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RUSI Motorcycle Brand Online in Bangladesh |

RUSI Motorcycle Brand in The Philippines

RUSI Motorcycle Brand is based on the Philippine Ramas-Uypitching Sons, Inc. (RUSI) Corporation's. Their vision to be a dynamic investment and finance service group which realizes opportunities for business and economic development while adapting to the needs and preferences of the ever-changing world.

RUSI Motorbike Brand History 

Nowadays RUSI Brand remains and is recognized as a first and foremost  family business where each member is an integral part of a unified whole. This strong Rusi family culture has helped the RUSI company grow and nurture employees toward a shared vision of corporate excellence through discipline, dedication and diligence. With the beliefs of personal responsibility and holds accountability in high regard. Also recognizing and rewarding an exceptional performance which brings real progress to the customers.

Rusi Motorcycle Brand Vision

Rusi Motorcycle brand based on the value of ensuring stability, reliability and consistency of the customers service which provides efficient and mainly immediate delivery of services through direct selling via an extensive network of strategically located branches nationwide. 

Instead of Importing, The Production of Motorcycles Is Increasing in The Country!

The journey of the motorcycle industry has started in Bangladesh. Demand is rising, prices are falling. The affordable price has come again for two reasons. First, production in the country is increasing, that is why the government is giving duty exemption. Second, the aggressive marketing is to capture the motorcycles market. Because, the motorcycle industry has developed in the country now. Maybe one day the whole motorcycle will be made in the country.

RUSI Motorcycle Brand Line for Sales

Every Filipino and other countries customers own a motorcycle through the values of leadership position in the importing, marketing, and sales distribution of quality, Filipino-branded RUSI RAM cycles and their product lines. RUSI Motors offers different motorcycle lines and ranges to fit your needs. Like Sport Line, Utility Line, Off Road Line, Scooter Line and they mostly for recreation or for business motorbikes. 

"Rusi Motorcycle Brand Mission Connected with The RUSI Company Principles" 

The Philippine Ramas-Uypitching Sons, Inc.  Corporation‘s (RUSI) constructed in the mission of providing their clientele with the highest standards of quality service of motorbikes in terms of network, continuous improvements, advantages and unwavering commitment. 

Rusi brand also maintains a healthy working environment and friendly environment to the customers which promotes professionalism with the value of utmost integrity, excellence and dedication.

Trading And Use of Motorcycles in The Market of Bangladesh!

In the beginning, a few Japanese Honda motorcycles were imported to Bangladesh. People in this country know motorcycles by the name of Honda. Then in the eighties, Indian motorcycles made in a joint venture factory of India and Japan started coming to the market of Bangladesh. From then on the demand and need for motorcycles started.

"Seven Motorbike Companies Are Taking The Industry Forward in BD"

The country now has at least seven well-known brand motorcycle factories; India's Bajaj, TVS & Hero, Japan's Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha and the only domestic brand runner. Foreign brands have set up factories in the country in a joint venture. In some cases, Bangladeshi companies have invested, the main organization has provided technical assistance.

Philippines Motorcycle of RUSI Brand

Rusi brand is a major player in the Philippines motorcycle, and illustrates the typical Philippine business model for selling Chinese motorcycles. Like A 125cc Rusi Ramstar Trail bike and other Bikes are manufactured in China and re-badged with the Rusi Logo, sent in parts to the Philippines where they are assembled here and sold. 

Shop For Filipino Branded RUSI Motorcycle Brand from 

You can find all the motorcycle brands that can be found in Bangladesh just by browsing our online site. And if you want standard imported motorbikes from imported and foreign countries, you can also get RUSI motorcycle brands from the Philippines.