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Rons Jeans Buy Online | AjkerDeal

Rons is a men's fashion brand. They are popular mostly for their jeans. The headquarter is located in Los Angles, California. 

Throughout the ages, jeans have been tested in various styles and designs. And a fashionable type of jeans like this is cut or striped jeans. In the ‘70s, the trend of these ripped jeans started in the west. Which gradually became popular even among the fashion conscious people of the East. Jeans were first seen in Bangladesh in the ‘90s. Even though it is very old, it has become a trend again since last summer. These jeans have been selling in Bangladesh for the last few years. Suddenly the reason for this popularity is that the West is back to its trend again. These ripped jeans are called distressed denim. This scratched or distressed denim is made by cutting the jeans in different places.

Scratched or Distressed Jeans

These jeans are different from ordinary jeans in many ways. There are differences in design and cut. There are tears in one or more places. Some pants are cut above the knee, and some are below the knee. However, torn means open or open space, but most of the pants now torn does not mean completely empty. White or other colored yarn layers remain. The layer of yarn is such that when viewed from a distance, it will look torn, and if approached, it will break. The yarn is wrapped in such a way that the body cannot be seen. There is another design of pants, which is given a small bandage all over the legs. It looks like the pants were torn, I was finally given a bandage to wear.

The Popularity of Scratched Jeans

Distressed denim has been gaining popularity in the fashion trend in Bangladesh for several years now. When distressed denim first came to this country, there were cuts all over the pants, which most young people could not accept. But now distressed denim doesn’t have a lot of cuts, even the torn parts have been given a new look with net cloth or yarn - it covers the inner skin. Both the fashion-conscious children have adopted this denim spontaneously. Earlier, due to the social system of this country, it did not get much acceptance among the youth. One of the reasons for its popularity is that at this time, young people as well as young women are quite independent and conscious in the field of clothing. As a result, this distressed denim was not accepted by the youth a few years ago, but they have chosen to present their fashionable look in line with the latest fashion.

Stressed Jeans are the Choice of Youth

Different types of distressed denim and various designs have been added in the current fashion. The designs are multiplied its appeal to young people. Floral designs, embroidery crafts, use of stone or beads, sequence work, etc. can be seen in these pants. In addition, compared to the previous jeans, jeans are now seen in colorful designs. In addition, many times these pants have been given a new look by wearing torn bandages of different colors. New trends have been introduced by putting small torn pockets in different places of the pants and even pulling out the yarn on the bottom of the pants. Distressed denim-like Super Low Rise, Low Rise, Regular Rise, Short Zipper is gaining popularity among girls. Denim stitch fabrics are the most used in this type of jeans.

Types of Scratched Jeans

Nowadays narrow fit jeans are gaining more popularity in distressed denim. As the jeans are pressed, the tears are well understood. These pants have been diversified in terms of various craftsmanship as well as buttons. Steel buttons are more visible than zippers. Besides, the pockets of the pants are being cut and sewn with thick yarn. The stitches look torn but the inside of your body will be covered. Large cut or ripped pants are more common in the West, but smaller or lighter ripped jeans are more common in the East.

Colors of Scratched Jeans

Distressed denim is no longer the usual blue or blue color. The variety of colors seems to have given it a touch of varied designs. This outfit is not only in the pants of the girls but also in the jeans of both the boys. Distressed denim has a variety of colors including black, chocolate, gray aquamarine, navy blue, baby pink, faded green, brown, khaki, maroon. However, it is better to wear monochromatic jeans for everyday use.

Styling with Scratched Jeans

Boys can wear distressed jeans and set their hair with gel when going to a party. You can have a hair spike at a hangout with friends or at a get-together party. Sunglasses go well with this type of look when going out in the sun. So you can wear sunglasses to get a stylish look.

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