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Buy Original Scorpion Exo Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

The Scorpion Exo T1200 is a composite fiber road protective cap intended for the street/visiting market (think more sit-up riding style at that point head-down games bicycle riding). It has a fundamental sun visor, twofold d ring clasp, and, for what is an all-around constructed protective cap, has an extremely appealing sticker price. In case you're new to purchasing caps (or need a revive) you'll discover connections to more data in each area that will portray an element and additionally why it's significant.


The Scorpion Exo T1200 has what Scorpion calls its TCT or Thermodynamical Composite Technology shell – which Scorpion figure is a distinct advantage as far as effect retention and weight. It's been affirmed available to be purchased by being both DOT and ECE endorsed, and it was tried by SHARP in April 2016 and scored a 3-star security rating (out of five stars). All Scorpions tried to date score either 3 or 4 stars with SHARP however this three-star rating for one of their progressively costly protective caps is somewhat baffling. Other security includes that is a tick in the crate incorporate the number of shell measures it's delivered in (3), the twofold d ring clasp and the reality it has a drop-down sun visor which can be extremely valuable in case you've gotten out by the low sun and getting stunned. Snap the connections above to discover increasingly about each component.

Helmet Noise

People who own a T1200 in general figure it's extremely loud. As usual, it's typically reliant on how boisterous your past head protector was. In any case, having said that, we've infrequently run over a protective cap where such a large number of proprietors state it's extremely boisterous. So in case you're searching for a head protector to ride around in without earplugs, it may merit looking somewhere else. Some portion of the issue is by all accounts the vents. While they do give a decent measure of air access, they additionally appear to get the breeze a considerable amount and make a commotion.


Scorpion produces the T1200 in three shell sizes – which is about appropriate for a head protector of this sort and value point. At the point when you're hoping to get one, estimating has all the earmarks of being about right, however, a couple of proprietors detailed that, on the off chance that anything, they're a piece on the little size. Along these lines, in case you're between sizes, we'd state settle on a marginally bigger form first.


While the Scorpion Exo T1200 has the standard exhibit of jaw vent and twin brow vents, proprietors state they work really well – not the best we've found but rather they're satisfactory for most atmospheres and conditions. Of course, vents alone won't keep your visors haze-free in chilly conditions (see Shield segment underneath) yet in the event that you ride in the heat, at that point most proprietors figure they pull in a conventional measure of air to keep you cool in many conditions. The back of the protective cap has a fumes vent with a spoiler that has been intended to help pull the warmed fumes freshen up from the cap as well. Despite the fact that the switches on the top vents are little, we were unable to discover any individual who whined of them being fiddly to work – even in gloves – so all ought to be fine there.


The Exo T1200 accompanies a reasonable principle shield in the case (not smoked like huge numbers of the photos). The primary shield has its initial tab on the left which the periodic proprietor didn't care for (makes it trickier to open the shield when writing material with the grasp pulled in) and has a shield locking system that lets you lock the shield in completely shut or aired out position. It likewise has what Scorpion calls its Speedshift toolless shield evacuation framework which permits brisk changing/cleaning of the fundamental shield – which functions admirably. The drop-down sun visor works from a switch to one side hand side of the principle visor rotate. Likewise, with most sun visors, it tends to mist up in cool/wet climate as well and on the off chance that you ride for the most part in extremely bright territories, at that point you may discover the sun visor not dim enough. Be that as it may, numerous riders state they love it and discover it extremely helpful – enough to leave their shades at home. Single-word of caution – and worth checking when you take conveyance – is that few proprietors detailed a strange film covering their sun visors that made it overcast to glance through it and, in the wake of attempting to dispose of it, made them scratch the visor. It likely could be that was only a cluster of flaky visors, however, it's most likely worth checking yours when you get it.

Comfort & Sizing

The internals of the Exo T1200 is all around considered. They're completely removable/launderable and made of Scorpion's Kwickwick 3 liner. That is a hypoallergenic liner that is intended to wick sweat away from your head as viably as could reasonably be expected. Most proprietors state it feels extremely extravagant and very much made – and it's an extremely agreeable accident protective cap as well. Clearly, that is giving you have a protective cap that fits directly in any case (check the connection on what to search for). One invite advancement with the T1200 is the crisis evacuation framework where crisis administrations can expel the cheek cushions by pulling down on the two tabs underneath the cap, permitting them to expel the two cushions rapidly to permit simpler expulsion of the head from the protective cap. And keeping in mind that you'll (ideally) never need to profit by that advancement, another that is increasingly helpful in an everyday sense is Scorpion's inflatable cheek cushions – their Airfit framework. There's a couple of Scorpion caps with these inflatable cushions now, and they're there to permit you to guarantee the protective cap fits decent and firmly. When the protective cap's your responsibility, crush the expanding bulb on more than one occasion and that ought to fix the cap up pleasantly, guaranteeing they fit overall quite tight and the cap won't pivot on your head. A few proprietors use it consistently and discover it extremely valuable for adjusting the fit

Looks & Graphics

Heaps of proprietors like the forceful looks of the Exo T1200. At the hour of composing, Scorpion offers the Exo T1200 in 14 unique structures with a sum of 30 diverse shading plans! That is a mess of decision and you're not going to discover a retailer that stocks every one of them. We've picked what we think about the most attractive structures and dropped them around the page. To look at the most recent plans, it merits tapping on our connections to our suggested retailers. If you don't mind click underneath to visit the Scorpion caps pages at our suggested stores and Amazon. At the hour of composing, it's accessible in every one of these stores - and on the off chance that you purchase from any, we get a little whole from the deal at no additional expense to you - a huge THANKS! (it's the manner by which we fund the site).

Other stuff – fasteners, weight, build quality, chin curtain

The Exo T1200 accompanies a twofold d latch. They're quite acceptable albeit most head protectors will, in general, accompany micrometric clasp nowadays (and get great input). With respect to weight, at 3.5lbs/1.6Kg it's really substantial for a composite head protector, yet additionally truly overwhelming on the off chance that you look over all full-face caps (independent of materials) where the normal weight is 3.26lbs/1.48Kg. In the crate, you'll additionally locate a removable jawline blind, breath redirector, and top-notch head protector sack (the astounding nature of the cap pack was referenced by bunches of proprietors!)

At long last, at this mediocre value point, it's significant that heaps of proprietors state the manufacturing quality is brilliant – a lot higher than they expected – with both a top-notch finish and paintwork.

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The Scorpion EXO T1200 is a not too bad entertainer. Just let somewhere near clamor levels (however that can be arranged by utilizing earplugs) it's agreeable, very much ventilated and the fit can be finely tuned by utilizing Scorpion's Airfit framework to take care of the cheek cushions. There's a question mark over wellbeing as it just scored three out of four stars in the SHARP lab, however, it's very much assembled and offers a great incentive for cash at the cost.

  • Composite fiber full-face head protector
  • Interior sun visor
  • Not Snell tried
  • SHARP 3 star rating
  • Twofold D ring latch
  • Scorpion's Airfit siphon framework
  • multi-year guarantee
  • Weight 3.5lbs/1.6Kg
  • Hope to pay about $249-$319

We just suggest places with incredible surveys and terms - and on the off chance that you purchase something, we get a little charge (consistently at no additional expense to you!). Revzilla (PA) offers exceptional assistance and free delivery. Likewise, 2 Wheel (CA) and BTO Sports (CA) have incredible online audits just as offering free transportation and returns! Or then again you can navigate to Amazon on the off chance that you want to purchase from that point. If it's not too much trouble click any connect to drop onto their Scorpion protective caps pages or see here for more information about our prescribed stores, including snappy T&Cs.