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Steelbird Motor Bike Helmet৳ 3499
Steelbird Motor Bike Helmet৳ 3299
Steelbird Motor Bike Helmet৳ 3299
Steelbird Motor Bike Helmet৳ 3499
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Steelbird Helmets: Full Face, Half Face & Open Face Helmets in Bangladesh  

Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited or SBHT is an Indian helmet manufacturing company. It commits to manufacturing helmets as a life-saving indispensable tool for a rider’s best safety. Steelbird’s growth has been swift and steady, which results in a prestigious clientele across the globe with a strong focus on innovation in the manufacturing process.

On 13th March 1964, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Limited or SBHT was founded. It is a flagship company of the Steelbird Group of Industrie. They also ventured into the auto accessory business to manufacture helmets. Now they are exporting their products in many countries, such as Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Egypt, Tanzania, Dubai, Uruguay, Bahrain, Nepal, and other European countries successfully.

There is a wide variety of Helmets manufactured by SBHT in each segment like full Face,  open Face, flip-Off Helmets,  flip-Up Helmets, moto-cross helmets, carbon fiber, etc to serve all types of customer demands. Customized Helmets are fitted as per the requirements of an individual customer with the features anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-fog visors. 

It is usually normal to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Helmets are the most important safety equipment when riding a bike. Helmets of different sizes are available in the market, big, small, medium. When buying a helmet, make sure it is comfortable. Helmets cannot be bought just by looking at the external beauty. Also, the safety measures of the helmet should be checked thoroughly before buying.

Best Type of Helmets

Helmets that cover the whole face are the best, they will always provide full safety. However, if you are only an office-going driver, you can buy a helmet that covers half the face. While it may give you the most comfort in the heat, it may not provide the maximum security.

Quality of a Helmet

A good helmet will keep the road from mud to hard roads free from the noise of wind everywhere, road sand, and stones emitted from the front wheel of the bike and give the rider the full pleasure of riding the bike. The part of the face-covering is best bought in white glass. If you buy face-covering glass of different colors, it cannot be used at night. Through a clear glass can be seen well even in intense sunlight.

Types of Helmets

Full Face Helmet

This type of helmet can be called a full helmet. This type of helmet has protection from the front of the chin as an additional part of the full-face helmet. The size of the transparent plastic lid or glass on the front is slightly smaller than the open face helmet. As a result, outside noise and dust enter less. However, for ventilation inside the helmet, there are 2/1 holes in the front of the helmet which can be opened or closed. It is a bit of a hassle to wear in the summer, but it is quite comfortable in the winter. Although many people think it is bound, this type of helmet should be used to get full protection. The transparent plastic lid area on the front of the full-face helmet is an important issue.

Open Face Helmet

This type of helmet is more common in our country. It is quite effective in terms of security. This helmet covers about three-quarters of the head. In foreign countries, there is no protection in front, but in our country, the transparent plastic cover on the front protects the eyes and face from the dust and sand coming from the front. In winter, the air from under the chin is a bit of a nuisance and does not protect the chin in case of an accident. Those who want to open the front with safety can use it.

Half-Shaped Helmet

It looks like a cap used in the children's school. The top of the head has a bowl-like part. There may be a slight shed on the front. There is a locking system with a belt on both sides. When it comes to safety, it is best not to use this type of helmet as it only covers the top of the head. The ears, chin, mouth, and eyes remain unsafe.

Some Products from Steelbird Helmets are Given Below -

Steelbird Ares A1 Stroke Helmet

The color of the helmet is glossy golden. The dimension of the helmet is 36.8 x 27.7 x 26.9 cm. The inner material that is used is Polystyrene and the outer material is ABS Shell. The helmet’s weight is 1.4kg. It is a flip-up or modular-type helmet. The imported Iridium-coated unbreakable Polycarbonate anti-scratch visor is used in this helmet. It also has chin and back ventilation. In this helmet, stainless steel micro-metric European standard buckle 3G38 and a designer chin strap with metal passionate for size adjustment are used.

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