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Pudaier capsule Lipstick-5ml-Thailand ৳ 257
Pudaier Foundation-50ml-India ৳ 455
long lasting lipstick-4ml-Thailand ৳ 700
Pudaier Lip Tint Waterproof Matte Long Lasting Liquid LipGloss-7g-China৳ 140
Lipstick Set-20gm-China৳ 849
Pudaier Long Lasting Lip Gloss Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick৳ 850
Pudaier Liquid Lipstick Set 5 piece UK৳ 1406
Pudaier Waterproof Matte Long Lasting Liquid LipGloss-7g-China৳ 140
Pudaier Long Lusting Leap Gloss Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick৳ 650
Matte And Shimmer 18 Colors Eyeshadow Palette৳ 840
Pudaier Lipstick Matte Liquid Waterproof - China৳ 275
Pudaier Waterproof Liquid Lipgloss-8ml-China৳ 167
Pudaier Lipstick Set৳ 870
Pudaier Long Lasting Waterproof Liquid Lipglos-8ml-China৳ 167
Pudaier Long Lasting Matte Lip Liner - China৳ 455
Pudaier Long Lasting Waterproof Liquid Lipgloss-8ml-China৳ 167
Pudaier Matte Liquid Lipstick 5 Colors Waterproof Lipstick (China)৳ 650
Pudaier 12 Colors Waterproof Lipliner Pencil৳ 365
Pudaier Make up Fixer-30ml-China৳ 549
Pudaier Makeup Setting Spray-30ml-China৳ 500
Pudaier Matte And Shimmer 18 Colors Eyeshadow Palette৳ 879
Matte Liquid Lipstick Mini Set - Red Edition 300gChina৳ 380
Pudaier Makeup Setting Spray-30ml-China৳ 410
Pudaier Long Lusting Leap Gloss Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick৳ 590
12pcs/set Pudaier Waterproof Long-lasting Professional Lipliner Pencil 65g China৳ 410
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PUDAIER Cosmetics Brand in Bangladesh

Pudaier Brand is one of the popular brands of cosmetics. In this company specially famous for professional long lasting, colourful shades of Matte Lipstick, Lip gloss and Lipliner. But there is also the multiple, body glow, foundation, makeup primer, palette, Pudaier Eyeshades, Nailpolish etc included in their brand. Pudaier thinks that ,they have the ability to make sure for many people who allured by the stylish accessory, makeup wardrobe staple products change a mind and lifestyle. And it will be a lifestyle brand for the future generation. 

Products of Pudaier

Pudaier brand is the best in cosmetics. They have more than 10 years of experience as a makeup artist & product developer. Pudaier cosmetics brand is mostly Passionate about cosmetics from Design, Manufacturing, Stock and Packaging. They are practiced and carefully stepped for Professional and Perfect process. And their brand is continually developing innovative beauty brand which is dedicated to bringing everyone the best in Cruelty-free Cosmetics.

Their products are based on Inclusivity and Affordability. Their cosmetics products are Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Blush, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, The Multiple, Body Glow, Nail Polish, Makeup Brushes, Lip Pencil, Eyebrow Pencil, Eyeliner, Glitter Pencil, Foundation, Makeup Primer, Makeup Palette, Powder, Concealer, Candles.

Their known products are given below -

  • 12 pieces and 6 pieces of Lip liner Set 
  • 18 color Eye shadows
  • 2 steps Mascara Set
  • 21 color Matte Velvet Liquid Lipstick 
  • 5 pieces of Liquid Lipstick
  • 5 pieces of Matte Velvet Lipstick
  • 24 hours Shadow Primer
  • 24 hours Eyebrow Gel
  • Comb Type Eyebrow
  • Waterproof 4D Liquid Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow Wax fixing pencil
  • Eyes and Nail glitter pigment
  • Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows
  • Concealer Pen
  • Concealer Pencils of fix perfecting Stick
  • Contour highlight and cream kit
  • Makeup Primer face oil
  • Face and body foundation
  • Illuminature Liquid Highlighter
  • Highlighting Powder
  • Lid primer eyeshadow primer 

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops where everyone find huge collection of brands product, you will also find the Pudaier Cosmetics products  from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of Pudaier products.

Pudaier Products Buy From

If you want the innovative beauty product of inclusive and affordable cosmetics then visit Website for knowing the best products details and prices in Bangladesh. Here, you will find amazing Pudaier Cosmetics products. 

Pudaier Long Lasting Matte lip liner

Pudaier Brand beliefs that everyone has beautiful power, there are no rules combined with the beauty and shows the individual power of beauty. Their Lip liner product is a very affordable and has the complete texture of a smooth and creamy effect.

Ajkerdeal gives you very perfect pencil design of 12 colour pieces of Matte lip liner set at a reasonable price. So, let’s check out here,

A pencil designed Matte Lip liner for shaping, lining or filling in the lip. Lip Pencils is perfect for outlining lips or coloring them in. You will find it at,,

Lip Liner set are available in a wide selection of colors that each work well with many different lipstick shades and also long-lasting effects. Pudaier Lip Liner set is available in 12 pieces and 6 pieces of set. If you want natural-looking lip liner, then go visit and buy it.

Pudaier Long Lasting Lip Gloss Matte

Pudaier was inspired by natural colors from the aurora borealis in Antarctica. So they think that   Colors from nature often make makeup look more natural. Waterproof Super Matte colour consisted with 5 shades of Nude Beige color, Pumpkin colour, Pink Beige, Brick Red and Brownish Red colour. Pudaier Long lasting Lip gloss matte also very natural when applied on the lip on it. It Gives your lips lasting long luscious colors and keeps your lips soft and moisturized. You can find out 5 sets with Net wt: 5.5ml. of long-lasting glowing lip gloss at website with an affordable price. 

Pudaier Waterproof Women Matte

Pudaier Cosmetics provides all types products who love beauty with a full spectrum of classic and fashion colors. They Produced innovative products, create their own style and express their own makeup world. Pudaier waterproof matte lips Gloss is easy to use, and attractive for all women. This matte Lipstick gloss is perfect and comfort with moisturizing effect.

If you can find the comfort matte lip gloss for everyday purpose then check out the largest online shop at website. 


Pudaier long-lasting matte liquid lipstick

The most overrated beauty product is Lipstick. It exists for lots of years, and people still have a very high opinion of it and choose one of the best long-lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick. Some people can do everything without foundation, but they just hate not having lipstick on. 

Pudaier Long-lasting liquid lipstick is found it with high quality of Metallic matte shades. It’s very much easy to use and creamy texture create instant bold lip with comfortable good effect. Here, you will find it, 

Pudaier Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is benefited for moisturizing. This comfort matte colour is used for everyday wear, and ultra long wearing creamy texture of lipstick makes a person so classic and stylish. 

Pudaier Long-lasting liquid Lipstick is finding it in 21 colors shades of the set. This high quality waterproof liquid lipstick weight is 7.5ML and exported from China.It will brighten up your mood and lit up your face. If you are looking for the best matte Lipstick then visit website.

Pudaier Mini Liquid Matte Lipstick

Pudaier Mini liquid matte lipstick is the best selling lipstick of Pudaier Product. This lipstick is mini liquid lipstick,weightless soft matte and smoothly. Mini size easy to put in bag. 

Pudaier Mini liquid lipstick has active ingredients that create a comfortable, softness and moisturizing feeling. And their various colors makes a person attractive and good looking.  

Mini Liquid lipstick is available in 16 most romantic shades from iconic reds and fearless bolds, to everyday neutrals. It has  high pigment matte formula. Complete your head-turning look with a variety of luscious colors. If you find it all in your long-wear lipstick then visit website for purchase.

Pudaier Makeup Setting Spray-30ml 

Pudaier always practiced the mission of - Do our best to share the best cosmetics to empower ALL WHO LOVE COSMETICS to experiment and have fun with makeup and to show individual characteristics confidently. Another known product is Pudaier Makeup Primer that is a kind of moisturizer and makeup setting spray.

This old-pressed oil is naturally rich in brightening vitamin C & moisturizing fatty acids, while the gold adds a touch of glam to your vanity. If you’re looking for makeup setting spray, you can buy the best pudaier makeup primer on the ajkerDeal online right now, available on the affordable price. 


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