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Sogo Home Appliances in Bangladesh

Sogo began its journey in 1981. The company was established in Barcelona. The company expanded its operations and built its warehouse and outlet in the outskirts of the city after achieving early success with its elegantly designed electronics and home appliances products. 

Values of Sogo

Sogo has always satisfied its customers’ needs accurately. It passionately believes in improving its products with great customer service also. As a bold and ever-present objective, Sogo aims to offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Sogo was started with manufacturing household appliances, but now it has expanded to offer a wide range of consumer electronics and accessories to its growing customer base. Now it has expanded its office in India, Hong Kong, Spain, the USA, Singapore, Dubai, and the UK. Through the various sales distributors and online channels, Sogo is now at a total of 25 countries.

Lunch Carrier

Usually, food is taken from home to the office in the morning. Special care should be taken so that the food stays hot for a long time and does not spoil There are many pots in the market now that have good food for a long time Earlier aluminum tiffin carriers were used. But now the demand for plastic boxes is high. Food in plastic boxes stays hot for a long time and the price is within reach. Plastic bowls are available in the market as well as sets Food cannot be reheated in all types of bowls, this requires an ovenproof bowl. They are also available in the market.

It is necessary to take food every day in the office, so it is necessary to keep the bowl clean regularly Otherwise the stain will fall off and a pungent odor will come out. For this, you can clean the boxes with baking soda in hot water. Plastic bowls need to be cleaned regularly with hot water After cleaning, the water should be left in an open place to dry.


Many people use hair dryers at high temperatures to dry their hair. I think the higher the temperature, the faster the hair will dry. Maybe the work is a little early. But its harmful effects are not less. Refrain from it. Hair can also be dried with air at normal temperature. In addition, you can take some techniques when drying hair with heat. When the hair starts to dry out a bit, lower the temperature in the hairdryer. There are two types of air in the hairdryer, cold and hot. Those who use regular hairdressers should use cold air. It is less harmful than hot air. Use from a distance without using a hairdryer at all from the hair. Try to use a good quality hairdryer. Take extra care of your hair regularly when you dry your hair in a hairdryer. Twice a week, massage the hair with hot oil, and shampoo it. This will reduce the harmful effects of hair. It is important to apply serum to the hair after using the hairdryer. It will help reduce the harmful effects of hair.

Vacuum Cleaner

The job of a vacuum cleaner is to clean the dirt of dusty and sandy places. A vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that creates a partial vacuum with the help of an air pump and collects dirt, dust, sand, cotton, etc. in the dust bag. This essential appliance of various capacities and models is used to decontaminate floors and walls in residential and commercial buildings and industrial areas of busy cities. Many vacuum cleaners do not have dustbags. Convenient to use a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag. All dust-dirt is deposited in sealed bags. Once the bag is full it can be cleaned.

Working Procedure of a Vacuum Cleaner 

The vacuum cleaner receives electric power through the power control switch. It has a motor-operated fan, which sucks in air when it turns. This air goes into the dust container or bag through the middle of the nozzle. Since air is drawn from various dusty places like carpets, rugs, etc., the dirty, dusty air reaches the bag through the nozzle. The motor used is of universal type and is directly connected to the suction fan assembly. The motor is attached to the rotary-type brush with the help of belts and pulleys. In this system, when the motor rotates, it sucks the dirt from the carpet or similar place and draws it to the fan chamber, and the outlet filter bag with the nozzle is stored there and the air escapes through the fine mesh of the bag. Since the motor of the vacuum cleaner is a universal motor, it can be operated in A.C. or D.C.

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