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SunLee Consumer Products: Jasmine Rice & Cambodian Rice in Bangladesh

SunLee In. was first Published In Los Angeles, USA 1982. Our Company imports and distributes consumer goods from Thailand as well as other Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, and Taiwan to the USA under the sun Lee Brand. Sun Lee Product has been selling and marketing In USA More the 30 Years .furthermore, We are the # 1 premium Jasmine rice Seller In the USA. Sun Lee Group continues to improve our production and selection in the premium quality products from countries all over the world under the Sun Lee Brand and the concepts.Sun Lee products have been selling and marketing in the USA for more than 30 years. Furthermore, we are the #1 Premium Jasmine Rice sellers in the USA. We continue to improve our production and selection of premium quality products from countries all over the world under the Sun Lee Brand and the concept "All by Sun lee, All for Quality''. People might mistakenly think rice is all the same, but wait until you try Buddha jasmine rice and you will know what good “quality" Thai jasmine rice tastes like. It is very tasteful to eat. The stalk of the paddy is dried into the straw. We should try to grow more and more rice. For boiled rice, the paddy is first boiled and then sinned again and husked. Then they are separated from the stalk and sunned. We use rice in a number of ways.

Jasmine rice

Thai jasmine rice and Cambodian rice share a lot of the same property and climb mainly in neighboring geographic areas on opposite sides of the northeastern Thai-Cambodian boundary. Cambodian jasmine rice is polite in Cambodia and processed as white milled and polished and brown rice. Currently, DNA fingerprint experiment, carried out with 18 markers, shows that all three varieties possess 18 known fragrance alleles. Two varietals are distinctly Cambodian with 17 markers in similar positions, with Thai jasmine rice and one perfume marker each in a different position. The analysis of Cambodian shows all 18 markers in identical Rank with the trademarked Thai jasmine rice Thai home.

Jasmine rice, though raised in Laos and southern Vietnam, is not the predominant rice diversity. Sticky rice is grown in Laos, and regular Oryza sativa predominates in Vietnam.

Thai jasmine rice from Thailand has a narrow shape. The two shapes of Thai jasmine rice are white and brown. The vast majority of jasmine rice exported overseas to North America and Europe is Thai jasmine rice, with a small minority from Vietnam. In Thailand, it is thought that only Surin, Buriram, and Sisaket Provinces can produce high-quality home mali.

Brown jasmine rice

Brown jasmine rice maintains the light tan outer layer on the rice crop plants. It has greater health profit than white jasmine rice because it only has the bran. Brown jasmine rice has a flavor like oats and comprises gamma oryzanol which can decrease cholesterol in blood ewer. Brown jasmine rice has vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and beta-carotene and it contains antioxidants that support the working of the nervous system. Thai rice is the world's best. The World Rice convention has declared Thailand's perfumed Hom Mali variety the world's best rice, observing Thailand's number one Rank

after several years of lower rice quality due to a former rice-pledging scheme. Rice has been in Thailand for 5000 years and is served with every food. The two main varieties used in Thai cooking are a bowl of long-grain rice called Jasmine rice and short-grained rice called viscous rice or sweet rice. The importance of rice is reflex in the language. The story for “to eat” in Thai is kin.

Price on provides a good pricing strategy for the is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. Thailand Food with our core value in providing the highest quality products to customers. The company has grown and continues to grow to measure. Today, we have Sun Lee agents throughout the different stages in the USA as well as counties across the globe


Thai lee food international company limited (TFL), the latest company under SunLee Group, is founded with the dedication of providing full service to our agents. We supply a variety of products with the highest quality under the SunLee Brand. In order to uphold our highest standards, our Quality Assurance and Quality Control staff carefully inspect our products to ensure quality and food safety. Furthermore, ThaiLee Agriculture and Majestic Food Industry, associated companies in the SunLee Group, work carefully to produce the best quality SunLee products including different varieties of rice, sweet corn, and baby corn. Moreover, we have a warehouse to store and consolidate shipments for our agents.

With the help of our staff and marketing team, our agent can expect to receive continued marketing support. We understand that each customer faces different challenges; therefore our staff will work closely with our agents to formulate a personalized marketing strategy, ensuring success in their unique market.

Ultimately, we hope to grow hand-in-hand with our agents and continue our dedication to providing the highest quality products to our consumers.