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ROOH AFZA Mixed Syrup Online in BD

Rooh Afza is a 100% halal top brand in the world. Rooh Afza is a red sharbat syrup mixed with ice-cold water and infused with fresh mint. “Rooh” means soul in Arabic, and “Afza” means to refresh—making Rooh Afza, quite literally, a refreshment for the soul. Rooh Afza is a summer favorite sherbet. These sharbat main ingredients are herbs(purslane, chicory, wine-grape raisins, European white lily, blue star water lily, lotus, borage, and coriander), flowers, fruit, vegetable, and roots. It is popular in summer in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Hamdard Laboratories India launches Rooh Afza fusion, Rooh Afza with different fruit flavor. In 2019 - Rooh Afza completes 112 years.


In 1906 in Ghaziabad, Rooh Afza was formulated by Naqi Ali Shah. Rooh Afza was first created by Hakim Abdul Hafeez Majeed, an Unani doctor who worked from a small laboratory in Old Delhi. Within a year, Rooh Afza was popular in the city, and the sharbat became a common sight on the streets. The manufacturing company of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is Hamdard Laboratories (Waqf) Pakistan, Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories, India and Hamdard (WAQF) Laboratories. Rooh Afza is commonly popular in Ramdan and in Eid. Rooh Afza syrup is favorite within milk, fresh lime, yogurt, Kulfi, vermicelli, and  Faloodeh. In India, the Rooh Afza brand ambassador is Juhi Chawla.

Main ingredients:

This sharbat main ingredients are herbs(purslane, chicory, wine-grape raisins, European white lily, blue star water lilies, lotus, borage, and coriander), flowers(rose, lemon, and orange), fruits(orange, citron, pineapple, apple, berries, strawberry, raspberry, loganberry, blackberry, cherry, Concord grapes, blackcurrant, and watermelon), vegetables(spinach, carrot, mint and sponge gourd ) and root(vetiver). Rooh Afza can protect you from dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke; to maintain the nutritional status of the body, good functioning of the heart and to keep fresh, active and energetic.

Hamdard Rooh Afza Sharbat Syrup-Rose:

This sherbet is rose sharbat with an attractive color. its distinctive taste, fragrance, and color not only to attract the common people but also inspired the writers and poets to make it a theme of their creative efforts. Add Afza syrup in a glass with ice water or with milk to make a refreshing drink at any time. It is 100% halal product and good for health. Not Refrigerate it store at room temperature. Besides cooling, it is also nutritional and maintains as well as adjusts the body’s water level. No need to add sugar. You can add this syrup with yogurt, Kulfi, vermicelli and  Faloodeh.In you will get this wonderful real item.

Rooh Afza Fusion (Lemon):

Rooh Afza fusion is made using a sensational twist of orchard-fresh limes in refreshing. Has pleasant citrusy notes with a delightful fragrance. Offer a cool and refreshing taste in every sip.

It can remove your thirst and recharges your body. Best drink for summer.

Rooh Afza Fusion Orange:

Made from a scrumptious fusion of exotic oranges in Rooh Afza.Tangy, sweet and delicious thirst quencher for summer. Every sip you take will give you pleasant and delightful fragrance. 

Pineapple & Orange Rooh Afza:

A scrumptious fusion of exotic oranges and orchard-fresh pineapples with the natural goodness of Rooh Afza. Tastes best when chilled. An excellent summer refresher.

Rooh Afza Mango:

A scrumptious fusion of orchard-fresh mangoes with the natural goodness of Rooh Afza. Every sip give Cool and invigorating.

Rooh Afza Litchi:

Made from fresh litchi with Rooh Afza. Can give cool and refreshing at every sip. Drink after cooling, it will taste better. 

Where You Can Get Rooh Afza:

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