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Pran Chinigura Rice 2 Kg ৳ 255
Pran Chinigura Rice 1 Kg ৳ 130
200 Gm Pran Premium Ghee 200 gm৳ 275
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Pran-RFL Products Online in Bangladesh

Pran-RFL Group is a large foodstuff production company in Bangladesh. In 1981, Rangpur, Rangpur Foundry Limited (RFL) to begin the journey. The group was founded by Amjad Khan Chowdhury. The most versatile products are produced in two sectors - food and plastic. There are over one thousand fifty products in the light engineering and plastic sectors. The company has a product line of more than 500 food items in the manufacture of products. These products are produced in modern factories spread across 10., one of the leading online marketplaces in BD has Pran-RFL products online.

Pran Food:

Every day, all the essential food items in the 146 countries of the world, people now go by the name of the company Pran-RFL (Group). Breakfast table consisted of bread, milk, yogurt, rice, sugar, pickles, lozenges, bubblegum, candy, liquid, glucose, toddlers foods, beverages, biscuits, juices, litchi, mango juice, cakes, noodles, jelly, oils. All five essential products are produced by Pran-RFL companies.

RFL Plastic:

On the other hand, they have produced numerous household products including jugs, chairs, mugs, buckets, cupboards, RFL sources said that the mainstream business of the Pran-RFL Group started two years ago. The first is their agro-processing business, the other. The business of manufacturing and marketing of plastics and other products. India is the largest market for life. After India, livestock products are highest in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Oman. Pran and FLE are the only founders of Bangladesh to supply their products in 146 countries around the world to meet the needs of the country.

The farmers of Bangladesh produce raw materials for the export of agricultural products. At present, they have about 4,000 list farmers. They produce farms of fruits, vegetables, spices, and dairy cows. Pran gives materials to the farmer and gives advice. Pran Group buys the products they produce. The main combination of the raw material produced is much higher. Export income depends entirely on the country.

However, the raw materials of plastic products are imported from abroad. However, the value of the products that are made from those grains is high. According to the data of Pran-RFL Group, processed food, plastic, lights, electric, cables, fan, melamine, bicycles, PBC, Model Plastics, MS and GIPipe, textile, toiletries, RFL Group has about 5,000 products in electronics, engineering, furniture, elevator, packaging, industry. These are beyond the limits of Bangladesh. The world's 146 countries are importing Pran-RFL products from BD.

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Pran food has a wide variety of products. From morning to night, all the products we need are available at Pran. Pran foods are available to shop online at, the most trustworthy online marketplace in Bangladesh at a reasonable price.

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RFL is manufacturing plastic made household furniture and accessories for our daily use. RFL plastic accessories are so long-lasting and have a very good review by millions of families. RFL plastic furniture is available to shop online at a reasonable price at