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Thor sat in the middle. He was the most highly honored. He was huge and all adorned with gold and silver. Thor was arranged to sit in a chariot; he was very splendid. There were goats, two of them, harnessed in front of him, very well-wrought. Both cars and goats ran on wheels. The rope around the horns of the goats was of twisted silver and the whole was worked with extremely fine craftsmanship. Rich robes are mentioned, and sacrifices of meat and bread are said to have been made to him in his temples in Norway. His worshippers would look for guidance from the image of Thor when the time came to make some difficult decisions. It was part of ordinary life and maintained by individual members of society, that is, by yeomen and housewives, and the rituals were performed in the homes of farmers and chieftains.


Thor has super strength and is practically invulnerable. He can also control the weather. If all that isn’t enough, he carries a hammer so powerful it has to have a name Mjolnir, pronounced “Me-Ole-Near.” The hammer can fire pure thunder energy, but Thor mostly uses it in a more tactile way  By throwing it at people.I personally really like this film. People say it is the worst MCU film but it is not as bad as FANTASTIC 4 2015. It’s not great but it’s not awful either. It’s just your average superhero film so if you just want to see a superhero film to distract you for a bit or you just want to see a Thor movie I say it’s not to bad. I don’t think this film deserves that much hate 

Attributes & Character

These items embellish Thor's great strength, which is his main feature, and Thor also has a quick temper and shows impatience for following others’ rules. He is never depicted as a subtle or careful deity and prefers direct action over discussion or planning in solving any problem. Thor is complete without guile or the capacity to deceive and so cannot recognize these qualities in others; as a result, he is often tricked by magical spells or shape-shifting entities that cause things to appear other than they are. (composed c. 1220 CE), a mythography of earlier Norse myths reworked by the Icelander Snorri Sturluson into one structured account, written from a Christian context. He is closely associated with water in many of the myths and is depicted rowing out further into the sea than others have gone and also crossing dangerous rivers.

Popular cult

I am new to the marvel fandom and I watched the movie only for Loki. Though a lot of Loki scenes were cut from the movie still whatever 10-15 mins scenes that were left were really good. The dark elves looked powerful but the ending was weird. I am a Loki fan so I did enjoy watching Tom as Loki the most. Chris Hemsworth was also good but sorry I didn't like Natalie much or maybe I didn't like Jane and I never liked Odin so I don't care about him but why they killed Frigga is beyond me. Overall, the movie was good and Loki's scenes were emotionally it when he was first brought in Asgard (I hate Odin), his conversation with Frigga (I hate Odin), Frigga's death (I hate Odin), Loki's death and 'I didn't do it for him' (I hate Odin). The comical scenes during Loki's escape were also awesome. I watched the movie for Loki and was really happy when he came back at the end and I hope he comes back again. His popularity is evidenced by the number of amulets, engravings, and other allusions to him. Even though High claims that the stories where Thor does not win are not worth being told, a number of these are among the most famous. They encounter a giant named Skrýmir in the forest who offers to carry the food bag but ties it so tightly that Thor cannot open it.


The character’s history gets even more problematic when you consider that his very first appearance is an awkward, fascinating, dream-logic narrative that barely hints at the character’s future trajectory. In Journey into Mystery #83, disabled doctor Donald Blake goes on vacation to Norway and runs afoul of an invading party of stone men from Saturn. Blake flees into a cave, finds a walking stick, strikes it against a rock, and is suddenly transformed into Thor, the God of Thunder. It’s all very wonderfully weird not least because the stone men apparently traveled all the way to Norway and early issues of Thor basically follow the same Jekyll/Hyde structure.