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STUTE Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - 350gm U.K৳ 495
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STUTE: Food and Beverages in Bangladesh

STUTE brand is a renowned leading industry of Food and Beverages established in 17 july, 1969. This Stute Food company is a privately owned family based in the city of Bristol, South West England. Their industrial company produced great testing products of fruit juices, Juice drinks, Jams, Marmalades, Waffles, and chocolate spread. The business has been going through an exciting journey and proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. They believe the quality term has become synonymous with their Stute brand. Buy Stute Food products online in Bangladesh at 

Stute Food Factory Information

Stute Foods emphasis large places on sustainability. All Stute Brand products ensured quality and consistency by manufactured in their own factory. Their factory runs globally and nowadays, expanded sales of products can be purchased in over 60 countries around the world. Stute Food industries is reputed by high-tech production plants jointly cover over 500,000 square meters factory where around 1000 people employing. Quality Assurance is placed in the capable hands of an independent laboratory for better foods and drinks. And these quality assurance facts hold the in inspection Certificates by IFS ( (International Food Standard) on a Higher level grade,BRC – Grade A, EU Eco Regulation, products were approved by the Vegetarian Society. Stute Brand maintains reductions in Pallet optimization and packaging have reduced cargo volume by 40%.

Stute Food Products

Stute Food company produced branded quality based food and beverages to maintain market-leading. But more important to say that it would be the world’s leading food company. This company passionately about their food and drinks product which has absolutely fantastic taste. They know about their food and drink products which experienced the marketplace since 1969. And constantly develop to keep up with the ever-changing food and drink sector.

Basically, Stute Food is a popular brand and become a leading supplier of its quality based food and drink products worldwide. Mostly all products of stute manufactured by their own factory. Fruit Juices and Juice Drinks, Jams, Marmalades, Spreads, and Waffles are main products of Stute Brand made in finest quality natural ingredients and offer a great test.

Stute Brand has come a long way and recognized as a genuine market leader. They distributed into all market sectors across the UK and internationally. Their motive is not only produced quality food and beverages but also to build long-lasting relationships with their respective customers. is one of the growing online B2C marketplaces in Bangladesh. So, you can find branded products like Stute Foods and your desired product here. Let’s take a look at how many items are available there-

Juice & Juice Drinks

Stute Brand using only natural ingredients so you can find the finest quality of healthy juice and juice drinks. Juice and drinks are found out in the flavored of pure Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Mango, Tropical Fruit, Red Grape Drink juices and Pure freshly pressed of White Grape and pure Red Grape juices. Stute juice & drink Juices are available in three sizes 1.5 Litre, 1 Litre, 250 mL.

No Sugar Added Preserve

Stute Foods experienced and makes it a good product of 'No Sugar Added' Jams and Marmalades with an extensive range.It offers a healthier alternative to ordinary jam, containing 90% less sugar and 30% less calories.There has No sugar added Strawberry jam, No sugar added fine cut orange marmalade, No sugar added peach jam, No sugar added apricot jam, No sugar added blackcurrant jam, No sugar added raspberry seedless jam, No sugar added morello cherry jam, No sugar added thick cut orange marmalade containing 90% less sugar maintain a healthy diet. 

Conserves or Marmalades

Stute Foods worldwide supplier of high-quality food and drink products. Strawberry conserve, Fine-cut orange marmalade,Thick-cut orange marmalade, Raspberry conserve, Blackcurrant conserves, Apricot conserve are those made with 100 original fruits and not using any colours and preservatives.

No Sugar Added Hazelnut chocolate spread

No Sugar Added Hazelnut chocolate spread is one of the known products of Stute Brand. Because it newly added in the “No added sugar” features of Stute Brand and replaced the Stute Choco Nut Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa. It gives the best taste of natural creamy hazelnuts with smooth chocolate spread. No Added Sugar Hazelnut chocolate spread suitable for diabetics and those on a low sugar diet and mainly ensure the superior taste and quality.

Stute Food in Bangladesh

Stute Foods is the British brand of high-quality food and drinks and recognized by the demand for products of all around the world. Though, Stute brand as a supplier so that international sales are increased in the year through trading partners. And that's why products will be found in over 50 countries. Their brands are added by labels  with various languages if it required.

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Buy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread From

Stute Food brand delightedly announced the launch of a new Hazelnut Chocolate Spread containing no added sugar. Size is 6 x 350 gm with a glass jar. It has a nutritional value of per 100gm with  2065kJ/499kcal energy. Hazelnut chocolate spread contains 13% Hazelnuts with natural vanilla flavour.

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