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Rexona men Anti-perspirant Deodorant Spray (UAE)৳ 365
Rexona Men Anti-perspirant Roll On V8 Yellow Color 50 ml (UAE)৳ 350
Rexona men Anti-perspirant Deodorant Spray (UAE)৳ 515
Rexona Women Free Spirit Deodorant Roll On৳ 350
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Check the Best Rexona Price in Bangladesh & Buy Online

Generally, Rexona is one of the well-known successful brands under the multinational personal care arm’s as referring to a brand of deodorants. Check the best Rexona price in Bangladesh and buy online from AjkerDeal online shop. Rexona brand products are based on antiperspirant deodorant which cares about the health issues additionally prevents the body odour, normally blocking sweat glands. During this discovers Rexona brand products are personal care of deodorant and antiperspirant advanced for both males and females that make the leading personal care authority. 

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds a huge collection of brands product, you will also find the Rexona Brand products from website. Let’s check out the prices range in Bangladesh of Rexona products.

About Rexona Brand

“It won’t let you down”

This tagline can be a concept of protection and personal care consideration. It is familiar with the Tick logo in a best-selling deodorant brand. Rexona brand is established in Australia around in 51years ago but it manufactured by UNILEVER in 2000. Rexona brand marketing their products under the various related brand name of Sure in the UK and Ireland, Degree in the U.S. and Canada, Rexena in Japan and South Korea, and Shield in South Africa. 

Deodorant has contained with natural essential oil and intended perfume fragrances that actually cover the stink of perspirations. There are many deodorants and the antiperspirant brand is popular such as Secret, Arrid, Sure, Rexona, Degree, Mitchum and Right Guard. Since 1969, among all these brands Rexona is one of the tops deodorant brands. Their motive is to maximize protections by their products throughout all day long.  

Rexona Products

Rexona brand products concern for Body odour control & protection by the ever-evolving antiperspirant deodorant technology. Rexona brand product categorized into innovation, Clinical Protection and Sweat Zone within man and women product collections. Their listed products are given below,

  • Rexona ICE Cool + Anti Stain Roll-On
  • Rexona Quantum Roll-On
  • Invisible Dry Roll-On
  • Men Sport Defense Roll-On
  • Men Ice Cool Aerosol
  • Men Quantum Aerosol
  • Invisible Dry Aerosol
  • Sport Defense Aerosol
  • Ice Cool Venus Stick
  • Clinical protection Sport Soft Solid
  • Clinical protection Shower Clean Soft Solid
  • Rexona Powder Dry + Whitening Roll-On for female
  • Rexona Aloe Vera Underarm Odour Protection 
  • Advanced Whitening Roll-On
  • Rexona Passion Roll-On
  • Shower Clean Roll-On
  • Antibacterial Defense Roll-On
  • Women Powder Dry Aerosol
  • Rexona Passion Aerosol
  • Advanced Whitening Aerosol
  • Antibacterial Dry Aerosol
  • Advanced Whitening Stick
  • Natural whitening fresh Sakura Roll-On
  • Natural whitening fresh Rose Roll-On

Their products are research and development based on body responsive technology and providing the best deodorant and antiperspirant protection to reduce body odour and unexpected sweating and sweat rashes.    

For their famous branded products our website also gives you personal care protection in clinical and dermatologists tested according to your choice of selected products.

Rexona Brand Products Buy From 

Check out Rexona Price in Bangladesh on Ajkerdeal. AjkerDeal provides a wide range of products in the classified of manufacturers, traders, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors categories with offerings highly varied to our customers that makes the convenience of shopping at once go for all their needs.   

Rexona branded products are famous for their personal care protection and technology-based quality products. We’ve also given a full range of products that can help you to reduce excessive sweating and keeping you cool on the heat. You can find it on various product lists. 

Rexona Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Rexona is best for their deodorants and antiperspirants that mostly gives you fresh feeling with a fresh and firm fragrance. Their products initiated with Anti-protection based, Anti-Bacterial, Odour Controlling, Protected from diversified sweatings, Keeping cool in warm weather, 48hours Protection and Staying Dry. 


Rexona Quantum Dry Roll-On

Rexona is one of the leading deodorant brands and Rexona quantum dry Roll-On is also a very famous product for our customers. It has featured with Motionsense technology-based that keeping you all day fresh and moving, Alcohol free, Antiperspirant against sweat and body odour for up to 48 hours with a stick antiperspirant deodorant formed.  

If you overcome from irritated sweatings then smoothly keep working the whole day then visit our site and buy Rexona Quantum Dry Roll-On at an affordable price range and assure you that wouldn’t let you down at all.     

Men’s Roll-On Antiperspirant deodorant

There are many deodorants is famous for male deodorants products of Men’s Roll-On Antiperspirant deodorant in 50ml that gives you long-lasting protection while you are coming from outdoor or sports events and also control the odour.   

Rexona Motionsense Free Spirit Roll-On Deodorant

Rexona Motionsense Free Spirit Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant is for females, it is also popular as a female deodorant. It has a 50ml net weight and gives you long lasting rose freshness scent. 

Rexona Motionsense Anti-Perspirant  Deodorant

Rexona Motionsense Antiperspirant  Deodorant provides up to 48 hours of sweat protection. It has a net weight is 50ml with a classic fragrance that will give you a real presence. Forget About Sweat, Your Style is Non-Negotiable. Apply this antiperspirant to your underarms. And collect from Ajkerdeal online sites at a suitable price range. 

Rexona Clinical protection antiperspirant aerosol

Ajkerdeal gives you a clean scent clinical protection antiperspirant aerosol is like body spray is in extra enduring for men and don’t let them down after back from all types of activities. It gives you unstoppable fresh feeling no matter what happens. It has a sweet scent with blended of fruity, floral and woody scent notes.   

Rexona Women Deodorant Shower Clean Roll-On

Rexona Shower fresh underarm odour protection Roll-On for women is based on motion-activated protection that gives you odour protection, sweat control, keeps you fresh while you are doing activities as stated by the confidence with airy fragrances.  

Rexona shower clean Roll-on deodorant apply onto dry underarms for even 48hours protections. Perfect for long-lasting protection with freshness and safe for all types of skins. If you want that fresh combination of the modern shower deodorant then browse our site and collected it.