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Snail White soap(70gm) Thailand৳ 455
SNAIL GLUTA Collagen Gold Soap By Perfect Skin Lady - 80gm- Thailand৳ 320
The Snail Removes Stretch Marks Essential Oil-30ml -China৳ 365
Snail White Gluta Collagen Plus 3 Soap -80g Produced by - Perfect Skin Lady - Thailand৳ 320
Snail White facial foam-180ml- Thailand৳ 760
Snail White day Cream-50gm-China ৳ 990
Snail Soap-70gm-Thailand ৳ 650
Snail Roushun Miracle Reparing Serum-50ml-Korea ৳ 990
Snail Roushun Miracle Reparing Serum-50ml-Korea ৳ 1190
Snail white Gluta Healthy Body Lotion 800ml Thailand ৳ 1450
SNAIL WHITE whipp soap৳ 749
Snail Candy Scrub 300g Thailand ৳ 990
Snail_White Gluta Collagen Plus Soap -80gm-Thailand ৳ 690
Snail Candy_Scrub 300g Thailand ৳ 970
Snail Soap-70gm-Thailand ৳ 590
Snail Anti - Wrinkle Water Liquid-250ml-Thailand ৳ 1390
Snail_Anti - Wrinkle Water Liquid-250ml-Thailand ৳ 1290
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Snail White Skincare Products in Bangladesh

Snail White products whose ingredients are natural and meticulously sourced from all over the world. Snail White skincare products are high-quality and internationally recognized. It's a product of  The Company Do Day Dream as NAMU LIFE brand. NAMU LIFE is a  prominent player in Thailand. A lightweight, yet potent, moisturizer that is filled with snail secretion filtrate, the slime snails leave when they glide/walk over surfaces. Snail white is famous for being able to moisturize, repair, restore, renew, and rejuvenate skin. Which is what the SNAIL WHITE cream is all about. It works to firm up and tighten your complexion, while reducing the appearance of dark marks and fine lines, too. Unlike most moisturizers that feel heavy, balmy, or watery, the SNAIL WHITE Facial Cream's texture has a gooey, water-gel consistency that can stretch to the heavens when in between fingers. It feels sticky, too, but once it sets into the skin, there's no oily or sticky residue left.

Company Overview

The Company Do Day Dream Public Company Limited was incorporated on September 20, 2010, by the Pornpatanaruk family to manufacture and provide skincare products. Later in 2013, an opportunity to create its own brand by utilizing the Company production expertise and with the foreseeable growth prospect in the skincare industry began to manufacture and distribute SNAIL WHITE skincare products under its own brand NAMU LIFE, which reflected the product selling point that contains snail secretion filtrate as the main ingredient. This concept reflected the product characteristic to improve every skin type toward a naturally glowing skin. In addition, the Company pays attention to every production process to reinforce product quality from selecting a quality and reliable raw material from international suppliers, improving our production process to be more efficient to produce good quality and safety products and ensuring product safety with strict quality control prior to product distribution. At every stage of production, the quality control department ensures that every product has met criteria and good industry standards. 

Brand Value

All over the world, nowadays Snail White is a more powerful brand than all. The most valuable thought of this company is loyalty. They are like a one-man army. They stood first because of their loyalty. Manulife SNAIL WHITE is a skincare brand that believes in unlocking the beauty in Filipinas using the power of Snail Potion, a powerful formula with multiple skincare benefits. The tri-benefit formula helps to brighten, regenerate, and firm for healthy and beautiful skin. Each product is packed with natural ingredients expertly designed for Asian skin. The brand is famous in Thailand where it is the #1 moisturizer SKU in modern trade. SNAIL WHITE believes that beautiful skin comes from healthy skin, so it is dedicated to developing innovative products with breakthrough ingredients to target different skin concerns. With SNAIL WHITE, beauty is healthy. In the past few years Snail White brand along the streets from the faces of many celebrities. The brand Snail White skincare product made a jump start with successful ramp-up revenues from 90 million THB to 450 million THB in its second year and hit the billion THB mark in its third year. Throughout three years in the OEM business study, Snail White learned the name of the game and entered the arena with the capability needed for success. Snail White has set apart their business with 3Ds corporate value, which consists of Develop, Different, Dynamic. When the brand was unknown to the market, no one paid attention to their products. With the prowess and influence of celebrities, they received good feedback. So, they use another celebrity as a presenter, and brand awareness has risen up, similarly to the first year, TV advertisement helped increase 15% of revenue through selective customer segments. When they saw a jump in revenue growth and we became bold and leveraged from incremental margin to invest. Revenue has reached the first billion THB.


The Company has a huge number of products. They categorized it in many ways. For the ease of the customers, they defined it in many ways. Namu Life Snail White Sunscreen, Namu Life Snail White Cream body wash, Namu Life Snail White Facial Jelly Wash, Namu Life Snail White Essential Toner, Namu Life Snail White Whipp Soap, Namu Life Snail White Cleansing, Namu Life Snail White Body Booster, Namu Life Snail White Gold Facial Cream, Namu Life Snail White 7 days Mask Sheets, Namu Life Snail White Overnight Firming Mask, Namu Life Snail White DayDream, Namu Life Snail White Royal Jelly Facial Cream, Namu Life Snail White Miracle, Namu Life Snail White Concentrate Facial Cream, Namu Life Snail White Mask Sheets, Namu Life Snail White Syn-Ake Mist, Namu Life Snail White Body Facial Cream. The Company launched 8 more products (1) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE DAY CREAM (2) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE ESSENTIAL TONER (3) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE FACIAL JELLY WASH (4) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE OVERNIGHT FIRMING MASK (5) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE 7 DAYS MASK SHEETS (6) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE BODY BOOSTER SPF (7) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE GOLD FACIAL CREAM and (8) NAMU LIFE SNAIL WHITE SUNSCREEN CC.

Price on Ajkerdeal.Com

Ajkerdeal is a platform that always gives the customer the best and real products at a cheaper price than the other sites like Daraz.Com, Othoba.Com, Picakboo.Com,, We are always concerned about the price. Because Ajkerdeal.Com is very sensitive about the price. Customer loves the most thing is to get the real products at an online little cheap rather than real price. Our vision is all about that. Customers also can get the real SNAIL WHITE product on our site. We collect it from the importer. So customers can get the real things which are from abroad within the time at a cheap rate.  Our vision is all about that. So come to our site and enjoy your shopping. 


From 2013 to 2016, SNAIL WHITE products gained popularity and recognition from consumers which resulted in the growth of our revenue. This is mainly attributable to the high-quality raw materials used in our products that provide benefit to the skin and the unique natural beauty concept together with our successful marketing plan that uses celebrities as a presenter as well as the new product launches and expansion of distribution channels both in domestic and overseas markets. Copy-cat products are one of the common problems for well-known and successful brands. Snail White resolves the problem by informing customers about how to verify products by QR code scanning. The company uses online media in promoting and creating customer awareness. Most Snail White regular customers are able to tell apart from original from fake products. Apart from preventing copy products in the market, Snail White also stressed the importance of maintaining product quality to secure brand image. Since the beginning, the thought of low-quality products never gets repeat customers and makes word of mouth impossible. Whereas, their key success factor was to encourage word of mouth. Namu Life has a separate marketing strategy objective, they use online media to build up the brand and use offline media to maintain it. In the future, Snail White will not stop only in the domestic market. It would shift focus to AEC markets and other major markets in China and India. Fast-forwarding Snail White brand into the top 3 Asian brands.