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Buy Tinmo Mobile Phones Online | AjkerDeal

Tinmo is an Indian mobile phone brand. They produce general features phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Mobile Phone

The word mobile originates from the English word ‘move’. So the phone that is used wirelessly while moving or traveling is called a mobile phone. A mobile telephone is a type of electronic device that provides full-duplex or two-way radio telecommunications using a cellular network. Mobile telephones are often called cellphones, cellular phones, handphones, or just phones.

Advantages of Mobile Phone

  • Portability or mobility means easy to carry,
  • Uninterrupted connection while moving,
  • Call divert, hold or cancel,
  • Using multiple SIMs in the same set,
  • Still or video capture,
  • Save or transfer data,
  • Use of audio-video or radio tv,
  • SMS or MMS service exchange,
  • Easy to use with touch screen,
  • E-mail, internet, web browser, etc used,
  • Using wireless systems such as Bluetooth, Infrared, WiFi, etc.
  • Call tracking facility i.e. identifying the user or user's location.

How Cellular Phones Work  

Mobile phone service providers or service providers such as Teletalk, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Citycell, etc. in Bangladesh. It divides the area under its network into smaller parts. Each of the smaller parts is called a cell. Cellular phones have been named from this cell.

A cell is made up of an antenna and a small office. Small offices with antennas are called base stations. A small area or cell network coverage is provided by a base station.

Cell sizes usually range from 1 mile to 12 miles, depending on the density of the population. Cells are usually hexagonal in appearance. However, it can be square, round, or irregular in shape. Radio frequencies are used in cellular networks. Each cell has a different frequency allocation. It has an equivalent radio base station.

A cell in a frequency range is used in such away. As if the side cells never have the same frequency. Mobile phones are used at any distance from multiple base stations. In case of communication, either the customer or the recipient can change one or more base stations by keeping the call uninterrupted. Calls can be received or sent from a mobile phone to a public telephone network or to a mobile phone.

Currently, there are several types of mobile units or mobile or cellular sets. Such as - ordinary mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or tab, phablet.

Ordinary Mobile Phone or Feature Phone

Ordinary mobile phones can only make voice calls or receive calls and send SMS. Currently, many new features have been added to these. These are also quite cheap in price. Its batteries are usually durable. So the feature phone is quite useful for talking.


A smartphone is a type of mobile phone with a state-of-the-art mobile operating system that combines the various features of a personal computer operating system with a variety of important features that can be used while standing or running. Smartphones that are usually shaped to fit in the pocket effectively combine the various features of cell phones such as making or receiving calls, sending text messages, etc. with the features of other popular digital mobile devices. Other features include a personal digital assistant, which includes calendar interviews, a media player, video games, a GPS system, a digital camera, and a digital video camera. Most smartphones have Internet access and can be used with a variety of apps or third party software. They are rich in colorful, graphics-rich user interface screens that cover about 80% to 98% of the front. The screen is usually 5 inches or less. Smartphone screens are LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED, etc., and most of these screens work through touch. There are currently four types of smartphones available - iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone, and Fire Phone. The iPhone is quite expensive and new features are constantly added to it.

Tablet PC

The size of a tab or tablet PC setter is similar to a slate, a type of computer that can touch the screen with a finger to provide the necessary instructions or data or to write or draw with a digital pen. This is useful for users who prefer to work or write by touching the screen with their fingers rather than typing. Some tablet PCs have keyboards. Its screen is between 5-6 inches and now you can see different types of popular tabs - Samsung's Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, Acer's Iconia Tab, etc.


A phablet is a type of computing or mobile device between a smartphone and a tablet whose screen size is usually larger than 5 inches but smaller than 6 inches. The combination of Phone and Tablet has been named Phablet. The popularity of phablets is constantly increasing. Examples of popular phablets are Samsung's Galaxy Note, HTC's One, etc.

Some Descriptions of Tinmo Mobile are given below-

Tinmo F21 Mobile

The model number of this phone is F21. The connectivity type of this phone is USB Port. The mobile’s color is black. It supports dual SIM with dual standby option. It is a button phone, no touch screen available. The dimension of this phone is 84.7 x 38.9 x 17.7 mm, and the resolution is 1.7 inches. The display colors are QVGA.

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