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Buy Original Shah Cement Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Shah Cement is the Industry chief and No. 1 brand in the nation that ceaselessly makes noteworthy commitments to the country building process by method for quality items, administrations, and sharing mastery. Shah Cement Ind. Ltd. is the biggest Cement Producing plant in Bangladesh, with a limit of 4.2 million metric tons for every annum. The Plant utilizes best in class innovation in every aspect of its creation and produces the best quality concrete fit for maintainable and strong development. It is a unit of Abul Khair Group, one of the biggest business aggregates in Bangladesh. 

Shah Cement

Shah Cement is the main concrete brand in Bangladesh for more than 15 years. It's a worry of Abul Khair Group; probably the biggest gathering of organizations in our nation. The brand turned into the market chief during the principal year of presentation and combined its administration consistently. Prevalent innovation combined with center around quality and client support has been at the center of its prosperity. Shah Cement is the favored brand of the most individual house developers just as super development activities of the nation. Shah Cement began its excursion in March 2002 with the end goal of contributing towards building better homes and foundations, improving personal satisfaction across Bangladesh. Bringing the world's most mechanically propelled concrete items to the doorsteps of all Bangladeshi is actually a matter of incredible pride. Shah Cement Industries Ltd. is the biggest Cement Producing plant in Bangladesh, with a limit of 10 million metric tons for every annum. The plant is arranged at Muktarpur, Munshigonj, in the land crossing point of two waterways Shitolokkha and Dhaleshwari. It is the biggest and one of the most mechanically propelled concrete plants in Bangladesh. Shah Cement banded together with FLSmidth to commission the world's generally best in class and biggest Vertical Mill in Cement Manufacturing. It is the world's biggest single-unit plant of its kind. The world's biggest Vertical Roller Mill at Shah Cement is relied upon to altogether contribute to improving the nature of lodging and assume a basic job in the foundation advancement of the nation. With its Guinness World Record perceived achievement, Shah Cement is glad to take Bangladesh to a more current height. Shah Cement Plant is outfitted with both inbound and outbound calculated including own maritime vessels, an enormous number of spread armadas, canal boats and mass transporters to supply in the commercial center just in time. Its own sacking plant is one of the biggest right now of delivering 3 lac packs for every day fueled by Hi-tech Star Linger hardware from Austria. To guarantee continuous force supply nonstop, Shah Cement has own capacity plant of 17-megawatt capacity. Shah Cement's responsibility to the maintainable turn of events, its high moral principles in professional interactions, and on-going endeavors in-network government assistance programs have won its approval as a dependable corporate citizen. To furnish the client with the best quality solid, Shah Cement has its own blending plant, which is outfitted with a present-day PLC-based PC controlled program. Shah Cement's endeavors in presenting Ready Mixed Concrete combined with the advancement of mass concrete dealing with offices have been liable for reclassifying the pace and nature of development movement in metropolitan urban areas and in uber foundation ventures. 


The item bears confirmation not exclusively to quality creation, yet in addition to its responsibility to building supportable and tough structures all around the nation; from the biggest structures to homes, and even the boulevards that interface the individuals together for a long time into the future. Viewed as the standard of value in the Bangladesh Cement Industry, Shah Cement offers both Ordinary Portland Cement (CEM-I) and Portland Composite Cement (CEM-II) appropriate for any sort of development, making Shah Cement a main advancement accomplice of Bangladesh. Conventional Portland concrete (OPC) which is presently called Portland concrete is the most ordinarily utilized concrete for a wide scope of utilizations. Shah Cement Portland Cement outperforms the necessities of BDS EN 197-1:2000 CEM-I 52.5 N Grade. It is created from top-notch clinker ground with high immaculateness gypsum. Shah Cement Portland Cement gives high quality and strength to structures in light of its ideal molecule size circulation, predominant crystalline structure, and adjusted stage creation. The early quality of concrete is the compressive quality created in 3 days or 7 days, Shah Cement portland Cement picks up quality exceptionally quick, over 3000 psi inside 3 days. Consistency is the key element of Shah Cement Portland Cement. It has been knowledgeable about customary BUET, Own, and different tests bringing about quality with appropriate solid blend structure. Shah Cement Port-land Cement sets quicker – completes your development well and spares your important time. Concrete showing development is named unsound. As Shah Cement Portland Cement contains no additional added substance it is liberated from unsoundness. A lower percent of insoluble buildup <1%) guarantees a high caliber of clinker and gypsum and liberated from remote particles. For the most part, Ordinary Portland Cement picks up quality for 90 days, though Shah Cement Special keeps on picking up quality for any longer because of its pozzolanic and idle water-driven response. The hydration procedure of Shah Cement produces C-S-H gel that guarantees solid cement and is worthwhile to acquire long haul quality. Shah Cement Special forms a solid with higher thickness and lower penetrability, which produces fewer voids; in this manner adding to the toughness and lifetime of the development. As limestone is included Shah Cement Special-putting will look smoother, better, and alluring. The utilization of slag concrete has exhibited long haul execution upgrades permitting fashioners to lessen the natural impression of cement while guaranteeing improved execution and expanded sturdiness. Concrete containing BFC is less penetrable, has lower hydration, higher extreme compressive quality, is impervious to sulfate-corrosive assault and forceful synthetic substances, impervious to numerous types of harmful assault to salt silica response and has preferable functionality and completing capacity over ordinary cement. 

Quality Of Shah Cement

To be reliable with the quality, it is compulsory to be fastidious about quality confirmation. So as to accomplish that, Shah Cement investigates every possibility to keep up its quality administration program. In real words, this program of Shah Cement Industries Ltd. ranges the entire association. The association is focused on accomplishing ideal quality by guaranteeing benchmarks at all phases of creation. The obedient and gifted group of Shah Cement works resolutely towards setting up, executing, and overhauling the best principles. Likewise, stringent Quality Control is kept up at all phases of creation and henceforth predominance and quality in items give the confirmation to shoppers' lifetime speculation that will fabricate what's to come. 

Benefits & Use of Shah Cement

Consumer loyalties are the prime soul of the quality Policy of Shah Cement Industries Limited. Shah Cement is focused on accomplishing this by keeping up quality at all phases of assembling, introducing best quality concrete at a sensible cost, without a moment to spare conveyance and giving satisfactory assets and prepared labor who carefully hold fast to the methodology ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

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