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Seven Rings Cement Bangladesh

Shun Shing Group was founded in Hong Kong during the year 1988 and since then the Group has been involved in international import and export trading business dealing among Cement, Clinker, Gypsum, Limestone, Rock Phosphate and Iron ore. They additionally set up a strong ocean-going dry cargo ship’s moving division to handle individual cargo transportation for on-time delivery to every overseas customer. 

Group’s first industrial venture was established in Bangladesh to hold the core business of cement. During the year 1999, they built Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd to manufacture and market cement below the brand name SEVEN RINGS CEMENT. Constant Quality among Durability, Modern innovation & Technology, and Visionary Management has placed the company as one of the foremost cement brands in the country. 

The initial factory of Seven Rings Cement was placed at Kaligong, Gazipur, Dhaka in the name of Seven Circle Bangladesh Ltd. (SCBL) on the bank of the river Shitalakha which is only 38 KM apart from Dhaka city including the current production capacity of 1.9 Million M/tons per annum to cover the need of Greater Dhaka, Mymensingh, Sylhet and Cumilla. 

The other factory of Seven Rings Cement was built during 2014 in Labanchara, KDA Industrial Area, Khulna under the named Shun Shing Cement Mills Ltd (SSCML) on the bank of Rupsha River which is only 7 KM apart from Khulna City Center including production capacity of 1.6 Million M/tons per annum to meet the demand of southwest zone and northern districts of the country. 

The joint production potentials of both the factories are now 3.5 Million Tons per annum which have produced Seven Rings Cement one of the biggest cement production plants in the country. Both the factories of Seven Rings Cement are unique in keeping top quality products with product diversity of world-class standards. 

Currently, they are providing four varieties of cement: 

  1. i) Seven Rings Gold (CEM-I) 
  2. ii) Seven Rings Special (CEM II/A-M) 

 iii) Seven Rings Cement (CEM II/B-M) 

  1. iv) Seven Rings Cement for Export (PPC Indian Standard 1489 Pt. I: 2015 ) 

The exponential development of customer preference has thrived SEVEN RINGS CEMENT to go for an extra 5 Million M/tons production capacity expansion through the latest VRM technology, out of which 3.5 Million M/tons VRM Plant foundation has been inaugurated at Kaligonj, Gazipur under Seven Circle (BD) Limited. 

Different greenfield VRM project development has been begun in the bank of Shikolbha River mouth towards Karnafuly River at Shikolbha, Chattogram including the capacity of 1.5 Million Tons per annum below a different company Shun Shing Cement Industries Limited to cover the need of Greater Chattogram and Noakhali. 

Besides Bangladesh, Shun Shing Group has built a different company GreenCem LLC Dubai to establish up 1.50 million tons per annum VRM plant near Jabel Ali Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE, to give Grinded Slag and Cement in Bag/Bulk for UAE market and export to nearby countries. 

HISTORY Seven Rings Cement

1988, Association

Association in Hong Kong as a trading house

1988-1998, Expansion

Expansion of bag cement business and consolidated trading products like Clinker, Gypsum, and Limestone.

1993, Liaison Office

Built its first liaison office in Beijing and spacious office in Bombay, Dubai and Dhaka.

2001, Cement Production

Establishing of primary cement production unit that is Seven Circle Bangladesh ltd among capacity of 0.5 million tons per annum

2002, New Bag Plant

SSGIL built woven Polypropylene (WPP) cement Bag Plant among a capacity of 26 million pieces/year.

2007, Power Plant

Uninterrupted power supply to sustain unremitting production the group built a 10.16 MW gas-based power plant and enlarged the bag plant to 48 million pcs from 26 million pcs through the year. During the same year, the cement making capability of SCBL was extended to 1.1 MILLION TONS from 0.5 MILLION TONS through the year.

2008, Export

SCBL began to export cement in India

2011, Expansion of Cement Factory

SCBL cement factory was enlarged to 1.6 MILLION TONS from 1.1 MILLION TONS through the year.

2012, Expansion of Power Plant

SCBL extended its power plant to 15.26 MW from 10.16 MW for reaching the expanding demand of power for expanded cement production facilities.

2014, Establishment of Khulna Factory

SSGIL has built the second manufacturing plant of Seven Rings Cement in Khulna including a production capacity of 1.3 MILLION TONS in the title of Shun Shing Cement Mills Ltd.

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