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SMS Audio Headphone in Bangladesh

Studio Mastered Sound (SMS) Audio Headphone Brand 

SMS Audio is a celebrated audio headphone brand that emerged by the American rapper Curtis James Jackson.  SMS audio headphone brand abbreviation for “Studio Mastered Sound". The brand has come up with the theme of reducing noise around to hear something in a noisy environment and fully focused on the music or concentrating on hearing.

The Popularity of SMS Audio Headphones to Rap Music Artists

Branding of headphones through a rap music artist which has gained popularity with many viewers and consumers. Yes, we talk about the  American rapper Curtis James Jackson III who is a very well-known rapper, songwriter, television producer, actor, and impressively entrepreneur. He is the founder of the SMS Audio headphone brand that develops a new line of headphones. 

SMS Headphone Brand with The Possession of 50 Cent

SMS Headphones played a pivotal role in rap music artists because of this brand titled by the famous Curtis James Jackson, who also known by his stage name 50 Cent. SMS is comprised of an American consumer electronics company founded by 50 Cent in 2011 and brought under control Kono Audio that same year. The headphones of RAP music artists have a title role where 50 Cent is effectively primarily manufacturing and markets headphones.

SMS Headphone Considered Rapper Headphone Brand

SMS Audio a premier audio headphone and accessories brand globally acquainted but mostly considered as a rapper headphone brand by 50cent. Many rappers support different headphones to keep pace with the times and for better sound technology, but few have stood out with audio brands under their own names. Like, Beats electronics LLC by Dr. Dre, Beo Play by Dj Khaled, Beats by Dre and Jimmy Iovine, SMS Audio by 50cent. 

Product Line of SMS Audio & KonoAudio Headphone Brand 

50 Cent acquired KonoAudio and both audio companies planned to develop a new line of audio headphones. In early 2012, Curtis James Jackson and former KonoAudio president Brian Nohe designed SMS Audio's first line of headphones, they mainly introduced the "STREET by 50" line of in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear headphones.

In Addition, SMS Audio Brand has variants of products wireless SYNC by 50 communicates using proprietary in Kleer Wireless Technology. It mainly provides 16-bit CD-quality sound, studio mastered sound,  with lossless audio with the wired \ wireless,on-ear \ in-ear sport can connect to up to four devices within 50 feet. Sweat and water resistance standard-based for the active lifestyle. 

Need for Good Quality Ear Headphones

There is no pair of music to bring some peace in the gap of the monotonous routine of a busy life. In addition to the music player, speakers or headphones are very useful accessories for listening to the favorite track or melody clearly. 

And headphones are essential for listening to music privately or without disturbing others. Since it is important to listen to the music of different frequencies, it is important to be aware of several things before buying this earphone.

Listen to Your Favorite Songs with SMS Audio Headphones

Before purchasing make sure that the impedance and drivers of the headphones are strong. At the same time, SPL should be of medium level and HZ should be suitable for your favorite songs. Notice the earbud because our ears are sensitive enough. As a result, a plastic headphone is enough to hit the ear. Consequently, avoid low quality polystyrene air bars and choose SMS Audio rubber or foam-lined airbeds.

Noise Cancelling & Well Balanced SMS Headphone Brand

Active noise-canceling headphones use a small type of air cap, which is able to measure out external noise and eliminate it. As a result, it is possible to get good sound even at low volume. Overhead headphones are usually sound resistant without sound cancellation. 

However, Active noise canceling SMS Headphones are very effective for listening to specific music with approximately well balanced. If you have been using headphones for a long time, then this type of headphone is suitable for you. As well as those who work with video or audio, this type of headphones is more effective.

Acquainted Particulars Before Buying Headphones

Keep in mind a few questions when buying headphones. In order to buy the right headphones, it is important to keep in mind the features, size, airbus, type, and some other things while choosing the headphones. When purchase headphones, read the information on the impedance, SPL, HZ, and driver and make sure that the impedance and drivers of the headphones are strong. 

SMS Audio Street Headphone

SMS Audio Street headphone another name recognition by 50. Headphones with the digital volume control feature circumaural type headphone. It included 15 cm width,4cm RMS rated power, you will get this headphone with the wired connectivity technology and ideal for the music enthusiasts.

Shop For Technology Advancement Audio Headphone from Ajkerdeal 

Traditionally the use of headphones is notable through the in-ear and over-ear headphones differ in size, type, and design, but both work the same. However, in the advancement of technology, various features have been added to the performance of both and browse our computer accessories headphone category site to find all these features and brands.