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Sports wireless magnetic earphone৳ 180
Joggers from Sporting Age Brand ( 100% Cotton )৳ 499
sports sound stereo wireless bluetooth headset৳ 190
TWS4 headset stereo wireless headphone sport touch control bluetooth earphone..৳ 920
Joggers from Sporting Age Brand৳ 499
SPORTS Wireless Headset৳ 349
Wireless Sports Bluetooth Magnet Earphone Bluetooth Headset with Mic - Black৳ 185
Joggers from Sporting Age Brand ( Red Velvet )৳ 550
Sports Magnetic Metal Sports Wireless Earphone৳ 221
Joggers from Sporting Age Brand ( ASH BLACK )৳ 499
Sport Bluetooth Earphone৳ 185
Sports Bluetooth Headphpne৳ 250
Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 350
Sports Bluetooth earphone৳ 266
Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 319
Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphone-Red৳ 248
Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone+Mens MAster White copy Gents Wristwatch৳ 255
LALA Sports Hanging Neck Small Electric Fan৳ 1125
Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 400
Wireless Sports Stereo Bluetooth Earphone৳ 249
Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 450
Sports Bluetooth earphone৳ 297
Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 311
Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 238
Sports Bluetooth Headphpne৳ 401
LED Sports Watch Black৳ 250
Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 170
LED Sports Watch Black৳ 207
Wireless Magnetic Earphone৳ 450
Wireless Sports Stereo Bluetooth Earphone৳ 249
Black Silicon LED Sports Watch৳ 484
Wireless Sports Stereo Bluetooth Earphone৳ 249
Wireless Sports Stereo Bluetooth Earphone৳ 249
Wireless Sports Stereo Bluetooth Earphone৳ 249
LED Sports Watch Black৳ 466
LALA Sports Hanging Neck Small Electric Fan৳ 559
S6 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Stereo Headset৳ 299
In Earphone White+Led Sports watch black-combo৳ 300
Magnetic Metal Sports Bluetooth EarphoneMagnetic Metal Sports Bluetooth Earphone৳ 275
LALA Sports Hanging Neck Small Electric Fan৳ 1518
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Sports Stereo: Headphones, Earphones & Earbuds in Bangladesh

Sports Stereo brand is a headphone brand that is committed to manufacturing world-class sound-making accessories for music lovers. They mainly produce earphones, headphones, Bluetooth headphones, wireless earphones, etc. 

Headphones are one of the most useful accessories for enjoying music and videos or talking to loved ones without disturbing others by keeping yourself free from outside noise on a computer, laptop, or mobile. Headphones are helpful for all audio and video, from listening to music to playing games. It is a unique medium for listening to any music, conversation, or sound properly despite the annoying sounds around. There are various technology brands available in the market. Some are wired, some are wireless. There are also differences in functionality, size, or price.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones have become a unique addition to the world of headphones. Bluetooth headphones have further increased the freedom of use. Because it can be used very easily after charging. By connecting Bluetooth headphones to various devices including mobiles, laptops, desktops, tabs, users are able to easily hear the sounds within a certain range.

The headphones are wireless so they have batteries. These headphones vary in weight, battery life, and size. This wireless technology is becoming more and more popular in call centers, talking, gym workouts, or gaming.


Headphones are audio devices that can be heard over the ear without being inserted inside the ear. Headphones also have wires attached to them like earphones. Again, it can be run like wireless. It does not use cushions like earphones. Instead, it has a round grip of foam and a handle to hold between the earbuds on either side. So that it can be easily applied to the ears over the head.


Earbuds are very light, wireless. These tiny headphones are unique in getting the full range of sound. However, free earbuds are available with most phones, which are very cheap and the quality is not good. Using these headphones often leads to headaches and ear and brain problems. As a result, if you want to partner with a pair of earbuds, you should choose quality products. If you like music, good quality earbuds or headphones will give you a taste of real music.

Headphones or Earphones

In-ear and over-the-ear headphones, i.e. the type, size, and design of the headphones and earphones differ, but both work the same. Traditionally the use of headphones has been remarkable, but the advancement of technology has added various features to the performance of both. Headphones are large in size and can control ambient noise. As a result, many people find it more comfortable, easy, and effective. Again, the earphones are light, small in size, and easy to carry. It can be easily used on the go or in the gym. As a result, the demand for earphones is increasing day by day.


In-ear headphones sound dice are on the ears. So if you use it for a long time, you may feel pain in your ears. Although many people like to use these headphones. And the sound dice of over-the-ear headphones cover the entire ear, so the outside noise can't be affected. So both types of headphones are good to use, which can be conveniently used by either one or both depending on the situation.

Noise-canceling Headphones

If we want to hear something in a noisy environment, we usually increase the volume of the phone. But it can cause a lot of damage to the ears. Noise-canceling headphones are needed to listen to any audio without sound so that even in a very low volume of many sounds can be heard. Active Noise Canceling Headphones use a small type of air cap, which is able to measure out external noise and eliminate it. As a result, it is possible to get good sound even at low volume. 

Overhead headphones are usually sound resistant without sound cancellation. However, Active Noise Canceling Headphones are very effective for listening to private music. If you have been using headphones for a long time, then this type of headphone is suitable for you. As well as those who work with video or audio, this type of headphones is more effective.

Some Products from Sports Stereo Headphones

Sports Wireless Magnetic Earphone

The Sports brand is currently using Bluetooth V - 4.1 technology in their products. The headphones are specially designed for gym, sports, and other outdoor works. The high-definition microphone support incoming and outgoing calls. Features of this headphone - The headphone is 100% brand new with high-quality magnetic suction design. It is easy to use, 3D stereo sounds, The operating distance is 10 meters. Its talking time is 1.5 hours, the standby time is 48 hours, and the charging time is about 2 hours. Its noise reduction capacity is CVC 6.0. The Bluetooth version it supports is V4.0/V3.0/V2.0/V1.2/1.1. The function is calling and listening to music.

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