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Red Hunt Hair Styling Wax Matte - 75 g india৳ 409
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 Indian Red Hunt Brand in Bangladesh 

Red Hunt is an India-based brand. They produce men’s essential products, such as face wash, body spray, hair styling gel, shaving foam, etc. The brand has already achieved trust from its customers. The products are available in Bangladesh also.  

Men’s Face Wash

Face washes and facial cleansers for men are essential for a healthy and proactive lifestyle. The face is one’s most important asset. Moreover, facial skin tends to be more delicate than the skin on most other areas of one’s body, so the face needs a little extra care. The soap shouldn’t be used in the face. Instead of soap, a face wash or facial scrubber should be used to clean the skin.

A face wash or facial scrubber is completely different from each other.

Specifically, the scrubber is good for deep-cleaning while the facewash only cleans the face gently with effective moisturization and nourishment. First, one should determine the type of one’s facial skin like normal, dry, oily, etc, and then move forward accordingly. There are different brands face washes and facial cleansers for men are available in the market. One has to a suitable one for his skin. 

Men’s Body Spray

Some important characteristics have great effects while buying men’s body spray. Let’s have a discussion on them-


The main aim of using body spray is to remain fresh throughout the day. During a long hectic day, a man can spread bad odors due to sweating. So when using a body spray, the more is applied, the stronger the scent will be. But there are some scents that may seem a bit stronger even though they are applied less. Generally, perfumes are made for evening or formal wear. But an everyday body spray should have a strong scent that works all day to fight with every day’s sweat. Thus there should be a balance. 

The other important thing is, every man is different. So one’s body spray may not work on others. So one has to choose a body spray according to his choice according to one’s budget. To choose the perfect fragrance, 

It is recommended to try a few different ones within the same scent category and see what smells best.


The main reason for buying a body spray is for the smell of it. Various body spray expresses one’s personality and style. The smells of perfume or body spray can be categorized into any one of the following - 

Woody Scented Body Spray

Woody scents are versatile body spray that can be easily used on any occasion. A woody body spray relies on standout scents including cedarwood, sandalwood, tea tree, and others.

Oriental or Musky Scents

Generally, musky body sprays are made for evening wear and men is using this fragrance for centuries. Usually, a little bit heavier amount of spice, cinnamon, musk are often last longer and can also boldly set for the evening.

Floral or Fruity Scents

Floral or fruity scents are very light-weighted scents. They are best for daytime wear. Floral scents can include some masculine flowers such as rose, gardenia, and others. Many fruit and berries also fall into this category. But they are very rarely included in men’s body spray. Women generally use these scents. 

Clean and Fresh Scents

These types of scents are cool and ideal for everyday use. Going to the office or any educational institution,  a body spray with a fresh scent will be both pleasant and light. There are named as ‘fresh breeze’ or several citrus-based notes. They are also great for use in a gym. 


The body sprays have a different variety. One has to choose a body spray depending on where he is going. The mood shouldn’t be the big factor, the place should. If anyone uses a fruity smell on any evening occasion, he will be lost his style. So choose a body spray with the change of a place. That’s why, while wearing body sprays for certain occasions, it is important to try and match it as best as possible.


Finding the right body sprays for one’s style is directly connected with one’s wallet also. Especially when compared to colognes, body sprays are largely affordable. So the right body spray can be chosen. And due to the affordability, one can buy more than one body spray, for different moods.

Some Short Description of Red Hunt Products Are Given Below -

Red Hunt Fairness Face Wash

Red Hunt Fairness Face Wash is the perfect product for one’s daily routine. It contains a mixture of olive extracts and natural mineral kaolin. The face wash restores the manly glow from inside. It enlivens dull skin and brightens the skin. The face wash can be used daily for healthy skin.

Red Hunt Hair Styling Matte Wax

The hair styling gel is enriched with all the goodness of coconut extracts. It gives a matte finish. It also conditions and softens hair and moisturizes without oiliness. The hairstyling wax protects hair from harmful UV rays. You can get the freedom to style your hair anytime and anywhere with this wax. The wax is suitable for all hair types. 

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