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Shwapno - Grocery Brand Online in Bangladesh

The dream of being the largest retail chain shop in the country always gives its customers the opportunity to have a great shopping experience with the best product service. At present, this chain super shop is operating with a network of 63 outlets across the country through which it is well known as an authentic grocery brand in Bangladesh.

Shwapno Super Shop

ACI Logistics Ltd. established this "Shwapno" super shop in Bangladesh in 2006. Initially, it started with one level branch, but now this super shop has 59 branches in 16 districts of the country. Shopping in a supermarket is popular because it can be marketed in a comfortable environment. The idea of ​​supershop has quickly gained popularity among busy people in the country. Of these, Shwapno has the most 34 branches in Dhaka.

“Top Brand Grocery Retail Shops Are Now More Reliable Than Grocery Stores”

The popularity of online shopping continues to grow apart from shopping for clothes, shoes, saris, make-up and accessories, people are now accustomed to go to the daily raw vegetable market online. Seeing the growth of online business, new companies, grocery brands are launching their own online shopping portals. With a plethora of discount offers. And so retail grocery shops are ahead of grocery stores. Instead of a grocery store, customers can now order everything online at home.

Traders Will Get The Benefit by Launching Shwapno-MasterCard's Grocery Credit Card!

MasterCard has launched a co-branded titanium grocery credit card for customers of the largest retail chain Shop Shwapno. Eastern Bank Limited (EBL), one of the top private sector banks, has collaborated to launch it. With this card, shwapno customers will be able to purchase all kinds of products including grocery items for a maximum of 45 days from 63 outlets of their dreams across the country. Cardholders will receive a 2.5 percent cash voucher for monthly purchases.

The Theme of This “Shwapno Brand”

According to ACI Logistics, ACI launched the Mega Retail or Chain Super Shop dream with the theme of 'Best Price with Quality and Price'. Launched in October 2008, it currently operates in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Comilla with 63 own outlets and 10 franchise outlets across the country. Literally the dream continues to reflect the name in his service. In other words, the dream is now a symbolic ‘dream’ or Shwapno in the true sense, both in name and in deed.

"Shwapno Super Grocery Shop" Products Available

Super shops usually have more than 5 to 6 thousand products. Co-owned by ACI Limited, Shwapno is now one of the most well-known brands among consumers. Keeping in mind the needs and wants of the buyers, a new supply of furniture has been added, which is already known as “Shwapno Home'. 

Also available at the super shop are baby food, beverage items, bakery items, household items, packaged foods, gifts and toys, dairy products, groceries, fruits and vegetables, health, hygiene, and beauty products, stationery products, electronics Items etc.

Advantages of Shopping From Shwapno Grocery Store

Purchasing essentials is an essential part of our daily lives. Grocery stores are now a special choice to make shopping very easy, comfortable and hassle-free. The grocery store is at the forefront of both online and offline transactions and serves the people. Moreover, with the credit card, it has the advantage of paying offline as well as offline online. 

As a result, the customers who dream of using the card will get some additional benefits with Shwapno Branded grocery shop. In addition to the convenience of shopping from the grocery store, now our lovely customers will also find super shop products on our online site.

The Novelty of The City Trend in Supershop Shopping!

The number of busy people in the country is increasing and the busyness is increasing. As a result, with the increase in this busy schedule every day, the issue of shopping is also decreasing in the interest of online shopping. From raw vegetables to rice-pulses-flour, Shwapno online shopping is one of the mega retail shops in Bangladesh. 

The supermarket started offering great discounts on daily necessities. Where is the time to buy rice, pulses, vegetables or fish in the market now! So the idea of ​​a super shop has quickly gained popularity and it is from this idea that the "Shwapno" grocery store trend started in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Shwapno Brand with Essential Products And Lifestyle Products

All the daily necessities will be available at Shwapno outlets. Everything from raw materials to spices and cosmetics is here. Keeping in mind the needs of the consumers, a combination of different designs of clothes will also be seen here, which is known to the buyers as 'Shwapno Life'. 

Everyone, big or small, can buy the desired clothes from here. There are Sari, Punjabi, Shirt, T-shirt, Fatwa and all the eye-catching clothes for children and all types of ages. There is no shortage of efforts to keep products within the middle class's purchasing power. In addition, The “Shwapno brand” is committed to delivering products to consumers with 100% certainty.