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TEUTONS Solid Gold Plus 32 GB USB 3.1 Gen-1 Flash Drive৳ 799
Teutons Flash Drive 32GB USB 3.1 Gen1৳ 600
Teutons OTG USB Flash Drive 32 GB৳ 1100
TEUTONS Solid Gold Plus 32 GB USB 3.1 Gen-1 Pen Drive৳ 799
Teutons OTG USB Flash Drive 32 GB৳ 1099
Teutons Knight Warrior 16GB USB 3.1 Gen1 Flash Drive৳ 550
Teutons Knight Warrior USB 3.1 Gen1 Flash Drive৳ 600
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Once Teutons were the name of German tribes. It was popular by the Roman authors. This tribe was famous for war and the advancement of technology in history. But Teutons is now a German company, founded by some technology experts based on the concept of the ancient tribes. Like the tribes, Teutons company is also glorifying their brand in the industry. At present they are highly recognizable for their product and unique tribal logo. They are famous for manufacturing flash drives, memory cards, computer memory, and storage devices and also for different technology-based accessories. Let’s know a bit about Teutons and its availability with its price in Bangladesh.

About Teutons

TEUTONS® is a German company. It mostly manufactures computer accessories with high-end technology and is amazingly renowned in this field. It's also popular for its historic naming.

As it was named after the German tribe. This German tribe was mentioned by various popular authors. After that, some technology experts conceptualized this popularity and established TEUTONS®. After the time being TEUTONS become artistic and very innovative in the industry and gets its popularity.

At present Teutons manufactures various accessories like RAM, flash drive, SSD and cables for different gadgets and devices. So that these products are highly designed by the company and get worldwide acceptance. That’s how Teutons gain a strong fan base worldwide.  

Product by Teutons

TEUTONS products are very famous for their origin and name. At the same time, they are enriched with technology and produce high-quality products for their end-users.

Teutons manufactures different types of USB flash drives for the computer. These flash drives are very much different in materials, quality, and performance. Some flash drives are metallic, some are silver.

They have variations in these metallic too. Also, they have solid material flash drives along with slide amber gold and silver variation.

Teutons produce both SATA and M.2 as well as portable SSD for the computer. They also have variations in notebook and desktop rams.

Teutons also manufactures various types of accessories like cables and adapters. Even you might wonder to know that they produce water bottles too.

Some popular products of Teutons are-

  • USB Flash Drive
  • SSD
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Memory Card
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Earbuds
  • Cable
  • Accessories
  • Bottle

Where to Buy Teutons

Teutons are a very popular brand so that you will face no difficulties to get their products anywhere. Your nearest local computer shops are enough to buy TEUTONS products and accessories.

However, you may not find all the models and types always in your local accessories shop. So that you can go for online stores to search and find your product.

Online stores like can be an ideal store to find your Teutons accessories. You can easily find your product from the site or apps. And get an easy purchase from has a huge collection of PC accessories, gadgets, and other essential devices that might be useful for your daily life.  

Available Teutons Products on

You can find almost all the products by Teutons at You can either use the web site of or you also find their apps from the play store. Buying a product and getting home deliveries are now very easy by

Here are 5 popular Teutons products available on

  1. Teutons SSD
  2. Teutons Pen Drives
  3. Teutons 3 in 1 Cable
  4. Teutons OTG USB Flash Drive
  5. Teutons MicroSD Memory Card

Price of Teutons on always tries to offer the best product to its customers. You can get various ranges of products from there. So that you can get a perfect combination of your budget and demand.  

You can get Teutons 32GB MicroSD Memory card within 500 Tk to 600 Tk. At the same time, you can also buy a 64GB MicroSD memory card within 1,000Tk. These Teutons microSD are perfectly suitable for your digital camera and smartphone as well. Remember, use higher class memory cards to get a higher speed.

32 GB TEUTONS pen drive can cost you up to 1,000 Tk and 64 GB Teutons pen drive will cost you up to 1,800 Tk to 2,000 Tk. Remember, price depends on USB types like 2.0 or 3.0. Also, metallic and0 silver-coated pen drives vary the costs.

You can also buy Teutons OTG USB flash drives of various capacities like 32GB or 64 GB within 1,000 to 1,500 Tk. You can use these OTG drives on your smartphones too.   

You can also get Teutons 120GB SSD Platinum within 3,000Tk. At the same time, TEUTONS 2400GB SSD Platinum will cost you up to 5,000 Tk and Teutons 480GB SSD Platinum will cost you up to 10,000 Tk.

Why Choose Teutons?

Teutons is a highly popular brand. They are famous for their product value. You can choose Teutons for following these 10 factors-

  1. Long-Lasting Durability
  2. Stylish Shiny Look
  3. High-Quality Products
  4. Premium Design
  5. Varieties of Options
  6. Artistic Shapes
  7. Creative Products
  8. Innovative Technology
  9. Stable Perforce
  10. World Famous Brand


Quality ensures the value of your work. So the only good quality product can serve you best for your necessity and demand. In that case, only a good brand will fulfill your demand and desire. Teutons are one of those kinds of brands. They are very famous for a long time for their quality. Besides they are holding their brand value as much as their historical tribes’ glory. Above all, this can be your ideal choice. With worlds, positive customer satisfaction Teutons is also a renowned brand in Bangladesh.