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QKZ DM10 In-Ear Dual Driver Extra Bass Earphone৳ 410
QKZ DM10 Earphone৳ 455
Dm 10 Earphone৳ 464
QKZ DM10 In-ear Earphones Dual Driver৳ 435
QKZ DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear Earphone-Black৳ 473
DM- 10 Earphone - 1Piece৳ 392
Qkz DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear Earphone - Black৳ 491
QKZ DM10 In-ear Earphone For gaming and daily Use৳ 410
QKZ DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear HiFi Earphone Stereo Bass Headset৳ 455
QKZ DM10 Earphone (type-c)৳ 491
Dm 7 Earphone৳ 473
DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear Earphone - Black-00৳ 476
QKZ CK1 Earphone৳ 455
QKZ DM 9 Headphone Best Ever Headphone৳ 450
QKZ DM10 Metallic Earbuds Stereo Earphones৳ 482
DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear Earphone - Black৳ 455
Qkz Ck9 Subwoofer Four Core Earphone৳ 341
QKZ DM10 in ear earphone ৳ 389
DM 9 Earphone৳ 499
QKZ (DM9) Zinc Alloy HiFi Headhone BASS Earbuds Metal Headset৳ 459
QKZ DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear Earphone - Black৳ 437
DM10 - In-Ear Earphone - Black৳ 410
QKZ DM10 Zinc Alloy HiFi Earphone In Ear৳ 720
QKZ DM9 In-Ear Headphone - Black৳ 450
QKZ DM10 In-Ear Dual Driver Extra Bass Earphone৳ 455
QKZ CK6 Earphone৳ 428
QkZ DM 10 in ear Headphone high bass sound quality earphone৳ 399
QKZ DM10 In-Ear Dual Driver Extra Bass-Earphone৳ 383
QKZ DM10 Zinc Alloy HiFi Earphone In Ear Earphones৳ 365
QKZ DM9 Wired In-Ear Earphone - Black৳ 392
QKZ DM10 Zinc Alloy HiFi Earphone In Ear Earphones৳ 365
QKZ DM7 Metal Earphone৳ 489
QKZ DM10 Zinc Alloy HiFi Earphone৳ 455
QKZ DM2 Earphone৳ 491
QKZ DM-10 type-C Earphone৳ 399
QKZ DM-7 Zink Alloy In-Ear Headphone Earphone৳ 455
QKZ DM7 Earphone Up৳ 820
QKZ DM10 Type C Zinc Alloy Metal Earphone৳ 454
QKZ DM7 Zinc Alloy In Ear HiFi Earphone Stereo Bass Headset৳ 455
Original QKZ DM7 In Ear Earphone৳ 454
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QKZ Earphone and Headphone Price in BD

Generally talking and discussing Brands products that is the most important fact when you searched a particular branded products but found in various categories and other accessories. Qkz Brand is one of the leading brands of diversified music earphones, consumer good business that is available with a portfolio that exists in most of the countries globally. 

About Qkz Brand

Qkz brand is one of the well-known earphone manufacturer trading companies. It was established in 2002 in China, producing headphones and earphones for every kind of music lovers. The brand Qkz knew and stands for “Quality Know for Zero Defect”. Qkz brand marked a benchmark with quality products. That’s why, In 2005, Qkz is divided into two subsidiaries which one is QKZ specialized in dynamic metal bass music and the second one is KZ refers Know for Zero Defect that collected the purely forced on HiFi Armature dynamic balanced music earphones. In the last shortly include that Qkz brand expanded in the way of fast-growing production of earphones or headphones accessories and build the best headphone brand. 

Products Of Qkz Brand 

For the past several years, the Qkz brand belongs to the best budget earphone company. Qkz brand maintains and beliefs the idea for their products is given a dynamic sound with metal bass enrich music to Listener at very affordable prices which no one can beat them. Basically, Headphones refers to a pair of small loudspeakers drives worn on or traditionally around the head over a user's ears. We know that headphones are also known as earphones, earphones or, colloquially, cans. Qkz produced innovative bass headphones with the specialized original collection of Balanced Armature, Upgradable Bluetooth Earphones, Dynamic Sound, HIFI Earphones, Hybrid Technology, New Series, Noise Cancelling, Stereo Metal Bass, CNC metal Earphones, Zinc Alloy Earphones. 

In Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal is one of the leading e-commerce online sites where you will find every category of Local as usual Global brands like Qkz brand products. Let’s take a look at the website for available product details and prices in Bangladesh.

Qkz Brand Products Buy From

The Qkz Brand is a leading a wide range of consumer professional headphones and earphones company of the world’s best known and loved branded products across a wide range of countries that are continuously developed and constantly marketed. This international customer-oriented company based on a special purpose of lead the market of headphones and earphone accessories by offering customers cost-effective and quality products with professional technology and intelligent production. has a huge collection of 200k products from a number of versatile categories. Below you will find Qkz Brand of the extraordinary innovative headphones and earphones products at affordable and reasonable prices. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh for these products.

QKZ DM9 Zinc Alloy HiFi Metal

Qkz DM9 Headphones are the zinc alloy categories of the headphones products. These earphones with a mic in metallic earbuds stereo bass metal type set for every smartphone. It has the quality optimization of an exclusive patent, metal composite vibrating membrane. It has also an ergonomic design, nipple grade silicone ear muffs that enrich your music details. 

If you want to gift yourself or a friend then buy these comfortable and designed earphones from the AjkerDeal website at reasonable prices. 

Qkz DM10

Qkz DM10 is one of the famous earphones of Qkz Brand with a dynamic noise reduction process. It process in many functions as Answering phone, HiFi, Microphones, Noise-canceling, Volume control, song switching. You can find it in Black color.

It has a high-quality HiFi sound with ear and tailpipe connection with oblique angle design, comfortable and easy to wear.

If you are looking for the high-quality sound of Qkz DM10 earphones and experienced super bass then visit the Ajkerdeal online sites and collect your favourite earphones.  

QKZ DM7 Headphone Heavy Bass In Earphone

Qkz DM7 is the another Qkz Brand headphones with heavy bass features. DM7 headphones are used for mobile phones, monitoring earphones, voice control, noise reduction, HiFi headphones, sports, ordinary headphones with portable functions. It has dynamic ear styles with 32Ω resistance. 

If you want this Bass Enthusiast HiFi Sport Headphones of Qkz DM7 then let’s visit the Ajkerdeal online site and know the details and prices of products. 

QKZ CK8 Dual Driver Audifonos Stereo Bass Sport Earphone

Qkz Brand has a wide range of collection with vast categories earphones even though the vast varieties of earbuds series in “ You name it we did it”. This Qkz brand provides the best manufacturer earphone products with the best quality ranges. CK8 dual-driver audifonos stereo bass sport is another brand of Qkz earphones. It has double moving coil designs, shocking sound quality, Hd microphone and comfortable fit in the ear. It has also a variety of colors in Extreme night black, Snow mountain white, Platinum silver, Streamer gold.

If you want the earphones which have the lovely touching sound, rich music details, relaxed sound in your earphones then go visit the Ajkerdeal website and Let’s check out your favorite headphones and earphone prices in Bangladesh