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Senora Confidence Panty System Sanitary Napkins - 10 pads৳ 158
Senora Confidence Panty System Sanitary Napkins - 16 pads৳ 194
Senora Regular Pack Panty System Sanitary Napkins - 10pads ৳ 140
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SQUARE - Authentic Bangladeshi Care Brand Online in BD

To keep you healthy and safe, Square Brand has attractive products under various brands that cater to your daily needs. Because Square Toiletries product quality demand always wants to keep you smiling. Square Toiletries Limited Care brand always wants to be by your side in different aspects of Bangladesh.

Where Is The Position of Square Toiletries in The World of Indigenous Cosmetics?

People are now increasingly turning to indigenous cosmetics. Square Toiletries is one of the top brands in the world of indigenous cosmetics. This is because of product quality and market management. And Square's cosmetics have found a place in the daily necessities of all Bangladeshi families in a very smooth way.

Square Toiletries Are Related to Product Quality

Our products are native but consist of international quality. It may be called domestic products, but most of the materials used to make the products are foreign. Square imports materials for making these products from developed countries. Apart from that, the company in this square puts a lot of emphasis on the issue of quality assurance. So the quality of Square's products is in no way inferior to foreign products.

Bangladesh Square Brand Has All The Well-known Brands

In addition to the traditional products, users are getting more and more new products from Square in Bangladesh. And considering the quality, consumers are always prioritizing their current and new products and so Square has come up with many necessary brands for this purpose.

For Women

Square Toiletries come up with Revive brand of 24hours long lasting refreshing products, Jasmine / Jui hair oil products with 1000 times more rich in vitamin E which is useful in hair care, Senora ensure health and hygiene for women, Meril Milk Soap for women which are refreshing soaps for milk nutrition.

For Men

Bangladesh's first Kool brand in skin care for boys. Bangladesh's first brand in skin care for boys, made to suit the needs of men. Kool shaving foam, Kool shaving cream makes your beard soft and supple just as you want. Kool After Shaving Gel & Lotion, Kool Deodorant Body Spray You can use 6 different types of Kool's body spray on any occasion. Its fragrance helps to keep you fresh for a long time. The products of this Kool brand for boys help you to stay well-groomed and fresh for a long time.

For Baby Care

In the care of children, the best products for the pleasure of your baby are the necessary brands offering toiletries in the square. Meril Baby Care brand Products for Baby Care that helps keep your baby's smile on its face, and Supermom brand diapers for babies. Velcro hooks with 80% absorbency, soft fluffy cotton topsheet, 100% leak proof and easy to wear and open diapers. Because of this velcro hook, Super Mom is the best diaper on the market.

For Health & Hygiene Care

Health & Hygiene category products are the primary solution to your daily needs and its included brands are, Zerocal, White Plus, Glycerin, Magic, Sepnil, Select Plus, Meril Protective Care. The Square brand strives to understand the unique needs of the consumer as well as turn the needs into products in its own way which ensures high quality, high service and affordable prices.

For Home & Family Care

Keep your family safe with all the brands in family care of Square Toiletries. Xpel Aerosol is made with a very effective ingredient, the MaxClean brand has antibacterial dishwash bar and dishwash liquid which removes all germs and stains from the dishes and keeps your family safe from harmful germs. 

Spring brand sprays are effective in spreading the scent of spring around your home. Power brand's products are powerful toilet cleaners. Cleanliness is part of your job. Power Brand is a necessary and effective weapon to keep the place where you live clean and healthy. Power Liquid Toilet Cleaner removes rust stains from your toilet completely and permanently and keeps the toilet clean and healthy.

For Clothes Care

Take care of your clothes. Keep your clothes fresh with the products of Chaka and Chamak brands. Chaka The Dirt Fighter, Chaka Advanced Washing Powder has a Smart Dirt Fighter which easily removes hard stains and dirt from folds, sleeves and collars. Bright fabrics with Chamak 3 IN 1 Ultra Fabric Brightener that whitens white fabrics, brightens colored fabrics and disinfects all fabrics. Bring glitter to all clothes, not just white ones.

What Are The Future Plans of Square Toiletries?

In addition to the traditional products, users are also looking for more new products coming to the square. Bangladesh's Square brand wants their products to reach homes in Bangladesh. And consumers are working harder to ensure that consumers always prioritize and trust their current and new products in terms of quality.