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Tibet Luxuary Sun Protect Talcum Powder 100 gm৳ 45
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Buy Tibet Products Online at Best Price in Bangladesh

Tibet Brand Is A Popular Brand Including Kohinoor Chemical Company Bangladesh Limited

Kohinoor Chemical Company Bangladesh Limited is one of the domestic companies in the market of cosmetics and toiletries in Bangladesh. Sandalina Kohinoor brand is one of the top three consumer favorites in the soap market. 

Moreover, Kohinoor's Clean Master is the second top brand in the toilet cleaner category. Besides, Tibet Snow and Pomed, Tibet 560 Ball Soap, Bactrol and Ice Cool are some of the popular products of the company.

Legendary Beauty & Laundry Beauty Brand of Tibet

Kohinoor Chemical Company Bangladesh Limited is a well-known domestic company like KCCL and is popular in the cosmetics and toiletries market of Bangladesh under its legendary beauty products under the Tibet brand. 

The Arrival of Winter Means A Big Response in The Tibet Cosmetics Market in Bangladesh

Lip cracking means winter is coming - this is the normal idea. To protect your skin from the dryness of winter, you need to buy petroleum jelly or cold cream this season! And what goes without petroleum jelly to protect chapped lips! Everyone likes lip gel or lip balm irrespective of men and women. Among the Bangladeshi cosmetic manufacturers, Keya Cosmetics, Square brand Meril and Kohinoor Chemicals brand Tibet are the most popular.

Tibet Beauty & Laundry Soap, Hair Oil, Talcum Powder Products 

Tibet Branded products are based on Tibet Beauty soap, Laundry soap, 570 soap, Ball Soap, Detergent powder, Tibet Snow, Tibet Pomade, Telcum Powder, Petroleum Jelly, Lip Gel, Baby Lotion, Tibet Lather Shaving Cream, Tibet medicated hair oil, Coconut oil, Tibet Glycerin etc. 

“According to The Survey, Tibet Ball Soap Is The First among Bangladesh's Own Companies”

There are many questions about how the indigenous brand can stand in the face of the dominance of foreign brands in the market of goods and services in Bangladesh. According to a survey by an international marketing company, all the top brands in Bangladesh are owned by foreign multinational companies. 

However, it is seen that among the top ten brands in Bangladesh, Sunsilk is in the first place, Lux in the second place and Rin in the third place. Tibet ball soap is at number 10 in the list of Bangladesh's own companies. 

However, in the list of top 50 brands, Bangladesh has its own 25 companies. Among them, Kohinoor Chemical Company Bangladesh Limited, one of the domestic companies of Bangladesh, has occupied one of the leading positions in the market of cosmetics and toiletries.

“The Tibet Brand Has Played A Leading Role in The Manufacturing Industries”

For more than half a century, Tibet has made its mark and position in the hearts of millions of Bangladeshi people. The Tibetan brand has played a leading role in Bangladesh's soap, cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing industries by producing high value-added products with quality at the center of its focus.

Where Is The Position of Tibet Toiletries in The World of Indigenous Cosmetics?

People are now leaning towards indigenous cosmetics, albeit a little more. The company aims to have products in almost every home. Kohinoor Chemical Company Toiletries and brands are one of the top brands in the world of domestic cosmetics. The main reason for this is to keep the quality of the product on the list of human needs.

The Tibet Brand Is on The List of The Best Indigenous Brands

Rin, Wheel, Vim, Tibetan Ball Soap, and Fast Wash are the best homecare products in Bangladesh. All these products are bought in about 91 percent of the households in the country. The family has been using this Tibet ball soap for many years. And that is why 25 local brands are in the list of top 50 brands. One of them is the 10th Tibet Ball Soap, and the 23rd Tibetan Brand.

Tibet Brand Products of Indigenous Cosmetics Are on The Verge of Extinction!

Although the business and expansion of Bangladesh's own companies has increased in the last two decades, it has not developed as a brand. Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Garnier and Fair & Handsome have also taken over the Tibet and Remy Snow cream markets. The main reason why multinational or foreign companies are so far ahead of local companies in Bangladesh is the practice of brand marketing. 

Branding is the business arena of Bangladesh is not a matter of days. Many companies have not yet realized the meaning of branding. And this is the reason why the products of the Tibet brand of indigenous cosmetics are becoming extinct day by day.