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Pusti Rice Bran Oil 5 ltr৳ 700
Pusti Suji 500 gm৳ 30
Hashi Khushi Pusti Chal (10 gm x 30 pcs) 1 Box৳ 300
Pusti Deshi Moshur Dal 1 kg৳ 95
Pusti Maida 2 kg৳ 92
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'PUSTI' is one of Bangladesh's leading consumer brands from T.K. Group. Being one of the country's largest conglomerates, T.K. Group has introduced 'PUSTI' to stay with the country-men's social commitment. The core 'PUSTI' stands for '“Products of Utmost Standard, Trust, and Innovation”.

About Pusti 

Pusti Fortified Soyabean Oil is a product of the country’s largest renowned importer edible oil brand of T. K. Group. T. K. Group of Industries is one of Bangladesh 's biggest industrial conglomerates. In 1972 T. K. Group of Industries started its commodity trading journey. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders helped the business grow and new ventures were launched in the manufacturing and marketing of consumer and industrial products.

It also has investments in steel, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, plastics, cement and textiles sectors. The conglomerate is headquartered in Chittagong.

PUSTI products:

Pusti has a number of products in different varieties. Here are some of them -

Pusti Fortified Soyabean Oil

'PUSTI Soyabean Oil' is a premium flagship brand in Bangladesh's edible oil market. Due to excellence in sourcing and state-of-the-art German refining technology, ‘PUSTI Soyabean Oil’ preserves the inherent goodness and properties of soyabean to give consumers light, tasty and healthy edible oil. Along with their quality, the great taste enhancer has won consumer loyalty across Bangladesh. Since these oils are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, they help keep cholesterol levels under control and are favored for their families by health-conscious home makers.

Available SKUs: 500 ml, 1 Litre, 2 Litre, 3 Litre, 5 Litre, 8 Litre.

Pusti Fortified Rice Bran Oil

According to researchers, the rice bran oil is much healthier than the other oils found in the market. For a healthy, long, life, choose Pusti Fortified Rice Bran Oil .

Capacity: 5L

100% Refined Oil

Improves skin tone

Cholesterol free oil

PUSTI Mustard Oil

'PUSTI Mustard Oil' is increasingly becoming popular among consumers of mustard oil, who have the traditional affinity for mustard rawness and pungence and believe in balanced, diet-conscious foods. It is enriched with Vitamin E, high quantity of monounsaturated fatty acids, good ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids, along with the high standards. 'PUSTI' is suitable for massage and pickling purposes, with the therapeutic and preservative properties of mustard kept intact.

Available SKUs: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre, 2 Litre.

Pusti Atta

'PUSTI Atta' is a premium flagship label on Bangladesh flour market extracted from 100% wheat. The commodity is made using state-of-the-art Swiss technology by roller-milling the whole grain of wheat and sieving the bran off. This is a strong flour that retains a substantial proportion of wheat nutrients with a protein level of 15 percent or higher, although the bran removes much of the dietary fiber. For production Pusti procure quality wheat from Canada, Australia and Russia.

Available SKUs: 1 Kg & 2 Kg.


‘PUSTI Maida’, the whole wheat high gluten Flour is a perfect match for baking. Supreme quality sourcing of wheat from Canada & Australia and high-tech roller milling enables the creamy colored product to stand out in the market. Perfectly balanced moisture, gluten and fineness of ‘PUSTI Maida’ has made it to be the best choice for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries and Biscuit Manufacturers.

Available SKUs: 1 Kg & 2 Kg.


‘PUSTI Tea’ is the latest addition under the umbrella ‘PUSTI’. PUSTI Tea is a tribute to excellence and a celebration of the skill, expertise and tradition that goes into creating exceptional teas. The heritage of plantation in our own tea estates; Baramasia, Elahi Noor, & Ranga Pani; inspired us to cater the bold taste of tea to the countrymen.

Available Categories & SKUs:

Best Leaf: 50 gm, 100 gm, 200 gm, 400 gm.

BOP: 250 gm, 500 gm & 1 Kg.

PF: 250 gm, 500 gm & 1 Kg.

Dust: 250 gm, 500 gm & 1 Kg.

CD: 250 gm, 500 gm & 1 Kg.

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