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Bengali nation has always been a food lover. Not only food, but also a different emotion of Bengali works towards food. Bengalis do not have a pair to make new food every day. Constantly experimenting with food is a great virtue of Bengali women. Starting from that Mughal period, it is still going on today. Controversy over food at the chat table is also a great way for Bengalis to spend their leisure time. And there is no pair of spices to bring innovation in food. Many well-known expensive companies in the country create new spices for new recipes to facilitate cooking. ROJA is also a brand that conducts various kinds of research to bring innovation in cooking and bring new food products to people's doorsteps.

A few words about ROJA:

ROJA is basically an organization that supplies frozen readymade food. So you don't even have to cook hard. Can only be eaten hot. Moreover they have many new recipes that you can taste at home at very low cost.

They have many types of items. For example: ROJA mustard hilsa. There are many types and weights. Rosa Butterfly Shrimps, ROJA Hilsa Dopeyaja, ROJA Shrimps Mini Sausage, ROJA Hilsa Cake, ROJA Sea Food Pop Corn etc. The ny thing is that you can taste all kinds of food at home in a very short time. You don't even have to cook. You can only eat it hot.

Product Details:

There are many types of ROJA products available today. You can easily order and take home delivery at home. Let's find out about their products.

ROJA Mustard Hilsa: There are very few people who do not like mustard hilsa. However, not everyone can cook mustard hilsa properly. So you can try ROJA mustard hilsa for the right taste and  mustard hilsa.

ROJA Calamari Bites: Try ROJA Calamari Bytes at home to get crispy and  readymade calamari.

ROJA Butterfly Shrimps: You can get ROJA Butterfly Shrimps made with the  taste of shrimp at home.  and delicious. Get a taste of ROJA Butterfly Shrimps while sitting at home with loved ones.

ROJA Hilsa Dopeyaja: Hilsha Dopeyaja is a very delicious  item. Like mustard hilsa, it is also a very popular food. You can easily get the taste of ROJA Hilsa Dopeyaza at home through sitting at home.

ROJA Fish Ball: ROJA Fish Ball is a very tasty dish made with fish flavor. Order at a lower price and get a taste of fresh fish balls.

ROJA Hilsa Cake: ROJA Hilsa Cake is a very  dish. For many it is a new item. So it should be tested very quickly by food lovers.

ROJA Shrimp Burger: You can try the ROJA Shrimp Burger to get a taste of shrimp burgers.

ROJA Shrimp Nugget: Shrimp nugget is a very tasted dish. From you can get the famous ROJA Shrimp Nugget at a very low price sitting at home.

Quality and Benefits:

When it comes to product quality, of course, believes in quality. Our goal is to deliver good quality products to the buyers. So we try our best to deliver good quality products to you. ROJA always strives to deliver fresh and delicious and good quality products. We never want bad reviews from buyers. Your smiling face is our main wish. So we try our best to hand over the product to you. So we focus more on the quality of the product. So from here it can be said that you can enjoy the products of ROJA with peace of mind.

Cooking is a bit of a hassle. Cooking new ones is also more troublesome. You can get rid of those hassles and get a taste of good food in a very short time by various items of ROJA. They strive to deliver good quality and fresh food to the buyers. And besides, we all like to eat more or less new items. ROJA has a wide range of ready-made food items that you can easily order from

Prices of ROJA products in

There are many types of ROJA products in Prices vary by weight or item. Let's take a look.

Roja Kalamari Bytes -280 tk

Roja Mustard Hilsa - 200 gm - 320tk

Roja Butterflies Shrimps - 295 tk

Roja Hilsa Dopeyaja- 200 gm - 320tk

Roja Fish Kive-Cheezy Cheezy-240 gm - 230tk

Roja Fish Ball - 160 gm-170tk

Roja Fish Stick- Peri Peri - 240 gm- 200tk

Roja Shrimp Mini Sausage - 150 gm -180tk

Roja Hilsa Cake- 280gm- 320tk

Roja Fish Burger - Crispy Crispy-240gm -200tk

Roja Sea Food Popcorn-Hockey Paki-240gm - 220tk

Roja Shrimp Burger-Naga (Hot & Spicy) - 200gm-220tk

Roja Kids Shrimp Nuggets-Crunchy Crunchy - 240gm- 210tk

Roja Shrimp Tempura- Crumbly Crumbly-224 gm-295tk

In addition to the above products, there are many other types of food items on our site. You can order at home and take home delivery.


Finally, it can be said that Bengalis are a food-loving nation. Bengalis cannot go without food of new items. And to get rid of the hassle of preparing food, ready-made food is being delivered to your door by And Roja is always giving new flavored food just for you. Roja’s food ingredients are ideal for those who don’t like to cook or feel troubled. Order ready-made food at home from at a very low cost.