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Rang Bangladesh - Fashion Houses in Bangladesh

From the beginning of the world, after the demand for food has been met, the need for clothes is much greater for the people. In keeping with the times, various fashion houses have sprung up in Dhaka city for some time. Rang Bangladesh, Cat's Eye, Yellow, etc. are some of these houses. Keeping in mind the latest fashions, the houses design corporate, casual, stylish outfits for customers with tasteful, comfortable, and high-quality fabrics. Besides, the local fashion houses have been presenting different designs of clothes on the occasion of various festivals like Poyala Boishakh, Eid, Puja, Christmas, Victory Day, Independence Day, Martyr's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.

Available Products

Boys formal and casual shirts, formal pants, t-shirts, polo shirts, court, belts, wallets, jackets, waistcoats, jeans pants, jeans (slim fit), ties, caps, shorts, mobile pants, gabardine pants And is available in Punjabi. Girls' thrips, tops, t-shirts, skirts, fatwas, scarves, socks, undergarments and bags, belts, perfumes, shoes, earthenware, and emerald jewelry are available.

Rang Fashion House

Rang Fashion House was basically a boutique house. The fashion house is well known for its special crafts and designs. On December 20, 1994, four young people set up a fashion house to showcase the country's heritage and culture. The head office of Rang Fashion House was located in Narayanganj. Two of the four owners left the country and migrated abroad. Then the Rang continues with the combination of the two friends. One is Soumik Das and the other is Biplob Saha. For almost twenty-one years, due to the tireless efforts of the two, the fashion house Rang has become one of the local boutique houses. However, on July 31, 2016, the Rang was completely separated into two parts. One is called 'Rang Bangladesh', led by Soumik Das and the other is called 'Bishwa Rang' led by Biplob Saha.

Rang Bangladesh

Rang Bangladesh had come from Rang. They are steadfast in their common goal of time. Rang Bangladesh is continuing its legacy of 24 years. The cultural heritage of Bangladesh will be enhanced by indigenous materials, bright,  heartwarming designs.

The sub-brands of Rang Bangladesh are - West Rang, the Tribute, and My Bangladesh.

The Tribute

A tribute to those in the family and society whom we soak in humble reverence and unconditional love every day. This is the sincere dedication of Rang Bangladesh. This sub-brand is the world of seniors. The color, design, comfort, and social position suitable for the revered in its creation.

My Bangladesh

Every product is a piece of Bangladesh. This sub-brand of Rang Bangladesh has a conscious effort of country branding. The main feature of this collection is the content of souvenirs or souvenirs. Through this, efforts are being made to present the image of positive Bangladesh to the locals and foreigners.

West Rang

West Rang is a contemporary youth fashion line. It is a sub-brand of Rang Bangladesh. This effort is for young at heart and young at age. Determined to make everyone happy with trendy and fashionable clothes and products.

Rang Junior

Rang Bangladesh's children's fashion line Rang Jr. Rang Junior's collection is made according to the specialty of children's clothes. Ranga Junior Rangabe is a colorful world for children with a rich arrangement of daily and festive attire. Children of all ages will shine in the joyful collection of this brand.

Some Fashionable Products From Rang Bangladesh

NG-PNJ-00684 Panjabi

The color of the Panjabi is multicolor patchwork in blue-colored Shaton fabric. 38 and 40 these two sizes are available of this Panjabi. The SKU number of this Panjabi is 31338/37957. 

PB-SDL-PNJ-00038 Panjabi

The color of the Panjabi is Screenprint in the biscuit color cotton

fabric. The SKU number of this Panjabi is 35162/58594. 40, 42, 44, and 46 these two sizes are available in this Panjabi.

SST-TST-00137 T-Shirt

The SKU number is 33270/47245. It is a green-colored T-shirt with screen paint design in cotton fabric. The t-shirt is comfortable to wear in the summer. S, M, XL, and XXL sizes are available for this t-shirt.

WR-SHT-00319 Shirt

The SKU number for this shirt is 31145/37291. It is a formal shirt with a design. The material of this shirt is cotton with multi-colored patchwork in the body. The sizes available of this shirt are - S, M, L, and Xl.

Rang Bangladesh is conscious about the product quality. They are not willing to give up a single point in maintaining the quality of the product. The love and affection of the customers has brought Rang Bangladesh to this place today. So Rang Bangladesh gives the most important to their customer satisfaction.