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Super Star Brand Electronic Product in Bangladesh

In 600 BC, the Greek philosopher Thales observed that the friction of amber with silk cloth produced an invisible force within it, and the amber attained power. As a result, it can attract pieces of paper. This invisible force is called electricity. Amber and silk here

Due to the friction of the cloth, a small particle from the silk cloth is transferred to the amber, resulting in a positive and amber negative charge of the silk cloth. So amber shit attracts a piece of paper. The smallest particle referred to is called an electron.

The word electric originated from the Greek word electron. “Movement of any kind of electron is called electricity or electricity.

The current inventor is a scientist, inventor, futurist, and physicist, engineer - Nicola Tesla. He was born on July 10, 1856, in the then town of Smilijan in Serbia (now Croatia). Father Milutin Tesla is a priest and mother Duca Tesla was an inventor. When Nicola Tesla came to earth, there was a severe thunderstorm and a storm. The midwife said that this boy brought darkness but Nicola Tesla's mother said - My child will bring light to the earth. He proved his truth to his mother and showed it to the whole world.

Nicola Tesla was always active and stubborn. College life started at the Austrian Polytechnic. The first year he was the best student, and even the dean of the college greeted his father in a letter. But in the second year, the goal was tied to the professor and in the third year, Mojane gambling room. The results drop in the 3rd year. There was no problem leaving the college for this talented and talented man.

Tesla took the job on the Budapest Telephone Exchange in the year 1881. In 1884, Nicola Tesla took Edison's letter and 50 cents in Pocket. There, Nicola Tesla began working directly with Edison. Tesla's main task was to work with the Edison invented DC motor.

The biggest disadvantages of a DC motor are the cost of making Direct Current (DC), as well as the controls, are quite hassle-free. DC current electricity needs to be built a few distant stations to transport electricity. Edison entrusted Tesla to solve the problem. Edison also pledged to pay Nicola Tesla $ 50,000 in exchange for work. At the age of 6 months, Tesla brought its breakthrough invention AC motor and AC current technology.

One of the biggest electronic industries is Super Star Group. It is a leading and successful manufacturer of electronic accessories and equipments. This group is manufacturing electronic items for the last two decades. This company is situated in 1994 in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. It produces bulb, fan, adapter, etc. is the largest online shop in Bangladesh. It provides all the electronic items that you want in your daily life. It provides the electronic items of Super Star Brand. 

Super Star AC LED Warm Bulb:

This is a LED LEDLUX slim bulb. This is a very eye-friendly bulb. This is an energy-saving and eco-friendly slim bulb. You can start this bulb instantly and get stable output. It has long durability. It is easy to install and use. It is toxic-free and it will give a wide range of voltage. Want this super powerful bulb? You can order online at home in It will give your desired product with the fastest delivery and 100% genuine product guarantee. Grab it NOW!! Check out the best price LED Bulb in BD

Super Star 16” Table Fan:

It is a TF-18 model and grey color fan. It gives voltage ranges from 220 to 240 voltage. Its frequency is 50 hertz and its speed is 1300 rpm. It has a high-performance motor for better air delivery. It can deliver air approximately up to 65 m3/min. It has E type, insulation class. The oscillating head of this fan is adjusted with an easy angle. It contains a 1-hour mechanical timer. It has 5 blades with a safety design base. Buy this super stylish fan from the biggest online shop with 100% guarantee. Enjoy your shopping. Hurry!!!  Fan Price in BD

Super Star Universal Travel Adapter:

This is a premium quality travel adapter. It fits the plug into the wall. It can change the electrical current from 220V to 240V. It is made of polycarbonate virgin resin. All screws are made of copper. It is durable and it has an elegant design. It is generator friendly. You will get this at a competitive price. Buy this adapter from with the fastest delivery. Grab NOW!!!

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