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Pureit Classic Device Water Purifier 23L ৳ 4499
Pureit Classic Germkill Kit - 1500L৳ 1499
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Pureit best for household use. It is a decontamination system with compact drinking water treatment for a suitable product. Hindustan Unilever developed the product. The main base of this system is its unique Germ kill Battery Kit. It consists of a Compact carbon trap, Germ kill processor, Polisher of course. All these Kita have a different duty and they perform those well.

Part of Unilever; Hindustan Unilever headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra invented Pureit Water purifier brand. It is the world's largest seller of in-home drinking water treatment systems. Before entering the purifier, highly turbid water needs to be treated through simple sedimentation to avoid premature choking


Hindustan Unilever manufactured Pureit. It is tested in 3 medical institutions in India; 5 scientific institutions in India; 3 international institutions in the UK. If you want a new battery kit; it can be collected either by straight order to the company or buying it at the adjacent stores supplied or ordering in any online store if available.

Estimated Lifespan

If its moderately humid condition, it is ready to give 1500 liters of water at a water temperature of 25°C. Purchased battery life may vary upon on your daily water expenditure. Purchased germ kill battery also has an expiry date which is two years from the date of the wrapping. The germ kill battery Daily use assumption is 20 liters and estimated whole unit lifetime is 10 years.


Achieved Awards

  • Award from UK Trade & Investment India Business Awards (2008)
  • Award from Reader's Digest Trusted Brand (2011)
  • Award from The Water Digest- Water
  • Award from Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service (2008)
  • Award from Verified Market Leadership
  • Water filter Award


There are different types of water purifiers available. They are:

  1.     Pureit classic 23L: Pureit wants to make sure you and your family’s comfort. That’s why it has a large capacity of 23-liter water. It is a practical water purifier. Pureit does not need electricity or expensive gas to purify water. So, no extra cost added. No need for continuous water supply. It also gives an automatic advance warning before the battery kit needs to be changed. The 360-degree solution of water purifying.2
  2.     Pureit Advanced 23L: It ensures you and your family get pure drinking water.  A purifier of water that comes with double protection. Pureit does not need electricity or expensive gas to purify water. So, no extra cost added. No need of continuous water supply. One crore virus can be killed in 1 liter of water due to multi-stage purification.
  3.     Pureit Classic RO + UV: Another great invention of Hindustan Unilever. It has a TDS removal that makes sure you drink safe and tasty drinking water. This kind of feature makes it unique. I has a advanced 6 stage purification through RO and UV machinery. It turns hard water into sweet and soft water for the best.
  4. Pureit Marvella Mineral RO + UV + MF: It ensures no mixing of purified and impure water through 7 stage purification with RO+UV+MF Only RO. All water passes through the system that can confiscate harmful chemicals such as Lead, Mercury, etc. It also adds essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium which is good for health. It saves almost 45% water whereas other RO saves only 25% of water. It cleans water from 10 crore bacteria and 1 crore virus from every one liter. It can contain up to 10 liters of water.
  1.     Pureit Copper +RO:  If something brings together modern technology and traditional goodness then New Pureit Copper⁺RO. , an advanced purifier that enhances your family’s health. New Pureit Copper⁺ROs 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification procedure purifies water and its unique proprietary Copper Charge Technology charges it with copper with greatness. It provides you the opportunity to choose between Copper Charged RO water and normal RO water. It's not like a copper vessel, in which water needs to be purified and then stored overnight in a copper container. It charges water with  purity of pure copper (Accuracy:99.8% ). The water needs to be stored overnight for 8-10 hrs in a copper vessel in old-time vessels. It distributes the right amount of water in every glass of water. So, everyone gets what they needed. It mechanically cleans the copper, ensuring fresh copper mixture all the time.


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