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Rolex Mens Wrist Watch-Copy ৳ 365
ROLEX Analog Wrist Watch For Men - Copy ৳ 274
ROLEX Analog Wrist Watch For Men -COPY৳ 274
Rolex Skeleton Wristwatch for Men (copy)৳ 250
Rolex mechanical Design watch for men-Copy ৳ 275
Rolex Wrist Watch For Ladies - W283 - 1ali-Copy ৳ 600
Rolex Mens Watch - Mw031 - 003 - Ska-Copy ৳ 455
Rolex Gents Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 1999
Rolex Ladies Wristwatch (copy)৳ 525
Rolex Ladies Wristwatch (copy)৳ 400
Rolex Ladies Wristwatch (copy)৳ 1250
Rolex Wristwatch for Women (Copy)৳ 409
Rolex Submariner Men's Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 970
rolex ladies watch copy ৳ 650
Rolex watch৳ 2499
Rolex gents wrist Watch (Copy)৳ 185
Rolex watch (Copy)৳ 246
Rolex Unisex Wristwatch - Black/White৳ 363
Rolex Unisex Wristwatch - Black/White৳ 363
Rolex mens wrist watch Copy ৳ 2000
ROLEX wrist watch for men copy ৳ 319
Rolex Unisex Wristwatch - Black/White৳ 363
Rolex Unisex Wristwatch (Copy)৳ 390
ROLEX Unisex replica watch৳ 1250
ROLEX Unisex replica watch৳ 1250
ROLEX gents rist watch(copy)৳ 1399
Rolex Gents Watch (Copy)৳ 1399
ROLEX Unisex replica watch৳ 1199
Rolex Gents watch (copy)৳ 2450
Rolex gents wrist Watch(copy)৳ 1198
Rolex Submariner wrist watch (copy)৳ 999
Rolex gents watch (copy)৳ 1299
Rolex Submariner Wrist watch (Copy)৳ 3600
Rolex Gents Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 1150
Rolex Mens Wrist Watch (Copy)৳ 1649
Rolex Gents Analog Wristwatch (Copy)৳ 299
Rolex Gents Analog Wristwatch (Copy)৳ 365
ROLEX Gents Analog Wristwatch (Copy)৳ 365
Rolex lather menz watch (copy)৳ 365
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ROLEX Luxury Watch Online in Bangladesh 

Rolex is a luxury watch brand that is manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland.Founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England in 1905. The brand name of the watches are renamed as ROLEX in 1908 and became Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. in 1915. Jean-Frederic Dufour is the current CEO of rolex. The finest raw materials are used and assembled with scrupulous attention are crafted for each rolex watch. Every component is designed and developed in higher standards. Rolex offers a wide assortment of Classic and Professional watches to suit any wrist. Rolex watches are to find a perfect combination of style and functionality. Rolex is not just a watch,It's a lifestyle.


The logo of rolex is a five-pointed coronet or crown in gold outlet above green Rolex text.The logo stands for the SLOGAN “A Crown for every achievement”. and the colors chosen were meant to be symbolized the brand's excellence in watchmaking (gold) and prosperity (green). The rolex logo was trademarked by Wilsdorf and Davis in 1925. The logo underwent two major points in the brand’s history. In the year of 1965, the crown changed from gold to bronze ant the text into pewter blue. I recent year 2002, Rolex switch back to their original ancient color scheme. Gold crown and green font.


1.The first waterproof wristwatch namely “Oyster” in 1996.

2.The first wristwatch that automatically changes the date,1945.

3.The first wristwatch which is waterproof 300 ft, 1953.

4.The first wristwatch to show two timezones at a time, 1954.


One tend to buy a rolex basically to celebrate any achievement.For owning a watch that has a value. To communicate in a career level or a successful life. Owning a luxury watch with a simple choice.ROLEX is a timepiece with a great history.


 Rolex is such a brand of watch that you have to respect it. One can describe to you about Rolex how reliable and functional who owns a Rolex. Rolex watches are robust and well made. Rolex can be water-resistant up to 12800 ft underwater pressure so you’ll be relaxed with your gadget. Rolex is such a watch that can make you confident.

Strength: strong and global brand, Extremely high quality, Lifetime timepiece.

Weakness:High switching cost, not accessible to anyone, young generation views watches as commodity not status because of the cellphone.


ROLEX has many social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr and Instagram as @Rolex which they can be found so easily. On their Facebook Page, they have more than 7 million people who liked their page! And 10.1 million followers on Instagram.


For almost a century Rolex is associated with the quest of sports.ROLEX has premier  sponsored the French Open this year also became the sponsor of all the four grand slam majors. Holding its image is still a “need” for the brand with the coronet.Today Rolex is presenting the most prestigious events in golf,tennis,sailing,motoGP etc.In these sponsorships, ROLEX is not only a sponsor but also a partner.

Target Audience:

The target audience for rolex is rich people and sports figure. As a result the users of Rolex are more than 35 years old.The present target market of Rolex is VIP and professionally rich caliber in US, China, Hong Kong,France &  Singapore.The main target of ROLEX is to reach their watches to the young generations of age below 35. Another target is to market their goods as valuable timepiece.


Rolex launched SmartWatches to keep on pace with the recent trend. The name of the smartwatch is Oyster-Tron.The Oyster-Tron uses a digital readout, which will be controlled by the rotating bezel. Proposed features will include: remote keyless entry for your luxury car, near field communication access to point of payment devices in convenience stores around the world, hours, minutes, seconds, day and for the first time ever in a Submariner, date. Oyster-tron is also a waterproof wristwatch. You will also be able to link the smartwatch to your smart-pen to give second-to-second readouts of ink levels. Other devices such as a proposed smart-letter-opener and smart-stapler will be incorporated into the suite of products called “Smart-Desk”.


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