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Buy Purnava Products at best price in Bangladesh

Purnava Limited is committed to promoting non-medicated healthcare products, which allow a safe, preventive lifestyle.

About Purnava

Purnava is a subsidiary company of Renata Limited, formerly Pfizer (Bangladesh) Limited; one of Bangladesh's leading producers and marketers of human pharmaceutical and animal therapy & nutrition products.

Purnava Limited was incorporated on 17 August 2004 as a private limited company. The company commenced its commercial operation in 2009 with a view to carry on business of manufacturing, marketing and distributing all kinds of consumer goods, consumer durables, food items, edible oils, etc. and to engage in the business as traders, importers, exporters, commission agents of all kinds of goods and services including pharmaceutical products.

Products of Purnava

Purnava has some unique health care products. Here are some of them -

Purnava Low Gi Rice

urnava Low GI Rice was checked and found to have low GI by BIRDEM, Bangladesh's leading institute under the Bangladesh Diabetic Association. In addition, the Glycemic Index Research Unit of an Australian University has found that Purnava Low GI Rice has a low GI value of 47, the lowest GI value ever measured for any white rice. Based on these tests, Purnava Low GI Rice is accredited globally by the Glycemic Index Foundation and is part of the GI Symbol Scheme, the world's only independent Glycemic Index certification programme.

ChiniGo Premium

Sugar substitutes are one of the most desired ingredients for people who are health conscious. But there are sugar substitutes available that can do more harm than good. Stevia is now considered one of the best sources for an all-natural sugar substitute to combat those bad effects. Stevia comes from a plant in South America (Stevia rebaudiana), which happens to be very sweet but does not have calories or nutritional value.

Purnava brought 'Chini Go,' made from the stevia leaf's sweetest extract. The Chini Go ingredients are developed without bioengineering, making it healthy for everyone, including vegetarians and patients with diabetes.

Purnava Hand Sanitizer

Kills germs without water at 99 per cent. Crafted under a top-notch laboratory facility, this rinse-free & non-sticky hand sanitizer ensures that your hands are kept completely free from germs. Purnava's compact and powerful hand sanitizer for your health & safety.

Vitamin E Egg

Farm chicken eggs are of course little vitamin E source, it contains about less than 1 mg per egg. Though Purnava Vitamin E enriched eggs are developed by adding extra Alpha Tochopherol (Vitamin E) and by taking 1 average size E enriched egg per day, approximately 50 per cent daily values can be achieved. Purnava E eggs come from hens that feed on fully natural sources of vegetable feed and do not use any animal food.


Diabetasol is a milk-based nutritious drink that is specially formulated for diabetes sufferers. It includes the Vitadigest, a mixture of carbohydrates and fiber slow-release. It gradually releases energy as a meal substitute, triggering a lower response to blood glucose for longer periods than normal meals. It is sugar free, low-sodium and has zero cholesterol and trans fatty acids, a great drink for keeping diabetes in check and raising the risk of heart disease. It also helps in regulating diet and losing weight.

Mosquito Repellent

Citronella oil, mixed with Eucalyptus oil & Peppermint oil, serves as a perfect natural cure for repelling mosquitoes like irritating body insects. Purnava Mosquito Repellent repels harmful mosquitoes and protects your health with this easy-to-use product that can be directly sprayed on your skin and clothes. A safe solution that will soothe your skin and make a deliberate decision for the environment.


Ear hygiene is just as critical as keeping our mouths and noses clean. The ear plays a crucial role in day-to-day perception and communication. The ears are exposed each day to the use of invasive devices (headphones, hearing aids for earpieces) and filthy and dusty conditions. The ears are used intensively to generate excess earwax which contributes to the formation of earwax plugs over time. A good routine of ear hygiene is necessary to maintain a clean external ear canal and is indispensable. A-CERUMEN is a 2-in-1 solution that is a safe, gentle and efficient way to keep your ears clean for the entire family.

A-CERUMEN use does not require rinsing.

It is a real alternative for an ENT expert to mechanical extraction.

It can be used on children from six months of age, non-irritating and easy to use.


Black seed is a herb. The seed has been used by people to produce medicine for over 2000 years. This had also been found in King Tut's tomb.

Black seed oil is highly common both from a religious and scientific viewpoint, due to its health benefits. Unfortunately it has some typical side effects when taken raw (flatulence, heartburn, stomach discomfort, bad tastes, belching etc.). We have produced enteric coated soft gel capsule to resolve these adverse effects which is a special formulation worldwide.

Aliksir is indicated in:

Reduces bad cholesterol & increases blood pressure control

Helps improve joint health

Helps control blood sugar level in diabetes

Improves coughing, wheezing and lung function in asthma patients.


Cleanava is a natural fruit and vegetable wash made from plant sources that eliminates harmful chemicals, germs and other pollutants from the fruit and vegetable surface, and makes foods clean and safe for consuming.

Without those above Purnava has more products.

Purnava Products at

One the earliest online consumer shopping experience in Bangladesh has a number of Purnava’s products with very reasonable price. You will find here Purnava’s Purnava Low Gi Rice, Hand Sanitizer, Mosquito Repellent Spray, Vitamin E Enriched Egg and other popular products of Purnava.

These days people have become more health conscious and to lead a healthy lifestyle we need products of Purnava. If you are looking for Purnava’s  products in Bangladesh then browse and go for your convenient shopping.