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puma gents watch৳ 200
Puma Copy Gents Wrist Watch৳ 299
puma gents watch৳ 145
puma gents watch৳ 333
puma gents watch৳ 230
PUMA Gents Watch (Replica)৳ 290
Puma Mens Sports Watch৳ 275
Puma watch- copy৳ 175
Puma watch- copy৳ 175
Puma watch- copy৳ 175
Puma watch- copy৳ 175
Puma watch৳ 229
Puma watch৳ 229
Puma Copy Gents Wrist Watch৳ 299
PUMA Menz Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 520
PUMA Gentle Watch Watch Ladies Bracelet Watch৳ 660
PUMA Mens Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 302
Puma Mens Sports Watch৳ 275
Puma Copy Gents Wrist Watch৳ 600
PUMA Menz WristWatch (copy)৳ 240
PUMA Menz Wrist Watch (copy)৳ 240
PUMA gents sports wrist Watch copy৳ 245
PUMA gents sports wrist Watch copy৳ 245
PUMA gents sports wrist Watch copy৳ 250
PUMA gents sports wrist Watch copy৳ 300
PUMA gents sports wrist watch - copy৳ 365
PUMA Gents Watch (Copy)৳ 477
PUMA Gents Watch (Copy)৳ 184
PUMA Menz WristWatch (copy)৳ 221
PUMA Gents Watch-Copy৳ 167
PUMA Gents Watch-Copy৳ 167
PUMA Gents Watch-Copy৳ 167
Puma gents Watch (copy)৳ 319
puma gents watch৳ 200
Black Yellow Sports Watch for Men৳ 665
Black White Sports Watch for Men৳ 500
Puma Black Red Sports Watch for Men৳ 440
puma gents watch৳ 220
PUMA Gents Watch-Copy৳ 167
PUMA Gents Wristwatch (Copy)৳ 366
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Puma Brand Products Online in Bangladesh

Puma is a German multinational company that was established in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler. Puma produces athletic and casual footwear for different types of sports like football and golf. Puma also produces apparel and accessories. Puma is considered as the third successful brand in this field.

The most commonly made Puma products are the athletic Puma shoes and that due to the fact that the first puma’s products were shoes. As well as that, 48% of Puma profits from footwear which makes it the most selling Puma product. Puma shoes contain different types of sneakers for different types of sports such as running shoes, football shoes and cricket shoes etc.Slogan of puma is “Forever Faster


The Puma logo stands for a jumping Puma; a type of cats that can leap with one bounce to twenty feet high. The puma logo is put on each of Puma’s products and its shoes (Mokokoma, 2009). This logo expresses the strength, the speed and the power that Puma have in its shoes.



Puma shoes are designed in a very unique way. Puma uses L.I.F.T(Lite Injected Foam Technology) technology while designing their shoes.As a result, this way decreases the weight of the shoes which makes the shoes very light and speedy. In addition, the Puma shoes made to prevent friction and sliding so it protects the person who wears them from any accidents.


Social media:

Puma has many social media accounts on Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr and Instagram as @ Puma which they can be found so easily. On their Facebook Page, they have more than 9 million people who liked their page!



Puma sponsors of many sport teams, players, athletes and even coaches from different countries. It sponsors of many national football teams such as Italy, Austria and Switzerland team. What is more, Italy national team won the FIFA World Cup in 2006 and the players were wearing blue Puma shoes (Puma, 2006). Puma also sponsors of running athletics like Usain Bolt and Moses Kipsiro. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in this world . In addition, it sponsors of golfers such as Lexi Thompson who won the Navistar LPGA Classic in 2011 and turned from Novice player to the youngest professional player at golf (Puma, 2011).


Target audience:

The target audience of puma is age is between 15 and 35 males and females all over the world so they are all youth.

Pricing comparison:

Compared to Puma competitors prices -Nike and Adidas- Puma has lower prices than them. Puma has reasonable prices which makes it suitable for everyone.



The main Puma headquarter is at Herzogenaurach city in Germany  and the other three headquarters are in Boston-USA, London-UK and Hong Kong-China . On the puma website they put the address details for all of their headquarters.


Puma in Bangladesh:

By opening one of the biggest PUMA stores in South East Asia, PUMA entered Bangladesh in style! DBL Group, which manufactures and distributes integrated textile and apparel in Bangladesh, has brought PUMA in as the franchise partners with the vision to provide Bangladeshi people with an international sportswear brand.

Spreading over 2220 square feet PUMA’s first flagship store in Dhaka, Bangladesh is also the largest full price store in the country across global brands and the first entry by any international brand into the Bangladeshi market.

The store showcases the widest array of the company’s latest performance and sportstyle products.

Puma online in Bangladesh: the largest online shopping place providing PUMA online. One can buy PUMA products online via At the original PUMA products are availabe in reasonable price. Check and order now.