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Shahi Jorda - 1 Kg ৳ 600
Milad Package-5৳ 170
Shahi Jorda - 250gm৳ 150
Borhani half Liter৳ 150
Shahi Jorda - 500gm৳ 300
Milad Package-6৳ 160
Mutton Daleem - 500gm৳ 400
Borhani 1 liter৳ 300
Mutton Daleem - 1kg৳ 800
Deshi Ponir Half Kg৳ 500
Mutton Daleem - 1.5kg৳ 1200
Fresh Milk 15 Ltr৳ 1500
Deshi Ponir 1 Kg৳ 1000
Laban - 1 Liter৳ 180
Standard Ghee - 450 ml ৳ 650
Laban Can 330 ml ৳ 100
Shor Ghee - 450 ml ৳ 950
Pesta Badam Milk Shake - 1 Liter ৳ 300
Premium Ghee - Per Kg৳ 3500
Rokomari Sweet Box- 1৳ 520
Beef Koliza Singara - 2 pcs৳ 90
Rokomari Sweet Box-2৳ 600
Beef Patties 1 pc৳ 60
Rokomari Sweet Box-4৳ 620
Beef Somucha 1 pc৳ 50
Rokomari Sweet Box-5৳ 600
Butter Bun 1 pc৳ 50
Rokomari Sweet Box-6৳ 600
Butter Bun 4 pc৳ 200
Rokomari Sweet Box-8৳ 540
Chicken Bun 1 pc৳ 50
Rokomari Sweet Box-9৳ 540
Chicken Roll 1 pc৳ 60
Rokomari Sweet Box-10৳ 530
Cream Roll 1 pc৳ 70
Rokomari Sweet Box-12৳ 630
Shahi Beef Patties 1 pc৳ 75
Milad Package-1৳ 90
Milk Bread 1 pound৳ 90
Milad Package-2৳ 110
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Cattle Based Farm of Sadeeq Agro Online in Bangladesh

Sadeeq agro is a leading name in the agribusiness sector of Bangladesh. It was established in 2010. Their aim is to produce world-class meat & good quality dairy products for international and deshi consumers. 

It became a pioneer to be the largest cattle farmhouse in Bangladesh within 10 years after founding. Sadeeq Agro is working continuously to improve the quality of its products through extensive research and observing the market demand. They produce all products in their own farmhouse and sell to customers door-to-door with extensive care by their own staff & vehicle. 

Ensure the best quality is their prime concern. Sadeeq Agro is now delivering daily needs products such as Chicken & Egg, Bakery Items, Dairy products and Sweets, Lacca Shemai, and Meat, Fish all over Dhaka city. Ensuring the best quality is Sadeeq Agro’s prime concern.

Agro Farming

‘Agro’ means soil, field, crop production and ‘Farm’ means an area of land and its belongings that are used for rearing animals and growing crops. The word ‘Agrofarming’ means doing agriculture without using any kind of harmful chemicals and different kinds of fertilizers. Agro Farming is done using homemade materials like cow dung, insects for growth. Nowadays, agro farms are increasing around the world for its purity as it is good for health. People are now growing little bit vegetables on their roof inside the blocks or in baskets.

Agro farming is completely related to Agriculture 

Agro Farming is the art and science of both cultivating plants and livestock. Some common processes of agro farming are planting, growing plants, crop cultivation, with the help of livestock or the advanced machinery like tractors to make a perfect combination for the farming process. Technology and farming both are used in agro farming.

Importance of Agro Farming Industry

The importance of the agro-based industry in our country is infinite. The scope of the agro-based industry is very high. because our country totally depends on agriculture. All branches of the agro-based industry are very important because they provide employment, earn foreign exchange, increase income level, increase industrial products, and also provide employment to women and provide a base for development for rural and backward areas. 

At the same time, an agro farm reduces the pressure of population and migration, distributes the wealth among all properly, and can be established with small capital. For establishing an agro farm, a few capitals are needed. No foreign investments or ultra-modern technology is needed.

Modern Technology Based in Agro Farms

Several countries in the world have now revolutionized the use of technology in agriculture. Even though Bangladesh is an agricultural country, the use of any technology in agriculture is not noticeable. The last few years have seen many young people come to the livestock sector to meet the demand for milk and meat. In modern meditation, these farms have brought the touch of technology to their farms.

How Modern Technology is Used in an Agro Farm?

A sensor is used to turn farm cows into smart cows. Originally in this IoT technology, a biosensor was placed in the stomach of cattle. This biosensor is called ‘Bolus’, which will generate data from the animal’s stomach in the process of radio frequency identification and send it to the cloud database. 

For this, the farm must have an internet system. And through the software, the necessary and updated information of the cattle will be sent to the mobile or computer of the farm. Bolus and accessory technology has been brought in from the Austrian company Smastech. This technology has no side effects. Sematech Bolus will be effective in cattle stomachs for at least five years.

Products of Sadeeq Agro

Sadeeq agro basically sells cow and cow meat. They arrange Virtual Qurbani Haat before Muslims one of the biggest festivals of Eid-Ul-Adha. They brought good quality cows from different areas of the country for the customers. Moreover, they also sell fresh and solid cow meat such as beef Kima, the brain of cow, boneless beef, beef with bone, the lever of cow, cow head, cow leg, cow pot belly, normal steak,t-bone steak, tomahawk steak and the other delicious parts of the cow. 

They also sell ostrich meat, desi chicken, roast chicken, broiler chicken, Sonali chicken, mutton, goat leg, goat pot belly, goat head, buffalo meat with bone, buffalo meat without bone, goyal meat with bone. From the fish category, they sell different kinds of dried fishes such as Kachki dry fish, Lakkha dry fish, Loitta dry fish, Churi dry fish, Chingri dry fish, Rupchanda dry fish, Prawn fish, Hilsa fish, etc. 

From the bakery items, they have bread, cookies, and many more. They also produce and sell dairy items such as cow milk, ghee, butter, yogurt, cheese, semai, laban, ghol, matha, pista badam milkshake, and different kinds of delicious sweets like Laddu, Lal Mohon, Malaikari, Malai chop, Gurer chana, Kalojam, Komla vog, Khir Badami, and many more tasty items.