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This Is She: Authentic "This Is She" Professional Cosmetics Store in BD

New Eyelashes Brand ‘This is She’ Brands Journey!

The ‘This is She’ brand is the first step in introducing a lineup of world-class self-care and beauty products in the Bangladeshi market, which has come into existence in Bangladesh through a premium eyelid lineup. The ‘This is She’ brand was founded by Canadian entrepreneur and social activist Kunwal Malik. The brand comes from the idea of ​​giving women confidence with each of their products.

Not The Face But The Self-Confidence Makes A Person Beautiful!

Beauty has been interpreted in many ways throughout the ages, including height, skin color, and physique. Yet even today no one can say with certainty the definition of beauty. The reason is very simple, the inner beauty as well as the outer beauty is created from within. The inner beauty is the real magic wand; And it is made from confidence. 

Many people believe that a beautiful face means full of confidence. They are more prevalent in society, family and work. Many people say that self-confidence comes from beauty. But the real truth is that beauty comes from self-confidence.

Bangladeshi Eyelashes Brand ‘This is She’ Brand

Kunwal Malik, the brand's founder, believes that beauty is about confidence and empowerment. Therefore, the brand is committed to empowering individuals to achieve success as defined by it. The ‘This is She’ brand is a first tier pile to introduce several levels of high quality skin care and personal hygiene products. 

These eyelashes are hypoallergenic, sterile and made with any other chemical or dye. They are suitable for contact lens users or people with sensitive eyes and all the lashes are available in compact and elegant packaging.

New Eyelash Brand “This is She” Has Been Launched in Bangladesh

The premium eyelashes band's new brand "This is She" started its journey with a great launch in Bangladesh. The main goal of this brand is to represent a self-revolution for women to love themselves, and to help women with their confidence. The brand has introduced 13 types of premium quality luxury eyelashes as per their ultimate goal, including both Real Mink and Vegan Lesh made of high quality Korean silk.

“This is She” Brand Main Vision

Efforts are being made to become a leading “This Is She” brand in the cosmetics market in Bangladesh and to become the leading self-care and beauty brand in Bangladesh. And their best cosmetics products are to provide the best quality guaranteed products among the customers. Especially enhancing women's self-esteem and providing them with products that empower them and make them feel beautiful.

Products of This Is She Brand

There are countless beauty parlors, YouTube and Instagram tutorials, beauty blogs and more to master this look. From these, tips for facial for face, manicure for hands, pedicure for feet, protein treatment for hair are being given. 


However, the “This Is She” brand balances confidence with beauty with their products. Such as- mainly eyelashes of Vegan and real mink based on the authentic and professional looks types of daily, natural, dating, soft glam, drama, glamorous.  

“Symbol of Empowerment and Trust for Women”

“This is She, the brand, was established as a symbol of empowerment and confidence that can give confidence with the best quality beauty products. According to brand founder Kunwal Malik, reaching out to every woman is their brand’s product and convincing them that they are beautiful, they are the best, and naturally, they should be the best. Eye lashes are the first step in that journey. Which is why their lashes have been carefully designed for every possible occasion. These are great for quality, just what graceful ladies deserve.

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