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SUPERMOM Baby Diaper Belt M 6-11 kg (BD) 26 pcs৳ 650
SUPERMOM Baby Diaper Belt L 9-14 kg (BD) 24 pcs৳ 650
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Supermom Baby Diaper in Bangladesh

Supermom is a popular Bangladeshi diaper brand.  This diaper brand is launched by Square Toiletries Ltd. Checkout the Supermom Baby Diaper Price in Bangladesh and buy from AjkerDeal online shop bd. 

Supermom diaper is made with high-quality materials. It has 80% more absorbent that is comparable with more than international brands such as pampers, Huggies, MamyPoko pants, etc. Supermom always tries to ensure children can sleep comfortably the whole night. 

A woman’s life goes through a  huge change when she plans on conceiving a child. Motherhood is a tough journey and Supermom brand vision is to become the first friend of mothers. Their core objective is to become a helping hand of mothers and never want mothers to feel inadequate and alone. Supermom’s main theme is Happy baby & Happy mom.

This baby care brand is actually a helping platform for mother which is trying to make a mother’s life easier. Supermom brand has a 24/7 telephone (0961 2222 333) service, professional doctors, psychological counselors, and executives. 

The diaper brand has sponsored a special care initiative for mothers and children in the Dhaka International Trade Fair. Its stall has space for breastfeeding babies, changing diapers and follow free doctor’s advice. This brand is also related to the insurance policy.  

Supermom  Products

Supermom has diapers and wipes. Like Supermom Newborn 8Kg Baby Diaper, Supermom 6-11 Kg Baby Diaper, Supermom 9-14 Kg Baby Diaper, and Supermom 12-17 Kg Baby Diaper, Supermom Mild Baby Wipes, etc. Supermom diaper and wipes, both baby boy and baby girl can use this. 

Supermom Newborn 6-11Kg Baby Diaper 

It is the best quality diaper in the market and it has 80% more absorbent than other diapers. It gives comfort feeling for both babies and parents and can ensure max happiness.

It has a hydrophobic leg cuff that ensures zero leakage. Its sheet is made with soft cotton that can help children sleep comfortably the whole night. It’s PU Foam Waistband which fits the waist perfectly.

Supermom Baby Diaper Belts new Born

Supermom diaper has a stretchy fit belt because this baby will not suffer pain and the room will not be tight fill.

This diaper can absorbs P very quickly, whole night needs only 4 pieces of diapers. One piece of a diaper can be kept for 5 hours. It can fit very nicely and it is so soft inside and outside. It leaves no rash on the skin. It is a unisex diaper. Supermom diaper is good at looking than other diapers to look at. Both the baby boy and baby girl can wear this one. You can also gift to a newborn baby’s function. 

Supermom 12-17Kg Baby Diaper

Supermom 12-17 Kg Baby Diaper contains 20 pcs and it is made with the best quality materials to ensure max hapiness. It has 80% more absorbent than other diapers and it gives a comfortable feeing to both babies and parents. It has a zero leagze systems that ensures zero leakage as it has a hydrophobic leg cuff.

It is made with cottony top sheets to ensure that baby can sleep comfortably the whole night. Its “PU Foam Waistband” will help your baby to fits the waist perfectly. Bith baby boy and baby girl can use this diaper.

Where You Can Get Genuine Supermom items

If you are wondering to buy diapers with the best quality for your baby, then you should think about where you can real pamper diapers and where you can most reasonable price. 

As Supermom is a popular brand in Bangladesh, you can get Supermom in any pharmacy, grocery shop, super shop, or any shopping mall. But if you want to buy from with easier process, hassle-free shopping, good quality, reasonable price then visit a Bangladeshi largest online shopping store. We are trying to sell goods at a reasonable price so that middel high and middel classes family can afford our products. Our main concern is customers' satisfaction. 

Supermom Baby Diaper Price in Bangladesh

Lots of online shopping store in Bangladesh where has the various types and model of diaper collection. But it's too difficult to choose genuine Supewrmom with the best quality & price. That's why you should choose to buy the Supermom items at a reasonable price and offers also an available brand warranty. Our payment systems are bKash, cash on delivery, and credit card. Browse us as soon as possible and place your order. After placing an order your items will reach within a few days.