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SOL Helmets in Bangladesh

SOL means the Sun in Latin. This symbolizes the passion and youth of the brand. SOL Helmet is a local brand of helmets. The company is situated in Tainan, Taiwan. The company was established in 1976, but the brand was started in 2005. SOL products are now selling in South Korea, China, Russia, India, Chile, the Philippines, and other countries. 

Motorcycle helmets are a very important part of safety when riding a regular motorbike or scooter. Accidents will happen if you ride a bike at an uncontrolled speed. But if you have a good quality helmet on your head for protection, it can reduce the amount of damage, even if it is a motorcycle helmet that can save lives. At the same time, the use of a stylish helmet can keep your head safe as well as make you more attractive.

History of Helmet

A helmet is a type of helmet or head armor used to protect the head. The helmet protects the head from external injuries. Helmets were first reported to have been worn by Assyrian soldiers in 900 BC. These helmets were made of thick leather or bronze and were used to protect the head from blunt objects, swords, and arrows on the battlefield.

The Necessity of a Helmet

In the present era, riding a motorcycle has become a modern fashion and to some people, it is like an addiction. But we all know that there are many risks to riding a bike and every day at least one person gets injured while riding a motorcycle, many even die. So in this case, if we follow some safety strategies on motorcycles, then maybe we can control these accidents at least a little bit.

Benefits of Using a Helmet

The dust of the road creates various complications in the eyes. Especially in the dusty season before and at the end of winter, the incidence of eye rash increases. The eye disease caused by dust is taking on a more complex shape, with the infection spreading to the retina of the eye. If the glass of the helmet is taken off, the dust and sand cannot enter the eyes and nose directly. Also, for those who are sensitive to a little dust, the helmet can be an effective defense.

The use of helmets lowering the glass also enhances the radiance of the skin and hair. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet blows many people's hair away from the wind, filling their heads with dust and germs. And for those who have a headache when wearing a helmet, it is very important to keep the inner layer of the helmet clean.

The Process of Making a Helmet

When designing a helmet, the speed of movement and the connection with the outside air is taken into consideration so that the accumulated sweat can be easily expelled. The eyeglasses on the helmet are called visors, which protect the two eyes from outside air, dust, and insect damage. Modern helmets are usually made of synthetic fibers. However, black helmets are more popular among users.

Keeping in Mind Before Buying a Helmet

When you buy a helmet make sure it fits you and it fits your head properly, you can see clearly on the street. Try to buy a helmet that covers your head completely and gives you 100% protection as it will protect your whole head.

Don’t be attracted to helmets just because they look good because they may look good but may not save you time in an accident. Make sure your helmet is not too tight or too loose as both are dangerous. So you will buy the right helmet for you and you must wear the helmet while riding the motorcycle.

Taking Care of a Helmet

When buying a helmet, only understand the size of the head. Average quality helmets have four levels. Above all there is a hard shell of plastic or fiber, under it is a cover of cork sheet, under it is foam, under it is a cloth cover. Many helmets have a foam-covered cloth to be washed and cleaned. For those who do not have the opportunity to put the helmet in the sun regularly. In this way, sweaty scalp infection can be prevented. Besides, the inside of the helmet can be washed directly with detergent, Dettol, or Savlon. In that case, the inside should be dried very well before use. It is enough to wipe the front glass of the helmet once a day to keep it clean. One day a week, you can clean the two sides of the glass with a little soap and wipe it again with a dry cloth. If you can do this, the glass of your helmet will stay clear for a long time, this glass will also protect you at night.

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