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Sensodyne Daily Care Gel-Dip Clean৳ 455
Sensodyne Mild Mint 75ml india৳ 337
Sensodyne Rapid Relief Mint Toothpaste - 75 ml৳ 446
Sensodyne original strontium chloride tooth paste-100-UK ৳ 455
Sensodyne total care gentle whitening tooth paste 100 ml UK৳ 455
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SENSODYNE Toothpaste Online in Bangladesh

Sensodyne is a popular brand of toothpaste in the world. This toothpaste main target is sensitive teeth. This toothpaste is #1 best dentists recommend toothpaste. The company invented Sensodyne for the purpose of relieving the tooth and treat the sensitive tooth.GlaxoSmithKline is a British multinational pharmaceutical company and Sensodyne is owned by GlaxoSmithKline and Sensodyne is marketed in Japan with the name “shumitect”.Sensodyne gives long term protection with a brush twice a day. Their vision is “ we are dedicated to creating a future where every life is sensitively free”.


In 1907 pharmacist Alexander block establish a New York-based company Block drug. Sensodyne is a brand of toothpaste that was first sold by Block drug.1925 company focus on dental care products. In 2000 SmithKline Beecham PLC. bought by block drug. Then it becomes Glaxosmithkline. In 1961 the company introduces Sensodyne original. In 1980 company introduce Sensodyne F and Sensodyne pronamel and in 2014 Sensodyne true white.

Sensodyne toothpaste active ingredients are

  • Potassium nitrate
  • Strontium acetate and chloride 

Some Sensodyne contains calcium sodium phosphosilicate. But because of critical issues, Sensodyne remove calcium sodium phosphosilicate from US products.

Price of Sensodyne in is the leading online selling website in Bangladesh. Here you will get all types of to sell all original products and all products are original. They see their products at a reasonable price. You can also get products of different sizes. If you want to buy 100% original products with guarantee you should visit you do not believe you can compare our products with any websites. You can also cheek different websites prices. So open our webpage and cheek our products.If you place an order you will get your products at a couple of days.

Sensodyne daily care gel-deep clean:

Sensodyne daily care-deep clean toothpaste taste is mi8nty. And this toothpaste keep mouth clean and fresh. It promotes gum health and keep teeth strong. This toothpaste can use as a daily basis. And it remove plaque. This toothpaste give relief and daily protection from dentine sensitivity. It provides all the benefits of regular toothpaste. Not use by children under 12years old. Store in 30-degree celsius.So for original Sensodyne daily care gel visit and get we will also get a reasonable price.

Sensodyne fresh mint toothpaste:

Sensodyne fresh mint toothpaste taste is mint. This toothpaste gives sensitive relief with long-lasting sensitive protection. This toothpaste fight against cavities.It can use as a daily basis toothpaste. As it is sensitive a person can not use it who is under 12 years old. Store it in 30-degree celsius. product For original Sensodyne visit our website and place an order now. We do not sell any replica products on our websites.

Sensodyne toothbrush:

This toothbrush is specially made for cleaning in the hard to clean areas and for sensitive tooth. This one is made in India. This brush is soft other than any brush.It is made by doctor recommendation.You will get the original Sensodyne toothbrush in our website 

Sensodyne sensitivity and gum toothpaste:

This toothpaste is clinically proven. This toothpaste does dual action for people noe is tooth gum problem and another is tooth sensitivity. This toothpaste work in two ways.It’s taste is strong minty but not overpowering. And it lasts quite a long time. One removes plaque bacteria to solve gum problem and another is made layer in sensitive areas.If you have both problems try this one. And you will get original Sensodyne sensitivity and gum toothpaste in visit our website and place an order now.

Sensodyne rapid relief toothpaste:

Sensodyne rapid relief toothpaste is import from UK.This one is made specially for relief pain fast.It is clinically proven toothpaste and relief pain in60 second but you have to brush your teeth twice a day.This one provides long-lasting protection, protect from cavity and keep breath fresh for a long time.Not use for children who are not upper 12 years old.In you will get this original version. Vi8sit our web page and place an order now.After placing order you will get your order in a couple of days.

Sensodyne extra fresh complete protection:

Sensodyne extra fresh complete protection toothpaste is doctor recommended brand and clinically proven. It import from UK. It’s work in three areas one's teeth strengthen. Second is gum protection and the third one is whitening. It’s extra fresh leave clean feeling for a long time. Keep it away from children. For buying the original one enter official page and find your expect one with a reasonable price.So open and place orders as soon as possible. After placing an order you will get your product in a couple of days.

Sensodyne Pronamel Multi-Action: 

Sensodyne Pronamel Multi-Action maintain healthy teeth, protect teeth from gum and cavity. This one protects from acid wear and protects your enamel after brushing your teeth. This one is daily usage toothpaste and has fresh minty flavor. It is not for children to use and keep it in 30-degree Celcius. You can get this original brand in page. Here all products are original. We import this noe from Uk. Check out Toothpaste and Brush in BD