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Sayona Subwoofer 3.1 Ch Sht-1187Bt Bluetooth speaker ৳ 15000
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Sayona Electronics Online | AjkerDeal

Sayona is a Soundbox, Speaker, Sub-woofer, headphone, and earphone producing brand. They make good-quality sound-making accessories for music lovers. 

Need to Know Before Buying a Speaker

There are many types of speakers. Such as 2: 1, 4: 1, 5: 1, or 7: 1. In terms of connectivity, wired and Bluetooth facilities, etc. So if you want to buy a speaker, first you have to decide from which source you want to play the speaker. Larger speakers are better for connecting to a computer, a subwoofer speaker is perfect for home theater, and

If you want to play on a mobile phone, it is better to take a speaker with Bluetooth.

Specifications of the speaker are usually mentioned on the speaker packet. Watt, frequency, signal ratio, input-output system are written. If you know the meaning of these, you can decide for yourself which speaker is better for you. Frequency ratios are usually calculated in Hartz. The higher the number, the more noise the speaker can generate. Many speakers can play sound from a pen drive or memory card, you can buy speakers with this facility if needed. It is important to see if there is a sound control system. Watt power consumption is usually calculated. It indicates how much electricity a speaker works on. Decibels can a speaker make per watt, can be expressed by watt. To buy a speaker, we should know about the watt of a speaker. The sound must be checked when buying a speaker. In that case, you should go to a shop where there is less noise from outside. As a result, the correct sound of the speaker can be heard. Speakers of more conventional brands should be bought. There are many good brands of good speakers in the market. Such as - Sayona, Gigabass, Audio Technique, etc.

Taking Care of a Speaker

The most important device for listening to music is the speaker. A good speaker gives a different experience of listening to music. So there are some things to keep in mind before or after buying the device so that some common problems can be avoided. With proper care of the speaker and some tips, it can be used without any hassle for a long time.

  • The speaker should be cleaned with a clean and dry cloth once a day. However, care must be taken that the cloth does not get wet.
  • One of the main enemies of the speaker is dust. So you have to take care not to get dust on the speaker.
  • If standing in the middle of the room and clapping your hands make echoes, then it is better not to put speakers in that room. The speaker will not give a good output.
  • A good sound is available if the speaker is kept in an open room. A lot of the time there is a bad sound echo on the room surface. In that case, you can put the carpet in the room.
  • Many people listen to music using smartphones or tabs. In this case, if you have a Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to the music of the phone without any hassle.
  • However, even if you do not have a Bluetooth speaker, you can turn the ordinary speaker into Bluetooth. In this case, you need to buy a Bluetooth audio music receiver.

Small Portable Speakers

Smaller portable speakers can be used with or without wires. The speakers have a lot of variety in their shape. Some look like cassettes, some look like cans of various drinks. These speakers are beautiful to look at and will work well. Portable speakers have several advantages over listening to music. It also has the facility to listen to FM radio. And there are opportunities to use memory cards. These run on rechargeable batteries so can be carried anywhere with a charge.

Features of Small Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speakers are generally waterproof. So even if a sudden splash of water comes, the speaker will not be damaged. Except for entry-level Bluetooth speakers, all other models have an equalizer for sound adjustment. The level of bass and treble can be determined by listening to different genres of music. The live mode can also be turned on to get the concert feel. If you want to fix the sound setting, the user manual of the Bluetooth speaker can be followed. Many people do not know that it also has a microphone for talking. If you are busy at work, you can talk through the Bluetooth speaker without holding the phone in your hand. If the rating of a speaker is IP6, there will be no damage even if the waterfalls one meter deep. So if the IP rating is high, the Bluetooth speaker can be placed next to the swimming pool to listen to music.

AjkerDeal has brought Sayona brands’ speakers for the customers. To buy, visit and place your order.