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Regal vacuum water flask৳ 1100
Regal Vacuum Flask 1.0৳ 850
Regal vacuum water flask 1ltr৳ 870
Regal Vacuum Water Flask৳ 840
Regal vacuum water flask 1ltr৳ 920
Regal Vacuum Flask_1.0tr৳ 850
Regal vacuum water flask 1.8ltr৳ 980
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Buy Original Regal Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Regal,the brand of RFL is a renowned name in the field of furniture industry. It is one of the trustworthy name among customers. Regal  fulfills the customer demand everyday with it’s quality and durability. Though Regal is a local company, they are serving international standards through their outstanding technology and advanced production process. Regal differentiates themselves by their unique design and quality. Customers are satisfied with quality and they prefer Regal as their favorite furniture brand as well. Regal is a favourite brand to middle class people as customers can get standard products within their budget. A few years back it was quite impossible to get such standard furniture at a low cost. Regal paves the way and shows how to sell standard and lucrative products within customer budget. Regal thinks outside the box and attains customer attention. Now Regal is the very familiar name to every Bangladeshi family. 

Ajkerdeal is proudly presenting  all the  products of Regal furniture and helping customers to  find out the best product from best sources. is the largest online shopping marketplace in Bangladesh. Nowadays it’s becoming a popular marketplace for both sellers and buyers. Approximately 400000 products are available on ajkerdeal website. Simply visit and discover every one of your needs and needs under a solitary umbrella. Consistently ajkerdeal adds  around 1000 items to our classifications to attract online shoppers in BD.

Since 2013  Regal is serving products to its customers with unique design and quality at a reasonable price. Selling furniture was a challenging affair given the competition in the local giant furniture companies. But Regal came with unique strategies and provide standard and lucrative furniture at a low cost. It enhances customer loyalty and creates customer value.  Following the latest trends they emphasize product design and price to  grab customer attention. Manufacturing solid furniture requires superior skills and raw material from the best sources. The process is very complicated but they maintain a discreet management of all these individual parts to ensure quality products. Regal took the challenges and tried to make something different than competitors. Whenever you get their product you may feel solidity and durability in every product. It’s very tough to compete with local giant furniture companies who are dominating the furniture market. But Regal continuously runs the battle and establishes its footprints in the competitive market. They are equally providing quality products at reasonable prices. In order to grab a market marketer has to be proactive and implement all efficient skills and resources to compete with giant competitors. Without a specific marketing strategy no one wins the battle. Regal used their caliber and  follow price strategy to attract customers.

Regal has introduced a large variety of quality products with exclusive, contemporary, and customized designs. To cope up with the national and international demand of furniture, Regal established world-class factories in Narayangonj and produces furniture using the best quality imported raw materials, modern machineries, seasoning plants, CNC machines etc with the help of of experienced engineers, architects and hundreds of skilled labors. From the conceptualization to the final delivery, all-out production goes through strict quality control. All types of furniture like Metal Bed, Wooden Bed,Chair, Table, Shelf, Shoe rack, Almir, Cabinet, Dressing Table etc. Everyday different types of new products are added in product Skus. All these products ensure top quality so that customers get quality products at a reasonable price. Hence, Regal offers after-sales service like a service warranty. If any customer faces any problem Regal takes responsibility and provides efficient service  to them. Regal exports products in different countries and attain foreign remittance as well. 

In all the products of Regal Furniture are available at a reasonable price. According to our customer review you can get a clear idea of how we are becoming the market leader because of our low price rate. Ajkerdeal is eminent because of its super service to end customers.

Ajkerdeal believes in customer loyalty and provides the best customer service in Bangladesh. If you prefer best online shopping obviously  you have to select