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Sokany Non-Stick soleplate Travel Iron৳ 1180
Sokany Coffee Maker৳ 1150
Sokany YG-888 Hand Steam Iron Brush৳ 1750
Sokany SK-3855 Professional Hair Dryer 2400 Watt৳ 1399
Sokany SK-8807 Hair Dryer৳ 1530
SOKANY Electric Waffles Maker / sc৳ 2500
Sokany HS-3820 Professional Hair Dryer 2600W ৳ 900
SOKANY Electric Waffles Maker৳ 2700
SOKANY Electric Waffles Maker৳ 2550
sokany coffee maker৳ 1090
Sokany Steam Iron৳ 2500
Sokany Steam Iron Model - ES-198A৳ 1440
Sokany Hand Blender৳ 1890
Sokany Hand Blender৳ 1890
Sokany Hand Held Garment steam machine Sokany Yg 888৳ 2499
sokany coffee maker৳ 1150
Sokany Cs-510 Rechargeable Twist Secret৳ 1199
Sokany SK-3855 Professional Hair Dryer 2400 Watt৳ 1399
Sokany Non-Stick soleplate Travel Iron৳ 1344
sokany steam iron 2400w৳ 1850
Sokany Travel Iron৳ 985
Sokany 5 in 1 Electric Hand Blender৳ 2999
Travel Iron Sokany LX-368৳ 1099
Sokany Hair Straightener / sc৳ 1350
sokany steam iron 2400w৳ 1850
sokany electric sandwitch maker৳ 1350
sokany Sandwiches maker৳ 1599
Sokany Steam Iron / sc৳ 2300
sokany Electric slice toaster৳ 2220
sokany sandwich maker kj-118৳ 1870
Sokany Hand Blender৳ 1900
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Sokany Products Online in Bangladesh

Buying an electric coffee machine, hair straightener, electric toaster, hand blender, etc. is not as easy as going to a cosmetics store and buying it quickly. It takes a lot of thought to buy these electronics products because it involves maintaining good health.

Hair Straightener

Test the Temperature Controller

There are different types of hair straighteners available in the market with different types of leaves. If you see titanium sheets in hair straighteners, you will know that titanium is long-lasting and light. But if set at a high temperature, the ceramic coated sheet can get hot again very quickly and burn your hair. So you should look for hair straighteners that have titanium sheets. Because it allows for equal heat flow.

Be Aware of the Purpose

There are many types of hair straighteners. Some are wireless, some are small in size and easy to use by hand. Again, many of them are planted. If you often travel back and forth, then a small travel-size hair straightener is ideal for you. Moreover, if you want to fix the slightly curly look of your hair, then small size hair straightener is better. But if your hair is of such a rough type that straightening is not an easy task, then you need a large size hair straightener.

Choose the Quality

There are two things to keep in mind when buying a hair straightener. Hair and temperature. You may be tempted to buy a cheap hair straightener, but since the future of your hair is involved, it is best not to compromise on quality. Instead, invest in a hair straightener that will do the least damage to your hair.

When it comes to styling hair straighteners, keep heat protectors in mind. A good brand of heat protector should be used to protect the hair if it is torn or damaged due to straightening and to create a moisture screen or moisture screen in the hair so that the hair does not get dry.

Electric Coffee Machine

At the end of a tiring day, a mug of hot coffee can instantly make you feel better. But no matter how hard you try, there is no such thing as a coffee shop at home. But drinking nice coffee in a home environment is no longer a problem if you have a good coffee maker in your house. That's why if you have coffee at home, you can get a great mug of smoked coffee.

Good coffee making machines of different brands are available in the market now. The Sokany brand coffee maker can be your favorite companion. In this coffee maker, it is very easy to make coffee of different tastes including Expresso Coffee, Moka Coffee, Coffee Late, Black Coffee. It has a capacity of 250 mL, 160 watts of power, and weighs only 75 grams. If you want to get foamed coffee like in the store, you can collect this coffee maker.

Electric Toaster

The bread is usually soft. However, many people like to eat bread like a little fried and hard biscuits. They have Sokani brand electric toasters for them. This makes the bread crispy nicely. This toaster has 3 levels, which can be reduced or increased to make perfect toasted bread. So the presence of this toaster of Sokani brand is essential for breakfast.

Electric Popcorn Maker

The Sokani brand has come up with a great machine to make popcorn in just 3 minutes. With the help of this machine, you can safely make fun of popcorn at home. The machine runs on AC. Its parts are detachable and ergonomically designed. It has a power switch on and off. Its power is 1200 watts.

Some Products from Sokany Brand are given below -

Sokany Hand Blender

Experience the safe and easy handling versatility with the Sokany Hand blender. The modern smart speed technology is used in this blender that generally controls the power consumed in accordance with the load ensures efficient electricity consumption. It has a safety button together with dishwasher safe accessories and one hand speed control, also has an extra-large button for comfortable handling along with an anti-splash stainless steel shaft. The other features are - one-hand speed control, smart speed technology, safety button DC motor, an extra-large button for easy and comfortable handling, an anti-splash stainless steel shaft steel blade a power bell for fast and perfect results, detachable shaft, dishwasher safe accessories with easy cleaning option, and many more.

Sokany Waffle Maker

Sokany waffle maker has waffle-patterned non-stick coated plates. It has an adjustable temperature regulation system. It gives high performance. It has two indicate lamps, cord storage in the base, and anti-slip feet. The volt of this waffle maker is 220-40 volt AC, 50~ 60 Hz, and 1100-1300 watt. 

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