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Sebec Products Online in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal

Epique Home Appliances Limited was Founded in1999. It is a prominent supplier of top-class home and Electric appliances brands in Bangladesh. Epique Home Appliances Limited is the provider of Sebec, Moulinex, Tefal, and Krups brand appliances. This company helps in the catering needs of every segment of customers. Epique has achieved the status of one of the top-ranking suppliers of Home & Electrical Appliances in Bangladesh providing the best after-sales service for the last 16 years. Their main achievement is the support of the customers. 

Hard work and commitment to quality service of the entire working force of the employees have been helped the company for continuous progress. The journey will continue to serve the customers in a better way with meticulous professional management and quality services.  

Epique Home Appliances Limited is the mother company of Sebec Bangladesh Limited. It is a home appliances company since 1999 in Bangladesh. Sebec is importing quality products from different countries such as China and India. Sebec is also the sole distributor of famous home appliances bran named Moulinex and Tefel by its mother company Epique Home Appliances Limited. 

Sebec produced several electronics appliances, such as mixer grinder, blender, electric oven, microwave oven, electric kettle, rice cooker,  toaster, sandwich maker, washing machine, air cooler, air conditioner, induction cooker, yogurt maker, ceiling fan, rechargeable fan, table fan, rechargeable light, iron, television, etc in its home appliances collection. This electronics appliances company has also included a water filter, pressure cooker, non-stick items, and gas stoves in its home appliances items.

Air Cooler

Air coolers do not keep the house cold but give cool air. These are also quite low in price. There are various brands of air coolers available in the market, such as - Sebec, Miyako, Noveno, etc. These are mostly imported from China, Taiwan, and India.

An air cooler is an electric home accessories device that delivers air at a lower temperature than normal during the evaporation process. The air cooler has a water or ice container from which water is pumped to the honeycomb filter. The heat of the air is absorbed by the water while passing through the filter and gives cold air. 

Air coolers can be easily moved from one place to another. The humidity of the house is kept at a tolerable level through the air cooler. For this, cold air is extracted through air cooler using ice or water. The house is less cold, but the air is cold.

Advantages of Using an Air Cooler

The best part about air coolers is their relatively low cost. Due to the high price of AC, it is still beyond the reach of most people. So a portable AC or air cooler can be your place of comfort at this unbearable temperature. Air coolers use ice or water instead of gas to cool the air, making it energy efficient. Using an air cooler consumes 70% -80% less power than ordinary AC. Humidity in the house can be kept at a tolerable level through an air cooler. So the air cooler protects the elderly and children of the house from getting sick in extreme heat. Another great advantage of air coolers is its portability - easy transfer from one place to another. As a result, it can be easily taken from one room to another and you can keep the air cooler in your convenient place. Also, the air cooler is eco friendly. Since there is no problem to install any type, it can be bought and used. Air coolers can be a great relief, especially in dry places.


Blender is one of the tools available now to make everyday kitchen life easier. Having a good blender machine in the kitchen makes many daily tasks hassle-free. So if you want to do household chores in less time and with less effort - Blender can be a reliable companion in your kitchen.

Tips Before Using a Blender

Good brand blender machines usually last a long time. But if you don't take proper care, the blender can be easily damaged. Some tips are given before using a blender-

  • The blender should be kept in a flat place before use.
  • When turning the grinder, the lid of the blender jar should be tightened.
  • Care should be taken so that water does not enter the blender motor in any way.
  • If you use it continuously for a long time, the motor of the blender may get burnt. So after a while of use should be given a little break.

Some  Popular Products from Sebec -

Sebec Blender 

The model number is SB-1. The jug’s capacity is1.5 liter. Its power is 300 watt and it has 2 Speed with pulse function. The blender has stainless steel blades. A 2-meter cord is attached with a round pin plug. 

Sebec Air Cooler

The water capacity of this cooler is 30 liter. The max airspeed is 12.5 m/s. It has 3 wind speeds, high, low, and medium. It fully functions with remote control. The power of this cooler is 1800 watt. 

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