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Santoor Soap Online Shop in Bangladesh - Buy Best Soap at the Cheapest Price

Santoor Soap brand is one of the renowned for personal care products for beautifications. It is a famous soap line brand in India to expressing soft and clear skin with the way of style and young-looking trend. Santoor Soap brand is a flagship leading sandalwood & turmeric soap brand in India.

Santoor soap name supposedly intended with Indian musical instruments that sound like Piano musical notes which as like mediates and sheen to the skin and provide gentle and effective care.

About Santoor Soap Brand

Santoor Sandlewood soap is very popular around our country. It is established by the Indian Multinational corporation public company of Wipro. This Wipro company is based on Consumer Care, health & personal care and Lighting they think about to expand soap lines and founded the Santoor Sandlewood Soap brand in 1985. It is now leading soap brand in south India and already stands on a top-three toilet soap category brand after Lux and Lifebuoy.

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds a huge collection of branded and local brands product, you will also find the Santoor Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of Santoor products.    

Products Of Santoor Soap Brand

Santoor Soap is known as sandalwood and turmeric soap. This brand increase with a face wash, talc, glycerine soap, white soap, almond sandal and turmeric flavour soap, body lotion, perfumes, and body scents or deodorant. Santoor brand has various products that given below-  

  • Santoor Sandal and Almond milk soap, 
  • Santoor Gold Soap and Bar,
  • Santoor Baby Soap and Bar, 
  • Santoor Orange Sandal and Turmeric Soap, 
  • Santoor Sandal and Turmeric soap pack of 4, 
  • Santoor Sandal and Almond milk soap 3packs, 
  • Santoor White Soap
  • Santoor Glycerine pure gold soap,
  • Santoor Chandan Soap
  • Santoor Gentle hand wash, 
  • Santoor Sandals and Tumeric soap super save the pack, 
  • Santoor Aloe fresh soap, 
  • Santoor Extra Moisturizing Body lotion, 
  • Santoor Cocoa intense perfumed body lotion, 
  • Santoor Whitening and UV protection body lotion, 
  • Santoor Light and Rejuvenating body lotion, 
  • Santoor Perfumed body lotion light moisturizing sandalwood,
  • Santoor Skincare body wash with loofah free, 
  • Santoor Spa Scrub body was with loofah free,
  • Santoor Talcum Powder in sandalwood extract
  • Santoor Scent or Perfume of Bloom, Magic, Gold,   
  • Santoor Deodorant in Energine, Poise, Sparkle, Grace, Enhance and Charismatic      

Their products are merchandise on the retail store markets as well as online stores throughout the world. For their famous branded products our website also gives you branded things according to your choice and taste. 

Santoor Brand Products Buy from

Ajkerdeal provides you and distributes with the many manufacturers, suppliers of a very wide range of product categories that are offerings highly varied to the customers and make sure the convenience of shopping at once goes for all their needs them. Santoor branded products are famous for their skincare and beauty products. You can find it on various product lists.

Santoor White Soap  

Santoor Soap Brand offers the softer, skincare, white skin, younger-looking skin and also moisturizing effects. Santoor White Soap is famous in the santoor brand that has almond milk and sandalwood extract with the skin moisturizing effect. White soap is used for all types of skins.

Santoor White Sandal And Almond Milk Soap  

Santoor soap brand has categorized soaps in White, Gold, Pure gold, Chandan, Glycerine types. Santoor WhiteSandle and Almond Milk soap is another Santoor milk soap with a new version contain sandal and almond milk.

If you will find it from our site and it has skin moisturizers and active ingredients that help your skin to gently nourish, clean, hydrates to healthy glow skin.  

Santoor Sandal And Turmeric Soap  

Santoor Sandal and Turmeric soap is mostly a famous soap in santoor brand that is all about total skincare soap, it stands with skin softner quality also has sandal and turmeric active ingredients that soften your skin to give a healthy glow.  

If you want a beautiful looking and feeling fresh soap that nourishes your skin then take the Santoor Sandal and Turmeric soap at suitable prices from our AjkerDeal site.

Santoor Gold Soap

Since 1985, the Santoor soap brand is continuously developed its products of skincare and personal care products. Santoor Soap has skin softner soap, Chandan Soap, Pure gold soap that helps to increase the softness.

Especially in South India Santoor Gold Soap and Bar is popular and it comes with the Gold brighter Softener soap that included in sandal and turmeric that take care of all types of ages skins. This Gold soap is preferred to everyone which makes sure of skin beauty, skin fairer and looking youngers.   

Santoor Baby Soap

Santoor Baby soap is another Santoor soap it comes with carefully chosen natural ingredients that make sure of babies’ safety. Baby soap has milk cream that gently cleans baby’s skin, saffron for skin healing and fairer, Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E that gives smoothen & nourish that provides the healthy glowing baby skin. 

Santoor Chandan And Glycerine Pure Gold Soap

Everyone will admire a perfect skincare product that increases the beauty and also prevent skin damages.

Santoor soap is varied from one another, Santoor Chandan Soap is another designed soap for modern women who want to take care of her beauty with confidence. And Chandan Soap gives you a perfect young look with cure skin problems of dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles.   

Another Santoor Glycerine pure gold soap bar contains castor oil glycerin, coconut oil, perfume, aqua, sodium hydroxide, sandalwood extract ingredients. This Santoor soap comes with vitamin E and Glycerine that moisturizes as well as nourishes the skin for healthy glowing skin.

Santoor Deodorants Spray

Santoor provides gentle and effective care while pampering your skin and providing with their extensive range of products including bath and body and personal care products.

Santoor deodorant is also famous in its brand. Developing by-products are for modern, confident customers who seeking to feel alive, beautiful and young. Santoor deodorant body scents come with exciting variations of  Sparkle, Poise, Energine, Grace, Enhance and Charismatic that give you different types of fragrance and make sure to bring the unique young personality of every woman. 

If you are looking for Santoor deodorants then visit our website and finds a unique duo with the body odour control formula and long-lasting fragrances.