy steamer is suitable for all types of fabrics. It is good and easy to use. Its power is 650-770W, 50-60Hz, and 220-240V. The steamer has a two-pin plug. The plug can be set in any standard wall outlet. Its size is 2 inches dimension, 11 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The pack includes a filling cup, a removable lint brush attachment, and a cleaning brush.

Maintenance of Tobi Steamer

After using every time, the steamer should be cleaned properly. If the steamer becomes stopped, it should be referred on the cleaning of mineral deposits. Dyes, salt, and perfumes should never be used in the water container. The steamer must not be used like an iron. It has to use in a vertical up and down motion. If it is necessary to store the steamer for a long period, the water pot and also the other parts should be kept dry.

Caution in Ironing

  • Iron the cloth in a flat place very carefully.
  • Must keep the kids away while ironing clothes.
  • Try to keep the iron machine away from children.
  • Remove the iron from the electric line before going to any other work.
  • Sprinkle a little water on the arrowroot or starched clothes.
  • Adjust the temperature of the cloth according to the instructions.
  • After ironing, the hot iron machine should be kept in a safe and fixed place for cooling, otherwise, accidents may occur.

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